Title: Na le'hakeer et marat Cooper
Rating: R
Category: Casefic/Romance
Genre: Het
Pairing: Gibbs/Ziva
Summary: Gibbs and Ziva have been dreaming of one another. What happens when they're forced to play husband and wife?
Disclaimer: The characters herein belong to DPB, CBS, Paramount, et al. No copyright infringement is intended.
Author's Note: So this is, the end of a particularly long road. Thanks to everyone for sticking with me, your lovely reviews have made sure that I reached the end of the tale eventually. Special mention has to go to ZC who has time and time again proved herself an excellent sounding board, even if at the time she had absolutely no idea what I was talking about.

Goodbye Mr & Mrs Cooper, Hello Mr & Mrs Gibbs.

Jethro was still sitting on the floor staring at his bloody hands when Abby arrived in a blur of black lace and silver chains. Within seconds she was crouched down beside him, her arms wrapped tightly around him, "Oh Gibbs! Tim called me and I came straight here!"

She leaned in and kissed his cheek, "You know they are going to be fine don't you? Ziva is incredibly stubborn, she won't be going anywhere until she's ready, and she's not ready to leave you yet… And Naysa? Well she's part you, and you're even more stubborn than Ziva, I bet you won't get Naysa doing anything she doesn't want to do."

Abby watched closely as a small smile crossed his face, "That's better", glancing down she noticed his hands for the first time, "Now…" She said as she rose from the ground, "let's get you cleaned up, can't have Naysa meeting her daddy for the first time whilst he's all covered in blood."

With that she pulled him from the floor and ushered him along towards the relatives waiting area, pausing as they passed a restroom to push him inside, thrusting a backpack into his arms as she did "Spare clothes from your locker at the office. Now go get washed up."

She was casually leaning against the opposite wall when Jethro reappeared out of the door, looking respectable once again. Abby looked him up and down before gesturing for him to spin. Jethro threw one of his trademark glares in her direction but instead of reacting as he had hoped Abby simply crossed her arms and continued to gesture. With a loud sigh indicating his reluctance Jethro slowly turned on the spot, the look on his face non-verbally communicating his message of "Happy now?"

Abby simply grinned, "Much better! Now come…"

Once again Jethro sighed before following her to the waiting area, sitting down on the chair next to her; he smiled slightly as Abby reached over for his hand and gently squeezed it in support. The time passed in silence until Tim appeared in the doorway; rushing over to the pair of them he gently kissed Abby's cheek before taking a seat next to her. "Tony is interviewing all the suspects, told me to head back over here. Any news on Ziva?"

Jethro shook his head but as Abby opened her mouth to expand on the situation a surgeon appeared in the waiting room, "Ziva David's relations?"

Jethro rose from his seat, "I'm her partner, is she okay? How's the baby?"

The surgeon smiled brightly, "Both mother and daughter are doing just fine, Ms David lost a large amount of blood, but we've given her a transfusion and she's responding well. We had to perform an emergency C-section but the baby was very lucky, the knife clearly missed her altogether, not even a small scratch on her, and we've managed to repair the damage to Ziva's uterus. I am pleased to say she should experience no difficulty conceiving or carrying another child to term…" The doctor took in the relieved look on Jethro's face and smiled, "If you'd like to follow me I'll take you down to the maternity ward so you can see them."

Jethro nodded and turned towards Abby and McGee, "You coming?"

They both nodded and rose silently from their seats, Jethro smiled slightly as he watched Tim take Abby's hand in his before turning and following the doctor out of the room. Reaching the elevator the surgeon waited for the three of them to join him before pressing the button for the third floor. "Your partner might still look a little pale when we get there but she will be fine, your daughter is very healthy, I see she is about two weeks early but I see nothing to be concerned about. She is a very good weight and her lungs were fully developed judging by the noise she was making."

Jethro couldn't help the proud smile that crossed his face as he followed the doctor out of the lift and down the corridor towards the maternity ward, coming to a halt outside room 303 the doctor paused, "Ziva probably won't be awake yet, but it shouldn't be too much longer."

He smiled and opened the door, Jethro took a step inside and looked towards his two friends, Tim shook his head, "Go and meet your daughter boss, Abs and I will still be here when Ziva comes round and you're both ready to introduce us to Naysa."

