Disclaimer: CBS Owns all rights to Jericho and it's Canon characters, and NBC owns Casey. My own plotline and characters are mine though.

Timeline Layout: Bombs+200 days. 20 days after "WHy we fight", 10 Days prior to The season Two Episode "Reonstruction"

Series Layout: Follows Hawkins on a AU path (Chinook universe) to tracking down Valente and his group of thugs. IN this AU the Western Government (Allied States of America) is not inherently evil. More like Valente, H&R and a number of picked thugs have corruptiuon throughout the government.

Chapter explanation.: This will NOT, REPEAT NOW, a Crossover with "Chuck". I needed another government agent, and the "Chuck" character Major John Casey(Played by Adam baldwin), NSA agent, seemed to be a good fit.

Warnings: Mild language. Also..Un-beta'd. Changed a lot, butI think most spelling and grammer errors have been gleaned out.....I apologize for what is there, but after finally seeing Condor a little more I had to go ahead and post the first chapter o my "Conspiracy" series

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Robert Hawkins wearily closed the door behind him and walked into the room. WIthout power the room was dark and he didn't notice the man occupying a easy chair directly alongside the door.

"Hello Robert." The man's voice cut through the stillness, freezing Robert in his tracks. He briefly considered reaching for his handgun but quickly discarded the idea. The man opposite him was simply to lethal and he probably had a gun trained on him, "Put your gun on the floor."

Following the mans advice he carefully slipped the handgun out of it's holster and laid it on the ground.

"Major. Still doing your job I see. Want a beer?" Hawkins calmly answered him with a question.

"Already got one," the man motioned to a chair, "Sit down Robert."

Hawkins slowly eased himself into the hard-backed chair opposite the man. It was then he noted that there wasn't a gun trained on him, but it still riding in a hip-mounted holster. That still didn't make him feel any more comfortable.

"You know Robert you really shouldn't leave guns in your fridge," he held up a small revolver, "It might give people the wrong impression."

This made Hawkins wince, but he remained silent..

The man opposite him silently gazed at him a moment before tossing him the gun, "Careful. it's loaded."

Hawkins hesitated to pick it up, sensing something wrong. Finally he did and carefully checked. Sure enough all 6 chambers contained a live round. Seeing the man still hadn't drawn his handgun Hawkins was wary, "You got someone with a gun trained on me Major? You don't seem that worried."

"I ain't. You're not going to shoot me," he said it with a deadpan expression. Hawkins couldn't tell weather he had confidance that Robert would choose not to, or if Robert wouldn't have time to do it.

"Why are you here?" Hawkins asked, not training the gun on the man, but casually holding it

"Not the reason you think. What you got on Valente?"

This phrase sent shockwaves through Hawkins. That wasn't what he had expected to hear. The answer also put him on a tense edge.

"What do you mean?" he asked slowly.

"Cut the crap Robert. I know you were CIA working on Project Red Bell. I also know your boss wasn't quite as...eh... trustworthy...as you would think."

"Regardless....What brought you here to Jericho?" Hawkins questioned him again.

The man tensed and was silent a moment, weighing on what to tell his possible enemy-to-be, "What side are you on Robert?" he asked.

"The right side," was all he said. At that the man relaxed somewhat.

"I was sent by Valente to find Sarah Mason, but when I got here who did I see but your lovely wife. Well. It doesn't take a genius to put two and two together...," he started to say.

Hawkins siezed at that thought and moved to raise the handgun. As if anticipating the move the Major's hand streaked to his holster and smoothly jerked out the semi-automatic Sig. Even with Hawkins early move they both leveled their guns at the same time.

"Now, now...Is that any way to treat a friend?" The man's face twitched in a brief smile.

"Talk," was the only reply Hawkins gave, continuing to keep the revolver leveled.

"I'll give ya the abridged version first. About 2 weeks before the bombs a NSA agent happened to pick up on some chatter, regarding a supposedly Big Fucking Bomb."

"General Beckham happened to realize that there were rumors, nothing confirmed of course, top secret red tape, that there was a operation headed by the CIA to pick off some USSR surplus nukes. Getting no confirmation from Valente weather this information was related to his operation, the General directed the agent to infiltrate the group. It took him several weeks, but was finally able to get in. At least for awhile. Then he quite reporting. His last message was that he might have been compromised, and identified one CIA agent as within the group already."

