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Chapter 1. The Beginning

I walked out of my house, giving it one last glance. I was going to miss it here. The simple house, the beautiful plants, my friends and family. All of it.

Sorry, I should probably let you know who I am and what's happening. My name is Isabella Marie Swan. Bella for short. I'm seventeen, have long brown hair, brown eyes, and a pale complexion. Oh, and there's another thing. I'm not human. I mean, I have a beating heart, there's blood running through me, but I'm immortal. And I have wings. You know kind of like an angel. Except not. I'm not from heaven. My kind started who knows when. The only one that had actually been heard of – but as a human and mythical character – is Andromeda. She's a mythical Greek character. We even named a constellation and galaxy after her. And, according do mythology, her parents were Cassiopeia and Cepheus. Cassiopeia was a mythical queen of Ethiopia. Her husband was Cepheus. Well, Andromeda was so beautiful that it made others jealous. They chained her to a rock to be devoured by a huge wale. Well, she was saved by Perseus, the mythical hero. He killed the wale, saved Andromeda, and latter, married her. Now, why am I telling you this? Its part of my story so hang in there. The reason Andromeda was so beautiful was because she was a winged human. We're all inhumanly beautiful. Just not too much. So every one says that she was a mythical character made by the Greeks. She was by the Greek humans. After she married Perseus she had a daughter – this is not known to any one but my kind. Her daughter inherited her trait. Her daughter married and had children, who had children, who had children.

Now, that that's done with I'll tell you how that comes down to me. There's not that many of my kind. We don't really have a name. You can call us winged humans, sky grazers, angels – even though we're not – any thing you like. We try to stay as unknown as possible. The only ones who know about us are the ones who have married one. And when you marry one you're bound to keep the secret.

So that's why I'm here. My mom's a winged human and she passed the trait down to me. My mom's name is Renee and my dad's name is Charlie. They're divorced. My mom's now married to Fill. He's a minor league base ball player. I live with my dad in Forks, Washington. He's the police chief there. But now I'm leaving. I'm moving to stay with my uncle in London, England. It shouldn't be that hard adapting since it rains a lot there. The reason I am is because he is a winged angel as well. He's lived for one-hundred years or so and is going to teach me all about winged humans. There's a hidden history about them and a special gift we have once we reach the age eighteen. He finally agreed to teach me. He doesn't have kids, so I'll have to make friends the hard way.

Charlie opened the door to the house which startled me out of my reverie. I picked my bags up reluctantly and walked over to the car. (My kind is also unnaturally strong.) I placed them in the trunk and got into the passenger seat. Charlie got in and started the engine. He tried to make small talk.

"Excited?" he asked uncomfortably.

"More like nervous." I answered. He nodded and drove down the road. He dropped me off near the air port. He thought I was going to fly there in a plane. I wasn't.

I had my four foot and a half wings tucked in under my shirt. I wore a jacket over it. My shirt had slits in the back so I could unfold my wings easily.

I got out of the car after saying good bye and grabbed my bags. I headed off to the bus stop and waited. The bus got there after a minute and I loaded on with several other people. I asked the driver to take me near the most disserted area in town. He looked confused but nodded when I handed him the cash.

He stopped at a small little town. The streets were almost disserted besides some little kids. I thanked him and got out. I went into an ally and walked up a fire escape. I climbed until I reached the roof of an apartment. I sat my bags down and took my jacket off. I placed it into one of my bags and unfolded my wings. They were an ivory color. They were hard and had feathers on it. The feathers were soft but besides that it felt like a rock. I flapped them to stretch them out and grabbed my bags. I took a rope out of one of them and tide it around all of the handles. I took the end of the rope and wrapped it around my hand and jumped in the air. In seconds I was in the air and had my bags tied to me. I flew above the clouds so no one could see me and made my way to London, England.

I can fly fast. So by the time I got there it was just getting dark. My uncle lived in a mansion like home. It was big and white and had a beautiful lake near it. The lake had wild flowers growing around it and giant trees as well. One tree was shading the lake and made it a beautiful site. The house – well the back of it – was beautiful. It had a flower bed on one side and a table and chairs on the other.

I landed in the back yard and untied the rope, placed my jacket back on and walked up and around to the front yard. It had two giant pillars holding part of it up on the porch and had several windows. It was white, like I said, and was just as beautiful as the back.

I knocked on the door and waited. It wasn't long before it was opened to reveal a tall man with black hair, pale skin, and blue eyes. Uncle Frederick. If I'm correct he's about one-hundred and sixty years old. He didn't smile when he saw me. He just gestured for me to come in.

"Elle!" he yelled. A young woman, about the age of twenty, came in. She was wearing a maid's gown. She had curly rich, dark brown hair, tanned skin, and green eyes. She was skinny and short.

When she entered she bowed and then looked strait at my uncle.

"Take her bags up to her room and show her around please." He asked her. She nodded and tried to grab my bags. I shook my head trying to tell her it was all right. She was human so it would be difficult for her to carry four bags.

She smiled warmly and showed me the way up stairs. Once you enter the house your in a big room with white tile. It had a huge library on the left and a music room on the right. There was a big winding stair case that went up to the second floor in the middle.

Once up every thing was a whit color as well. The carpet was a tan and the walls were a light blue. There was a white table with a glass top at the top of the stairs that had a vase of white flowers in it. She led me to the third door on the left and opened it for me.

"This will be your room while you're here. I hope you like it." Elle said.

I looked around. There was a queen sized four poster bed that had white curtains hanging off it on the sides. The blanket was lavender and so were the pillows. The walls were painted lavender as well and had white designs in the top corners. There was a white desk and a white dresser and a walk in closet.

I turned to her and said, "I love it." She smiled and walked off. I sat my stuff down and placed them in the dreser. I hanged my clothes up and changed. I was now wearing dark jeans and a blue T-shirt that said "Wings" on the cover in white. There was a balcony so I walked out on it. I looked around and noticed that there wasn't a house in sight. He must not like neighbors. But then again, he did have wings. You don't want people to get suspicious.

I jumped off of the balcony and landed feet first on the ground. I'm only light footed when I jump. Other than that I'm a klutz. But I never have to go to the hospital.

I started walking towards the lake and sat down on a bench. I won't start aging 'till I'm eighteen. I'll look the same for ever. Its different for boys. My Uncle stopped aging when he was twenty five. Oh, and once you marry your spouse will stop aging as well.

I was woken from my little reverie when my uncle called. "Isabella! I need to check your wing span!" I got up and walked away from the lake.

Time to begin.

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