He nodded and stepped fully into the room, closing the door behind him he quickly made his way over to the still unconscious Ziva, taking her hand in his he gently squeezed it as he leant over to kiss her forehead, "wake up Zee, your baby girl is waiting to meet you…"

As if hearing her cue Naysa let out a soft cry, turning to the clear plastic bassinet Gibbs could just about make out dark curls peeking out from beneath the little cream hat nurses had placed upon her head, swaths of pink blanket surrounded her, and as he moved closer he could make out the arm of a cream onesie as a tiny hand escaped the wrappings. Leaning down Jethro scooped up the delicate bundle, including all the blankets and carefully cradled her in his arms. Satisfied she was secure in the crook of his arm he moved to sit in the soft chair next to Ziva's bedside, with his spare hand he gently stroked his daughter's cheek, "Hello baby girl, I'm daddy…" He smiled broadly as his daughter's tiny hand wrapped around his index finger and her delicate eyelids opened to reveal familiar icy blue eyes as she looked up at him, "Hello Naysa…"

Jethro couldn't help but think that his daughter was quite satisfied with her name as her eyes fluttered shut and she drifted off into a contented sleep.

Sometime later Naysa awoke and Jethro moved to the window, carefully introducing her to the sun, trees and the rest of the outside world. He was still gazing down at his daughter as Ziva finally awoke. The first thing she noticed was her much flatter stomach, automatically assuming the worst she burst into tears, "My baby girl, they killed my baby girl!"

Hearing her cries Jethro quickly turned around and made his way over to the bed, "Ziva, shush, she's fine…"

Ziva looked up and saw the pink bundle in his arms, carefully sitting on the edge of the bed Jethro slipped his free arm around Ziva and helped her into a seated position, smiling he gently kissed her and then his daughter, "baby girl, this is your beautiful mummy…"

Ziva couldn't help but gasp as she looked down into the eyes of her child, "Jethro, she is beautiful…"

He smiled and kissed her forehead, "I would expect nothing less with you as her mother" he smiled and gently used his thumb to wipe away the tear tracks from her cheeks.

Ziva very gently traced her finger down her daughter's arm, "How is she? Did she get injured at all?"

Jethro shook his head, "surgeon said she had no injuries from the knife, and that her weight and lungs are both very good… he also said that they're repaired the damage you've suffered. You'll be a bit weak from the blood loss, and you'll have to take your time recovering because they had to cut through your stomach muscles to perform the C-section but in six months or so we can start trying for another baby… That's if you still want to…"

Ziva grinned, "Are you sure? You didn't seem so convinced when I suggested it before…"

Jethro looked down at their daughter, "How could I think anything else after meeting our beautiful daughter…"

"Did you register her birth yet?"

Jethro shook his head, "I was worried you wouldn't think she was a Naysa once you'd met her…"

Ziva smiled as she gazed at her child, "I think little miracle is even more appropriate now don't you…"

Jethro nodded and rose from the bed, "I'll go fill in the paperwork then…"

"No!" Jethro turned to look at Ziva in surprise, "We agreed I would be Mrs Gibbs before Naysa was born…"

Jethro crossed back to the bed, "I know Zee, but it's a little late for that now, we have to register her birth today…"

"So we'll get married today, we already have a marriage license…"

"It's not that simple sweetheart…"

The couple were interrupted by a knock on the door and watched as it slowly opened and Abby's head appeared through the gap, "Ziva! You're awake!" she made her way into the room and grinned as she caught sight of the tiny baby girl, "She's beautiful…"

Both parents smiled proudly as Abby continues, "I remember Ziva said she wanted to be Mrs Gibbs before Naysa was born…"

Ziva nodded and Gibbs gently stroked her hair before answering Abby, "We were just saying it is a little late for that now…"

Abby nodded, "But you haven't registered her birth yet…" Abby waited for confirmation before continuing, "So Ziva could still sign the register as Mrs Gibbs…"

Jethro watched as his lover's eyes lit up, "How?"

"I've been and spoken to the chaplain, and as you already have a marriage licence he says he's happy to marry you in the chapel downstairs today…"

"But Ziva doesn't have a dress…"

Ziva shook her head, "I do not need a dress, I just need you… if we want a big wedding we can have a blessing in a year or two, being married to you is more important than the wedding itself…"

Gibbs nodded in agreement, "Okay but we have no rings…"

Abby grinned again, "I have someone outside who can help with that…"

She smiled at the couple's confusion and crossed over to the door, opening it she stepped back and allowed the others to enter the room; Tim was the first through the opening, "Look who Tony found at the Navy Yard…"

He moved aside as Jackson made his way into the room, closely followed by Tony. Ziva's eyes lit up as she spotted him, she had been very fond of the elder Gibbs since they had first met in Stillwater. "Jackson!"

