Jez is in the music room, at the piano. He is busy making notes to a piece of music; he has his back to the door. Jonas enters carrying a large box of instruments which he is struggling to carry, he can just see over the box and is concentrating on making his way across the room.

Jonas: Sorry to disturb you, just dropping off some instruments.

Jez doesn't look up

Jez: No problem

Jonas places the box on the floor in a corner of the room. He turns around just as Jez looks up from the piano.

Jonas: You!

Jez: Oh

Jonas turns to leave

Jez: No, wait please. I need to explain.

Jonas: Wonder what this could be about; oh wait something to do about me being the laughing stock of the school.

Jez: Just hear me out. That night in the club, my friend Lola told me to look at the guy in the yellow shirt, I swear it wasn't you. He was like three times the size, he....

Jonas: Hang on, was this guy sweating, a lot?

Jez: Yes that's him!

Jonas: Oh there was a guy there who blocked my view of you, when i finally got a look you were gone.

Jez: So, do you believe me? I really didn't call you a minger, you're so not.

Jonas: Neither are you, in fact you're the complete opposite.

Jez smiles relived and very happy

Jez: Maybe we should start again. He stands up and puts out his hand towards Jonas.

Jez: Hullo, my name is Jez it's a pleasure to meet you. Do you come here often?

Jonas: Jonas, it's a pleasure to meet you too!