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There'd been a weird atmosphere when Jones had returned to the flat. He'd suddenly needed looking after. Claire, who had no time for the over enthusiastic DJ, had left it all the Dan and Dan, who thought this would be the worst thing ever, actually began to enjoy being a doting... what? Flatmate seemed to harsh a word now, especially since Jones had begun to feel better and had constantly insisted on grabbing Dan's sleeve to pull him into a hug.

One such time, Jones' had been snuggled, child-like, into Dan's arms for a good twenty minutes, when Dan had said, "What are you doing?"

"What?" Jones blinked.

"Why are you...? Why are we...? What is..."

"You're looking after me Dan." the DJ smiled contentedly.

"but I..."

"oh shhh." Jones mumbled sleepily, his dainty fingers undoing and redoing the top button on Dan's shirt over and over again, which, surprisingly, felt incredibly natural. It was strange but Jones just seemed to fit there in Dan's arms, almost like he belonged.

They fell silent after that, Dan's fingers becoming tangled in Jones' black locks pulling gently as he unconsciously played with it, now and again provoking a quiet, relaxed moan from the DJ, which probably should have made him feel awkward but which actually filled with him a weird sort of pride.

"Hey Dan." Jones sighed.


"D'you fancy me?"

"What?" he spluttered, sitting up sharply and tipping the younger man onto the floor. Jones whined loudly about being an invalid but Dan had been too stunned to care. He just sat deathly still, like a waxwork model.

"So what?" Jones frowned, heaving himself, with difficulty, back onto the sofa, "Was that a no?"

Dan wanted to scream; 'of course it's a no.' but what he actually did was open his mouth, let out a weird half syllable and close it again. He didn't 'fancy' Jones, he didn't 'fancy' men and he hadn't 'fancied' anyone since he was about fifteen, but something, something overwhelming was stopping him from conveying these thoughts out loud.

"It's okay, you know, being gay." Jones said softly, reaching gently to touch Dan's hand. Dan shuddered and pulled away sharply.

"D-. G-. Y-." Dan stuttered.

Jones' face crinkled confusedly; "What?"

And Dan, seeing the baffled look in the DJ's big blue eyes, got up and left without a word, leaving Jones wondering what had just happened.