A/N: This one is for shkh4ever.

Word: Fidelity.

This one was extremely difficult for me. This wasn't the original story that I wrote for this. I hated the original. It was so boring, so I came up with this instead. It's a little different from my usual work, but hopefully, it's satisfactory.

The Copy Chick

It shocked many a person who heard the news that Kakashi Hatake had become a missing-nin. He had seemed so reasonable and loyal. It was like he didn't have a care in the world. He still read his usual porn and skipped out on bills. It had never once crossed anyone's mind that he would betray the village. His departure rocked the Hidden Leaf Village. The question everyone kept asking themselves was why.


It was a question that wouldn't receive an answer for a long time to come.

The Hokage had no qualms about labeling the Copy Ninja as a missing-nin. She did it with a coldness and certainty that surprised many.

Surely, she would send someone to him to try to reason with him. Someone would try to bring him home to where he belonged. He was human. He made mistakes. He could forgive him.

What those people didn't know (and only the Hokage knew) was that when Kakashi Hatake left the village, he didn't go alone. He took someone with him. A woman with a spunky attitude and sparkling eyes. A woman who was the Hokage's former apprentice.

The Hokage kept quiet about Sakura's disappearance. Telling anyone that asked that Sakura was on an extended mission. She would be back when she completed her task. No one dared question her further because mentioning Sakura's absence left her in a bad mood. Frankly, you just didn't want to make that woman mad.

Tsunade hid Sakura's departure because she was confident that she would come home. She knew that without a doubt.

Her roseate hair was in a high ponytail that fell to the nape of her neck. It gently swayed as she sauntered to the bar doors occasionally hitting her face as the wind blew it.

Sakura paused and inhaled deeply before pushing the doors open and stepping inside. This was it. This was the last time she was doing this. After this, it would all be coming to an end.

Conversation stopped, and heads swiveled in her direction. She got a lot of attention dressed as she was. She wore a silver tube top that had a built-in bra that shoved her breasts up so high that they appeared to be under her throat. Her matching skirt barely covered her assets. She wore fishnet stockings and black stiletto shoes. Silver bracelets dangled from her wrists.

Sakura coldly surveyed every person in the bar. Picking out who were ninjas and who weren't. Gauging strengths to see who would get in her way and who wouldn't. There weren't many that would cause problems but the handful that could….

They seemed to be expecting something, and they were right to wait. Sakura had something to say. She spoke so her voice would carry across the room. Her voice was strong and never once wavered.

"Now, that I have everyone's attention. Who's going to tell me where the fuck the Copy Ninja is?"

Sakura placed her hands on her hips and stopped one foot. Her heel made a clicking sound against the wooden floors. Her face flushed with anger and annoyance.

Stunned silence reigned momentarily. A glass dropped, and several mouths hung agape. Sakura paid them no attention. She had asked a question, and she expected an answer, quickly.

"Well?" Sakura demanded impatiently.

A big, burly man with a gravelly voice was the first to recover. His eyes were in narrow slits but from what she could see his eyes were lavender. His black hair was reminiscent of a deceased Uchiha. She couldn't see his form since he was across the room.

"Who wants to know, bitch?"'

"I'm his bitch. So tell me where the fuck he is," Sakura replied undaunted.

"You've got some nerve to come in here like this. I could have my men kill you right now."

"Fuck that. I am so not worried about you. So I suggest you tell me where the faithless piece of garbage is right now."

Sakura watched as one of the men leaned towards "pretty eyes," as she was mentally calling him because they were gorgeous, and whispered something in his ear. In reply, the man chuckled.

"Raidon, take her to the Copy Ninja. I'm sure we'll enjoy what she finds."

"Yes, Dai."

A chair scraped against the floor as it pushed backward. A man twice, maybe three times, her size walked over to Sakura. His shadow loomed over her, and distinct chill lingered in his presence.

In a voice like rolling thunder washed over her Sakura. "Come with me."

