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I was seven, and had been from to so many foster homes I couldn't keep track

of how many I had been to. None of the families had wanted to adopt me, but that's okay because I didn't

like them that much either. My parents had died when I was just a baby, so I honestly couldn't remember

them. Since I couldn't remember them, it didn't hurt as bad to know they weren't here. Though, I missed the

absence of parents. I hated going from family to family. I hated the time when the families would sit me down,

and tell me I was going to go live with another nice family that would love a whole bunch. The way they said it,

they might as well had said ' We don't want you, so we are going to get rid of you!' I knew that not all families would

be like that, but the ones that I had been to so far were like that.

At night when I would sleep, I would secretly dream about having a big, loving family.

In the family I would have lots of siblings that loved me very much. I would have a mom that would adore me.

My dad would be really nice. He would fix me up when I fell, which I did a lot. I would be a Daddy's girl,

though I would love the whole family the same. I knew that if I ever saw this family, I would know


I was currently sitting in my social worker's office. My social worker was really nice.

Her name was Angie Villager. On her desk were a bunch of pictures of people that I assumed were her family.

She was talking softly on the phone right now. When she got off the phone, her kind face had a smile on it. "Bella, guess what!"

She said. "Uh, I don't know." I mumbled. " I found you a family, sweetie!" Why was she so excited? We go through

this every few months. Though, who knows, it might be 'the' family. I wouldn't get my hopes up. My chances of

finding just a good family were slim.

Angie had me grab my back pack that contained my few belongings. We walked quietly to her car.

I was starting to get nervous. You would think that after doing this so many times I would, but every time I went

to meet a new family I got really nervous. I also got hopeful, and I hated that. I always tried to squash my hope

of meeting my dream family before I got disappointed. The ride there was also quiet, except for the radio.

After about a half an hour, we got there. I grabbed my back pack, and got out. Angie came

around to my side, and grabbed my hand. She gave it a gentle squeeze. I squeezed her hand back,

and took a deep breath. Here goes nothing, I thought to myself, grimly.

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