The senior Gibbs smiled as he crossed the room towards the couple, "Hello love…" He focused his attention on his son, "imagine my surprise to get a phone call from Tim here telling me that not only had my son somehow managed to get the most exotic beauty I have seen in decades to fall in love with him, they were also about to make me a grandfather again…"

Jethro swallowed and rubbed at the back of his neck, "Yeah dad, I meant to give you a call…"

Jackson simply rolled his eyes and turned his attention to the bundle in Ziva's arms, "So are you going to introduce me to my granddaughter?"

Ziva smiled and carefully turned her daughter to face him, "Jackson, meet Naysa Mari Gibbs, your granddaughter, baby girl meet Saba… Jethro, pass her to your father…"

Jethro once again rose from his place next to Ziva and gently took his daughter from her before passing her to his father. He couldn't help but smile as he watched his father fuss over the new-born. He knew he had adored Kelly and had been devastated by her loss. He also knew that over the years he had consoled himself to the idea of never having another grandchild; the joy he could now see in his father's eyes was worth the years of estrangement and the slow reconciliation. Jethro turned his attention to the last man in the room, "Thanks for bringing him Tony…"

"Least I could do boss…"

Gibbs nodded slightly before glancing at Ziva as she prodded him, seeing her nod pointedly in Tony's direction Jethro crossed to him and shook his hand before pulling him into a manly hug. "I believe Zee would like us to forget about the past few months…"

Ziva nodded from her bed, "Naysa needs her Uncle Tony…"

Tony couldn't help but smile; listening to Tim and Abby talk to Ducky about their many trips to visit the couple had made him feel more alone than he cared to admit. He watched as Jackson finally surrendered his granddaughter into the arms of a hovering Abby.

Jackson moved to sit at the foot of the bed, "Now Tim here informed me there may well be a wedding this evening when he called me…"

Ziva nodded and squeezed Jethro's hand. Jackson smiled and continued, "Then these may be of some use to you…" He removed a small box from his pants pocket and passed it to Jethro. Jethro in turn looked repeatedly between the small, yet familiar box and his father, watching him nod before slowly opening it. Ziva looked between father and son before her eyes settled onto the engagement ring and wedding band contained in the box. "They are beautiful Jackson…"

He nodded slightly, "They belonged to Jethro's mother…"

Jethro finally tore his eyes away from the rings and looked back to his father, "I can't take these dad…"

"Rubbish, it's what your mother would have wanted… she was still alive when you married Shannon or you would have had them then…"

Ziva looked up, "But Jethro has been married since then…"

Jackson nodded, "Truth be told I didn't like any of them… You I liked from the moment I met you, and for some reason you've decided that my Jethro is the one for you…" He looked over at Abby who was still cradling Naysa as Tim looked over her shoulder, "Besides none of them gave me a beautiful granddaughter to spoil…"

Abby looked up, "Right all you men out… I have to get Ziva and Naysa ready… Shoo go wait in the chapel."

Ziva smiled at Abby as the men exited the room, "Abby I am not sure what you have planned, I have nothing to change into, this was not exactly a planned trip…"

Abby shushed her and disappeared outside the room, returning a couple of minutes late, "You underestimate me… I had Tony go down to evidence storage. You see I happened to know there was this rather beautiful dress someone wore whilst posing for mock wedding photos just sitting down there…"

Ziva could not help but smile as Abby unzipped the garment bag and laid the familiar dress on the bed. Helping Ziva from the bed into an upright position Abby undid the ties of her hospital gown and slipped it from her shoulders. Reaching into a second holdall she pulled out a strapless bra and quickly helped Ziva switch into it. Crouching down beside her Abby offered her shoulder to lean on as Ziva lifted one foot and then the other to step into the dress. Returning to her full height Abby carefully pulled the dress up and began to lace Ziva's curvier figure into the corset style bodice. She very gently pulled the ribbons tight enough to show her newly formed hourglass figure without putting too much pressure on her surgical wounds. Stepping back Abby clapped in excitement, "You look even better than in the photos!"

Ziva laughed slightly but Abby nodded, "I'm serious, you look amazing, Jessica Rabbit has nothing on these new curves of yours…"

Abby then helped her to sit in the wheelchair she had procured. After a light dusting of foundation, the merest hint of mascara and lip gloss Abby reached a hairbrush from her bag and easily pulled Ziva's hair up into a simple top knot before easing her tiara and veil into place. She tutted as Ziva tried to stand, "Sit!"