He turned and walked away then, and Sakura followed behind him closely. He stopped abruptly causing Sakura to bump into him.

"Ouch!" She muttered as she hit hard muscle.

Sakura took a quick step back and looked around. "Where are-"

Before she could finish her sentence a large, beefy hand wrapped around her waist.

One hand.

It was large enough to fit around her waist. Sakura, too busy marveling at this unnatural feat, was rapidly thrown out the bar.

As she lay sprawled in the alley, she could hear raucous laughter coming from inside.

Sakura's eyes were wide with indignation and a small bit of humiliation. It was her fault for not having her guard up. She stood up and realized that in her 'rapid exit' one of her heels had broken.

Her two hundred dollar shoes were broke. A haze of red covered her eyes she slowly made her way back to the front of the building her shoes clutched in her hand. Sakura stood once more in front of the door where she had begun her night, but this time she didn't calmly open the door.

This time she ripped the door off the hinges and tossed it inside the bar. She noted vaguely that a few people jumped out the way of the flying door as in swept into the room knocking over a few tables with it.

Strands of her hair had broken free, her dress had some filthy looking grunge on it, and a thin red line covered her face from cheek to ear. She looked bad-and she wasn't happy about it.

"Care to try that again, Raidon?!" Sakura hissed panting heavily, shoes still in her hand.

Raidon didn't reply but instead looked at Dai who wore a peculiar expression on his face. At that look, everyone filed out of the bar quickly. Everyone except Raidon, Sakura, and Dai.

Raidon stood up and flexed four hundred pounds worth of muscle.

"Dispose of her, Raidon." He stated. "Do not disappoint me." He then leaned forward in his chair placing his elbows on the table. He brought his fingers together so that the tips touched, forming a triangle with his hands.

He waited expectantly for the demise of their unwanted guest. Sakura wondered briefly why he felt that he was safe in the battle that was to come.

Could it be that…?

Raidon rushed towards Sakura moving quicker than she thought a man of his size should be able to.

When he was within striking distance, Sakura dropped her shoes, picked up a table, and hit him with it. Bits of the table flew across the room, but it only slowed him a fraction of a second. Raidon made a move to grab her as he had earlier, but Sakura jumped out of his reach. Sakura glanced warily at Pretty Eyes to make sure he was staying put. It just wouldn't do to have them team up on her. Her distraction was enough to get her caught in the palm of Raidon's left hand once again. She heard a chuckle from across the room as Raidon started to squeeze the life out of her. Apparently, he thought that the fight was over before it began.

Sakura's head bowed in pain and concentration. It just wouldn't do to be squeezed to death. She didn't want to kill him, but she had to incapacitate him and swiftly.

Raidon let out a scream of pain and dropped Sakura to the floor in a graceless heap. She had focused her chakra in her waist and made multiple chakra blades in that area severing the muscles in his hand.

His left hand was useless, but that didn't mean the battle was over. Sakura watched Raidon warily as he disregarded his pain and studied her with a bit more caution. He wasn't going to attack. He was waiting for her to go on the offense.

"Look we don't have to do this. All I want is to see my Copy Ninja."

He didn't reply to her which left Sakura no choice but to attack which was kind of tricky since if she tried to hit him, she only came to his kneecaps, but suddenly an idea popped into her head that would end the fight somewhat anticlimactically. She was okay with that as long as it would bring her a little closer to her goal. Then she'd only have to deal with one person instead of two. Sakura glanced at her shoes on that had been knocked aside in the foray. Sakura rushed towards Raidon. Sakura saw him move back to avoid her onslaught, but Sakura quickly changed directions and grabbed her shoes, then promptly jumped onto one of the tables never once slowing down. She immediately encased her shoes with chakra.

Sakura jumped off the table giving herself an extra boost with chakra so that she would be able to hit him in an area that would do the most damage.

