Jez is willing the bus to go faster he has to get to the train station in time, he has to. Jez

looks at his watch again, looking out the window finally the station comes into view. He gets

up, the bus stops and Jez races out the door and down to the station, he checks the

information board to find the Edinburgh train, platform two. He searches among every face

on platform two he can't see Jonas, he must be here. Jez searches again, it's no good. The

train arrives and the crowd surges towards the train soon the platform is clear. No Jonas, he

must have caught an earlier train but Anna definitely said he was catching the 4.30 train.

He turns to leave and back to Britannia High. Back at school he slowly walks down the

corridor, not sure what to do or where to go.

BB: Jez, wait up

Jez turns to see all his friends, he's so glad to see them

BB: Where've you been man, we've been worried, Danny said Anna wanted to speak to you.

Jez: Yeah it was just about Jonas, he's gone back to Scotland. I tried to catch him but..

Everyone looks at each other not sure what to say

Lauren: Come to the canteen with us, you can let Ronnie know you're back safe and sound

Jez: Ok, i'll catch you up i'll just throw my bag in my locker

Everyone goes towards the canteen, jez moves to his locker. Just then Jonas appears from

round the corner.

Jez: JONAS! Oh my god, you're still here.

Jonas looks so happy to see Jez, Jez stands there relived and somewhat


Jez: Anna told me about your dad being ill she said you were catching the 4.30 back to


Jonas: No it's fine my mum she has a habit of panicking, she rang the school to say my dad

had to go to the hospital but it was just food poisoning, dodgy prawns apparently! I'm not

going anywhere, you're stuck with me.

Jez:, I thought i'd missed you. Look, i know we haven't know each other that long but

It's weird when you're not around. I miss you and.....

Jonas stops Jez from talking with a kiss. Jez grins.

Jez: Good glad that's sorted! They both laugh

Jonas: So you can still introduce me to your friends if you like

Jez: (jokingly) Oh i don't know whether i want to now, ok since it's you!

They start walking. Jonas slips his hand into Jez's

Jonas: Hold my hand

Jez gives his hand a squeeze

Jez: Always


Thanks to everyone for their kind comments xx