"Abby I am not being wheeled up the aisle…"

"You are being wheeled to the chapel. You may walk up the aisle…"

Ziva relented and settled back into the chair as Abby lifted Naysa from the bassinet and carefully placed her in her mother's arms. "All ready?"

Ziva nodded and Abby set off towards the chapel. As they reached the doors Ziva stopped her, "Can you ask Jackson to step out here please…"

"Sure…" Abby quickly disappeared into the chapel and returned a minute later with Jackson in tow.

Ziva smiled up at him, "Jackson, I find myself needing a favour…"

Jackson smiled down at her, "Anything sweetheart…"

"I am glad you said that. I need someone to walk me down the aisle. I was hoping you might consent…"

Jackson blinked away a slight tear that had formed at the corner of his eye. "I would be honoured Ziva."

He carefully took Naysa from her arms as Abby helped her to stand. Handing his granddaughter to her honorary aunt he took his future daughter-in-law's hand in his, gently kissing it before tucking it under his arm. Waiting for Abby to take her seat he smiled at Ziva and gently pushed the door open as he heard the recorded wedding march begin to play. Slowly they made their way up the aisle as Jethro looked on in amazement. He had changed into the suit Tony ad provided him with but he had never expected Ziva to appear before him in that dress. He was still speechless as she arrived next to him and his father placed her hand in his. He waited for her to turn to him before releasing her hand and gently lifting her veil up and over her head. Leaning in he gently kissed her cheek and whispered in her ear, "You look amazing…"

The chaplain quietly cleared his throat and the couple turned to him, smiling apologetically they waited for him to begin. "Friends and family, we are gathered here tonight to join this man and this women in the holy bonds of matrimony. Marriage is not something to be entered into lightly, a successful marriage is not without its challenges, but if as a couple you are prepared to work together to face these challenges there is nothing more rewarding. Jethro I believe you have your own vows you wished to say…"

Jethro nodded and turned to his soon to be wife, "Ziva, I know when we first went undercover neither of us imagined this would be the outcome but I cannot imagine anything better happening to me. Having you beside me, understanding me in the way you do is not something I ever expected to find again, and I thank you for giving it to me. I thank you for blessing me with our beautiful daughter and I promise not a day will go by without me showing you just how much I love you. Know that I will never knowingly give you a reason to doubt how much I love you and our daughter. I am honoured to know that I am the one you chose to be your husband and I will never give you a reason to regret that decision. I love you Ziva Rivka David…"

Ziva smiled as she blinked away the tears, "Leroy Jethro Gibbs, you complete me. You have given me something I did not even realise I was missing and for that I will always be thankful to you. Over the past few months you have shown me what it means to be loved unconditionally and I cannot imagine a better husband for myself or father for Naysa. She may be our miracle but you are mine and I vow to love and honour you until the end of time."

The chaplain looked between the couple, the pure strength of emotion they felt for each other obvious to everyone in the room. "Do you have rings?"

Jethro nodded and reached for Ziva's hand, easily sliding his mother's wedding band onto her finger. Ziva looked a little lost until Abby pressed the platinum band Jethro had worn as Mr Cooper into her hand, smiling in gratitude Ziva reached for Jethro's left hand and slid the ring into place. Smiling broadly up at him as she released his hand she waited for the minister to continue.

"In the eyes of the Lord and the state of Maryland you are now man and wife. I believe it is tradition to kiss the bride."

Jethro smiled and took a step forward closing the gap between himself and Ziva, carefully wrapping his arms around her waist he dipped his head and captured her lips with his own; forgetting everyone else in the room as he felt her arms slowly wrap around his shoulder he pulled her closer against him and allowed his tongue to slip into her mouth, causing her to moan as it brushed against her own. Slowly tearing himself away from her he whispered in her ear, "I love you Mrs Gibbs."