Sailing in mid-air, Sakura threw her shoes at Raidon which he easily ducked. Sakura expected that, but she had hoped that he wouldn't dodge. Both of her shoes hit the ground destroying the wood flooring beneath him. Caught off guard Raidon fell through the ground and into a room directly below it. Sakura flipped and landed on a counter. She peered down into the hole that Raidon had fallen through. It wasn't exactly what she had been planning, but it would do. Sakura looked at Raidon and saw him groaning on the floor. But what immediately drew her attention was the masked face that looked up at her.

Kakashi lay in between the thighs of a half-naked voluptuous redhead on a slightly cozy looking bed. A bit of debris had fallen on the two, but the situation still seemed rather compromising.

"Sakura, um, would you believe me if I said it's not what it looks like?"

Sakura jumped through the hole and landed on her feet. She walked over to Kakashi and pulled him off the woman.

"Get out skank if you don't want me to do that-" Sakura pointed to Raidon who had made a nasty indentation in the ground. "to you."

The redhead scrambled getting into her clothes and dashed out of the room without a word.

"So, you me found me huh?"

"Yes, I found you, you faithless piece of trash."

"Now, Sakura I know the meaning of fidelity-"

"And that's about it-"

"And I would never be disloyal to you. I value my life."

Sakura harrumphed.

"Whatever Kakashi. Why do you always do this? I'm not an idiot. I know what you're doing."

"You're overreacting."

"Overreacting!" Sakura took a threatening step forward. "I'll show you overreacting."

Kakashi lowered his mask and took a step toward Sakura. Sakura glanced at his face and blushed.

"Your pretty face isn't going to save you this time."

Kakashi reached out and pulled the kunoichi forward so that she hit the hard planes of his chest.

"Then perhaps this will."

Kakashi's lips lightly touched Sakura teasing her into ecstasy. A whimper escaped her lips and Sakura forced him to deepen the kiss. Kakashi lifted Sakura off the ground, and she wrapped her legs around his waist trying to get closer to him and not lose the contact between their lips.

A voice caused them to pull away and look at its source. Kakashi quickly pulled up his mask and turned to the intruder.

"I suppose you're happy now." Lavender eyes stared back into Sakura's sheepish green ones.

"If you had let me see him none of this would have happened."

"Get the hell out." Sakura rolled her eyes. She knew when to take her leave.

Sakura slid down Kakashi's body and started to walk away but paused before she jumped through the hole she had created. She turned back and walked towards Kakashi with her hand extended.

"What?" Kakashi asked.

"That bastard broke my shoes," Sakura said pointing at Raidon. "I want my compensation."

Kakashi reached behind him with an irritated grunt and pulled money out of his back pocket.


"Wait a minute," Dai said taking the money and scrutinizing it. Both Sakura and Kakashi looked at him curiously wondering what he was looking for. After he had thoroughly inspected the money, he handed to Sakura who took it with a polite smile.

She turned to walk away once more then paused. "No more women, Copy Ninja. Next time I'll kill someone." She said in a voice that sent a shiver up Dai's spine. Kakashi chuckled in reply watching as she disappeared. He turned his attention soon after that to the man in front of him.

"She is never allowed back in here. The next time I see her, I will have her killed on sight. If you want your job, you will ensure that I never lay eyes on her again because after I kill her, you will be next."

Kakashi nodded his head absently.

"Who was that bitch anyway?"

Kakashi shrugged his shoulders. "Just my chick."

Sakura was quite a bit away from the bar she had demolished when she reached into her mouth and took out the information that Kakashi had passed to her through their kiss.

She scanned the contents, and a small smile crept onto her face. She was right. This information signaled the end of the mission. They were done.

They would be going home soon.

Bingo Book

Name: The Copy Chick

Description: Approximately five foot six inches, long, pink hair (thought to be dyed) Seems to favor trashy clothes.

Known Acquaintances: The Copy Ninja

Abilities: Strength (Thought to be chakra enhanced.)

Warnings: If the Copy Ninja is with another woman approach The Copy Chick with extreme caution.