"This is it." Ino thought as she stared at her reflection in the mirror. Flawless complexion, pink-tinted cheeks and glossy lips, she was sure to leave on-lookers gaping in a daze.

All prettily made up and dressed in her wedding gown, Ino fidgeted while waiting in the dressing room. Who would have guessed that Yamanaka Ino would be married off to Nara Shikamaru, the lazy genius teammate whom she often bickered with...? She had often pictured herself, in the past, having a dreamy wedding with someone like Sasuke or Sai; a guy with enviable, smokin' good looks.

"Troublesome..." Shikamaru mumbled as the wedding commenced. He was standing at the altar, with a widely grinning Chouji at his side.

Shikamaru felt his pulse race as he began to realize the reality of his situation, watching his childhood teammate, Ino walking down that aisle. He would soon be a married man in less than two hours. Amidst his slight panic attack, Shikamaru also felt a tinge of pride. Gazing at Ino, he knew he was the only lucky guy whose current position most single eligible bachelors would fight to be in.

Ino didn't know what to expect while she was walking towards her groom. However, it surprised her that her heart rate sped up, when she caught a glimpse of her soon-to-be husband standing at the altar. Although he wasn't the dreamy dashing guy Ino had envisioned herself marrying, Shikamaru certainly looked charming in his tux.

A blush spread across her cheeks as Shikamaru held her gaze with steady, unwavering eyes.

The ceremony advanced as a blur to Ino, who was drunk in the sea of his dark brown eyes. The only thing that broke her out of her reverie was the kiss which marked their new journey in life, as husband and wife.

"You may now kiss the bride."

Shikamaru felt his heart flutter as the time has approached. Yes, he had kissed other girls before, his past girlfriends (less than three), but this time was different. This kiss carried with it a much heavier weight and significance.

Here goes nothing...

Shikamaru bent forward and pressed his lips to Ino's, not daring to look her straight in the eye. The kiss lasted about three seconds before he pulled away, not waiting for Ino to respond.

Ino was startled when she felt lips pressing down on her own. But before she could think straight, the lips retracted. That kiss left her feeling slightly dazed, and that was all she could think of at the moment as cheers erupted all around.

It's over...Troublesome.

Night has fallen, and the couple had finally been left alone by their annoying and teasing friends and relatives, but not before Naruto had given Shikamaru 'the wink'.

Our wedding night...

Shikamaru sat on the edge of the bed which he and Ino were supposed to share.

(They were now living in a new apartment which Tsunade had kindly provided for them, as a "wedding gift" for their three year long mission.

Yoshino had barked at her son to behave himself now that he had moved to the new apartment out of her care, and to not give Ino any trouble.)

"Tch..." Shikamaru rolled his eyes at the thought of Naruto's teasing, but couldn't help feeling nervous. He took off his jacket and loosened the top few buttons of his shirt before plopping down onto the bed, exhausted from the day while waiting for his turn in the bathroom.

Meanwhile, Ino had hogged the bathroom since stepping into the house, slowly washing up and getting ready for bed. The thought of leaving the sanctuary of the bathroom and seeing Shikamaru scared her. She was dressed in her nightgown, which ended mid-thigh. Damn, she hadn't thought of this situation beforehand, and this was the only type of pyjamas she owned.

"If that lazy ass gets any ideas..." Ino thought as she slipped a shuriken under her nightgown.

After a few deep breaths, Ino finally emerged from the bathroom adjoining the bedroom. However, Shikamaru was out cold, sprawled on the bed, still in his suit.

Ino heaved a sigh before removing the shuriken hidden under her nightgown.

I should have known better...Lazy ass Shika.

Suddenly feeling mischievous, Ino decided to tease her husband to make him flustered.

"Shika-kun...I'm ready..." Ino placed emphasis on the word "ready" while tracing patterns on his exposed chest with her fingers.

Shikamaru cracked open an eye, only to come face first with a pair of breasts, as Ino bent over him, still tracing lightly on his chest. He suddenly felt a lump form in his throat as he tried to process what was happening.

"I'm done with the bathroom...Don't I smell nice? It's your turn now. I don't want you coming to bed all sweaty and sticky." Ino continued her play with words, as she secretly applauded her acting skills.

"Wha-? Ino? T-Took you long enough!" Shikamaru stammered, slightly confused at Ino's behaviour and rushing to the bathroom to escape from whatever evil game Ino was playing.

Damn his raging male hormones...

Ino silently chuckled as she watched Shikamaru's confused yet dazed expression before he dashed to the bathroom. Her childhood teammate was still as easy to manipulate as before.

By the time Shikamaru emerged from his cold shower, he found Ino already soundly asleep on the bed.

Releasing a sigh of relief, he was thankful Ino had already fallen asleep and spared him from her teases. He didn't know how he would react or control his responses if she continued her little game.

He silently slid into bed next to his wife, who looks like a goddess even in her sleep. Shikamaru refrained from staring at her and turned to face away from her. A woman in bed next to him was already a great enough temptation, and he doesn't need it to be Ino.

They had slept together even when they were children, so it's not a big deal now.

Shikamaru comforted himself with that thought before drifting off to sleep.

So much for the one and only wedding night...