He paused to gather his thoughts, then continued, "When our agent went missing, my boss contacted Valente and demanded a rundown of their operation. Valente played it off and acknowledged there was a operation but nothing was becoming of it, having stalled openly contradicted the reports that had been sent by the NSA operative."

Hawkins broke in, "The scheduale of the attacks was moved up in short notice. When Valente found out that the NSA was beginning to take interest, he probably figured time was growing short."

The major nodded, "I was sent by the general to investigate the locations detailed by our agent. Meanwhile my boss tried to skim any and all information and, or reports on the operation Valente was running. Meanwhile I was able to track the missing agent to a Ravenwood facility. I am sure you know them."

Hawkins nodded, "Questionable contracters before the bombs. After the bombs, Valente's personal bulldogs."

"Right. I was about to enter the premises, covertly of course, when I was contacted by the NSA head. Beckham managed to get information, it was not convicting, but was enough that she was going to blow the whistle on Valente. Basically he operated the program seperately from what was really going on. He reworked reports sent in by the field agents, and conveniantly "forgot" other important components of the project. All of that together rang big alarms in the NSA. Mid conversation the cell phone went to hell.... Well. You can guess what happened then."

Robert nodded, "The bombs went off."

"Right. Now since then I haven't gotten too far. All I found was a trail of dead CIA operatives and anyone else who was associated with the bombs are either hiding, or dead."

"Who was the Central Intellegence agent your NSA operative tagged?" Hawkins questioned.

"You," The man smiled as Hawkin's face twitched at that, "Surprised? Don't worry. Only me and General Beckham recognized you from the photo's the agent forwarded. That is why I figured to look for you. When I asked Valente about you he replied that you were dead. Of the list of people I KNOW were in the cell's, only you and the woman Valente sent me after....Sarah Mason, are the only ones still alive."

Hawkins mulled this over and somewhat reluctantly lowered his revolver. Following suite the Major did the same. Robert didn't wan't to tell this agent everything, but he had to take a gamble. He decided to tell him a few pieces, but hold out the 2 surviving members of his team.

"Sarah Mason is dead," he stated.

This was the first time the Major showed surprise, "Really? When?"

"Long enough. Right now Valente thinks I am dead. Posing as Sarah I told him I was dead."

"So it is you that I am looking for...while I was looking for Sarah.. And now she is dead...when I heard you were dead....," the man shook his head, "Damn that's a mess."

"Who are you working for now?" he asked.

"CIA out of Cheyenne. Not the same as the old CIA. Same name differant package this agency handles domestic, foriegn and internal in one big package. Right now I got Valente thinking I am one of his top agents. I.....arranged..for several people to look a little more important than they were and the busted them."

Hawkins snorted, "That is a low cover, even for you. Playing along with Tomarchio, Valente and their damn gang of thugs...."

This seemed to irk the man opposite him, "Now hold it. We both know what Valente is, but don't lump Tomarchio in with him."

"He didn't know about all this?"

"No. He was just Wyoming's Senator. Of course his home state seemed like a good place as any, considering J&R was headquartered there. He had no way of knowing that his main supporters were behind the worst single attack on civilians in history."

"He is doing the best he can....He's kept the US consititution, the Congress has to ratify it, but technically all they are doing is changing the words in it from "United States", to "Allied States.... The government has a lot of corruption, but even Colombus has that now. The few that have been caught have been dealt heavy punishment."

Hawkins was now beginning to see some of the man opposite's plans, "And if he got proof that Valente and J&R was behind the bombs?"

The Major gave a rare grin and mimicked a gun with his hand, pointed it at a imaginary person and grunted, "BLAM."

Hawkins smiled at this. Although he was still cautious about him, he figured that the major was telling the truth. Major John Casey was cynical, hard, and unsociable. In spite of those things however, he had always upheld what he believed was right. Among those rights were the freedom of the American people and rabid hatred for those who wanted to destroy it.

He doubted that he would, or could, stand by the Western Government AND be trying to hunt down those responsible for the bombs. He already had openly said he knew J&R and Valente were behind them, he was just trying to find proof.

Hawkins however had no doubt that if proof couldn't be found, that Casey would mearly bypass that and administer proper justice.

He held out his hand, "For now I will go along with you. If you had been sent here to kill me you would have done that already. I will help you out if I can."

"Sounds good," Casey reached out and shook Hawkin's hand, "I am supposed to check in with Valente in an hour. I had better not be late. I will meet you here tommorrow night and we can discuss the information we have."