Chapter 16: Heading to base

Breda heard the gun shots and sneaked around til he found Jean laying on the ground with a small pool of blood gathering below his shoulder and face. "Havoc?" He whispered as he looked around the area, there was a dead man laying by Jean, two dead men in-front of the tent and one looking at the men. It was an enemy soldier. Breda knelt down where he was and carefully aimed his rifle at the last man standing, then shot him in the head. When the body hit the ground Breda jumped to his feet and ran to Jean's side. "Havoc speak to me." He said as he turned him over.

Jean laied there on the ground not moving, the right side of his face was covered in blood along with the front of himself.

"Havoc?" Breda asked afraid that he was to late to help Jean. "D*** it Havoc get up!" He barked.


Jean was able to hear Breda's voice in the dark world he was trapped in. Everything was black, but he was able to see himself as tho a light were upon him. This place was warm and peaceful, he felt no pain and his memories of the battle field were slowly slipping away. The battle felt like it happened years ago and the wounds were healed over. "Breda?" He questioned as he looked around.

"Havoc speak to me."

"Breda?" Jean couldn't find were Breda's voice was coming from, but he knew it was close. "Where are you?" He asked.


Breda shook Jean's body and watched as Jean's eyes twitched a little bit. "Havoc?"

Jean still did not wake up or move an inch.

Breda sighed then pulled his canteen around himself and shook it to see if there was any water in side of it, and if there was enough.


Jean looked around himself then took off running, he didn't know where he was going, all he knew was he had to find Breda. "Breda!" He shouted. It was no use running, he wasn't getting anywhere and nothing was changing, but suddenly the ground beneath his feet turned to water and he quickly found himself under it. He tried to swim out of it but he couldn't find the surface.


Breda dumped the rest of the water on to Havoc's face and watched as he twitched some more before his eyes shot open and he let out a blood curdling cry. "Havoc!" Breda said with joy.

Havoc looked around himself and found himself back on the war field. "..." He couldn't think of anything to say.

"Hold on Havoc. Base isn't to far from here." Breda said as he helped Havoc to his feet. That's when Havoc could feel the pain burn in his right arm.

"W-What happened?" Havoc asked as he covered the wound with his left hand and felt the blood run through his figures. The last thing he could remember was the cold eyes starring down at him. Where did they go?

"You were shot." Breda said as he stepped forward and forced Havoc to follow him.

"What about Grant?" Havoc asked as he looked at the last spot he saw Grant. "Grant!?" He called out.

"Havoc we need to get you to base! I'll come back for him."

"No, he was shot!" Havoc stated as he remembered the site before he tried to fight Breda away so he could run over and see if Grant was there. "GRANT!!!!" That was the last thing he could recall before he blacked out.

Breda watched as Havoc's pupils went wide before his eyes closed. "S***! He's lost to much blood. Come on Havoc, you can't leave me like this!" Breda snapped before he started to drag Havoc towards the base. "Wake up!" He ordered. "Wake up d*** it!"


That night Riza sat on the foot of her bed with her arms wrapped around a pillow and was watching the news, they were talking about the war again. They reported that four of their forces were dead and twenty were wounded. She hugged her pillow a little tighter as the fear of Havoc being one of them. "How much longer until I see you?" She questioned.

She didn't even notice Max and Seth standing in her door way watching her. "Mommy sad." Seth said as he turned to face Max.

"Yeah..." Max turned and walked down to their room. "Is time for bed."

Seth looked back at his mother then looked back at him. "Hold on." He then ran over to Riza, wrapped his small arms around her. "Night mommy." He said before he took off running down to his room. Riza watched him run out then wiped a tear from her check. "Another night with out you. Your kids need you Jean." She grabbed the remot and turned the TV off. Hopefully Roy was still up, maybe he would have some more news to tell her. She stood up and look out her bedroom door and watched the boys door close before she walked down to the kitchen, grabbed her phone and called Roy.

The phone rang a couple times before Roy answered. "Col. Roy Mustang speaking." He said in a sleepy voice.

"Roy? It's Riza. Did you hear anything new about the war?"

"Riza? No, I didn't hear anything about the war. But in the morning Johnson is going to send me the KIA and MIA lists."


"Yeah, he joined not long after Faith was born."

"Oh." Riza bit her lip. "Would you be able to send a copy of those lists to me?"

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