She looked up into his eyes as he took a step backwards. "I love you Mr Gibbs." Smiling the couple both turned to their family and friends, "Thank you for making this happen today, Abby, Tim, you especially knew how important it was for me to sign my daughter's birth certificate as Mrs Gibbs. Jackson, thank you for travelling down, and Tony, thank you for taking the time to go down to the evidence locker and find my dress. You all have made this day perfect." She smiled at everyone, "despite the small incident involving a mad red headed woman… Still that's something else Jethro and I have in common, the ability to drive red-heads to violence…"

Jethro couldn't help but laugh as he slid his arm around her waist and gently kissed her cheek, "Speaking of said small incident I believe we should get you back to bed…"

Ziva nodded and allowed Jethro to lead her back to the wheelchair. Carefully lowering herself into the seat before taking her daughter back into her arms, gently cradling her sleeping form as her husband pushed her back towards her room followed by their honorary extended family.

For the next two days the small family remained at the hospital, both mother and daughter under observation to ensure that the stressful birth had left no permanent negative effects. However on the morning of the third day of their stay the doctor informed them that they would both be free to leave that afternoon. Shortly after lunch time Jethro began to gather together the few belongings they had at the hospital, they had been told the doctor was on his way and that as soon as he had completed his final check-up they would be free to leave.

Just as the doctor was signing discharge papers for both Ziva and Naysa Tim knocked quietly on the door and stuck is head through the gap, "Not interrupting anything am I? Abby reminded me you were due to escape this afternoon and I figured you wouldn't have had chance to fetch a car seat…"

With that he stepped fully into the room brandishing the car seat they had brought earlier in the month. Jethro took it gratefully, "Thanks Tim, rescued it as they were taking everything from the house…"

Tim looked a little uncomfortable, "Not exactly…"

Ziva tilted her head slightly as she watched him, "Tim, what can have possibly got you this worried…"

"Well they're not removing anything from the house…"

Jethro paused in his mission to secure Naysa into the car seat and looked up, "I would have thought the Navy would be eager to sell it and get their money back now the operation is over…"

Tim nodded, "That's the thing; they have agreed to sell, to you…"

Ziva laughed, "Tim as much as I have grown to love that house we could never afford it."

Tim rubbed at the back of his neck, "Well turns out the Navy were quite eager to sell, and they wanted to offer you first refusal as it's been your home for so long. The price they were asking for was quite a lot lower than market value; they probably see it as some sort of compensation considering what happened to you Zee…"

"I still do not understand Tim; no-one has spoken to us. I am still not sure we could afford it."

"Um, well the thing is…" Tim rubbed at his neck, "The thing is I brought it for you…"

At once Jethro was shaking his head, "Tim we can't accept that, even if I sell the house I couldn't pay you back…"

Tim shook his head, "No! No no no, it's not a loan; me and Abby have brought the house for you. Call it a wedding present…" He grinned slightly, "Or your share of my latest book advance, after all I am quite sure it was Lisa and L. J. Tibbs's developing relationship that sold the plot to my publishers. So really I owe you…"

"But we'll be so far away from everyone…" Ziva looked torn between the idea of having the house where she had fallen in love and created her family as her permanent home and being away from the friends that still lived in the city.

"Well not everyone… The Navy seized the four houses owned by the group. They were brought with money illegally obtained from the service so they've decided it's their right to take them and sell them to gain some of the money back. So I brought one of them for Abby and I…"

Within seconds Ziva had crossed the room to him and flung her arms around him hugging him tightly, "You Timothy McGee are the best honorary brother I could ask for!" She kissed his cheek and hugged him again before turning to her husband who was smiling and the pair of them. "Are you okay with this Jethro; I know the house you shared with Shannon is important to you…"

He shrugged, "I've managed without it for a year, and it's still there… Besides I think it's time to look to the future don't you. I will always love Shannon and Kelly but I have a beautiful wife and daughter to focus on now. Anyway if you're serious about having a second child then we'll need more than one spare bedroom…"

She beamed and crossed back to her husband, gently kissing him, "I love you."

Tim smiled, "That's not all, I managed to convince them to throw in the cars…" He jangled two sets of keys in front of the couple, "The Charger is outside, I'll let you argue over who gets the BMW." He handed the keys to Ziva and gently kissed her cheek, "I have to get back to the office, if you need anything give me or Abs a call…"

"Thank you Tim." She watched as he left the room and turned back towards Jethro. Smiling, she quietly watched the two most important people in her life.

Jethro looked up at her as he finished strapping Naysa into her car seat. "Ready to go home love?"

She nodded her head and watched as Jethro picked up the holdall, containing the few bits and pieces friends had brought to the hospital, and hooked the long strap over his shoulder, before lifting the car seat from the bed. Sliding her arm around his waist she crossed the room with him and left the hospital to begin her life as a wife and mother. Mrs Ziva Gibbs.