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When Susan Pevensie woke up that morning, the lights had just turned on in the city. In the city of Ember it was pitch black all night because there were no moon nor stars. And in the day there was no sun. The city was lit up by flood lights and lampposts that were turned on during the day and turned off during the night. The People of Ember didn't even know what the sun, moon, and stars were. They had never seen them. Susan knew them, as well as several other things the people of Ember could never even begin to fathom. Peter, Edmund, and Lucy knew about them too. And it was all because of a magical place called Narnia.

It had all started some time last year when Peter and Edmund's dad and Susan and Lucy's Mum (They were a blended family) suddenly caught the coughing sickness-which had been going around-and died. It was decided that the children couldn't live on their own and that someone would have to take them in. Elderly Professor Kirke and his wife Polly were the only ones who offered. Susan didn't mind living with them. They had one of largest homes in Ember (Most of the homes were quite small) and although they were a little strange, they were very kind. Lucy especially liked them and was always saying, "They're not like anyone else in Ember. I don't know what makes them different, but it must be something good."

One day the four of them had been a little restless and bored in their new home having nothing much to do. Edmund was being rather nasty to Lucy which made both Susan and Peter short tempered because they were so fond of her. Peter thought his youngest stepsister was the most precious child to ever enter into the world and hated it when his brother was mean to her.

Lucy suggested playing hide and seek. Edmund retorted that it was a children's game. Peter made them all play anyway. Susan agreed to seek while the rest of them hid.

Unable to find a decent place to hide, Lucy scrambled around the house until she came to something mounted in the corner all covered up with a long dusty white sheet. Pulling it back, unwittingly shaking a layer of thick brown dust onto her head. she shook it off and moved the dirt out of her eyes so she could stare in wonder at the beautiful thing she had discovered. A large apple-wood wardrobe with the most peculiar carvings and a shinny looking glass on the door. She felt certain it would be locked but upon trying it found that it opened quite easily. Hearing foot steps, Lucy jumped in to hide.

She found a whole other world at the back of it. There were things called trees there. And the sky was bright blue instead of iron-black. And there was something called weather. And It was called Narnia. At first her siblings didn't believe her but in the end she managed to come back with them. They saved Narnia from an evil witch and Aslan the great Lion who had sung that world into existence crowned them kings and queens. Peter was the high king and the others had co-ruled under him. They forgot about Ember and their lives there, remembering them only as one remembers a dream. Then one day when they went out to hunt the white stag who could grant wishes, they chased him through a thicket and their memories of a city called Ember-where things were very different-began to return to them. As they realized they were pushing through old fur coats and not bushes they remembered their dead parents and the professor and his wife. And with a crash and a tumble they found themselves thrown out of Narnia and back into Ember in the professor's house.

The whole adventure seemed to have taken up no time at all so they wouldn't have had to tell anyone about Narnia. After all, who would believe them? But the did tell the professor because they felt they had to admit to losing four of his fur coats while they were there. After all, good clothing was getting scarce in Ember. People patched up old things all the time to make up for it and since everyone looked just as shabby as everyone else did, they almost forgot about how awful it really was.

The Professor and Polly didn't tell them not to tell lies and or send them to bed without supper as an ordinary grown up might have in that situation, rather, they listened and believed them. There was a reason for this. Polly and the professor (Who's name was Digory by the way) had been to Narnia themselves and that was what made them so different. The only thing was that they couldn't go back. Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy all tired knocking on the wardrobe but discovered that you can not look for Narnia, you can only find it. And you will only find it if you don't look.

"Does this mean I have to forget about it?" Lucy had asked Digory on the verge of tears one night. She would hate to never think about the beautiful stars and the trees again. Most of all, she missed Aslan the Lion. She wanted to see him again more than anything.

"No, of course not." Digory had assured her. "And I have no doubts that you will get back into Narnia some day."

"But it will only happen when I'm not looking for it?" Lucy said.

He smiled at her. "Yes," then he lowered his voice. "But all the same, it's best to keep your eyes open."

Now it was back to life in Ember just as it had been before they'd left and become kings and queens. Today was a very important day for Susan. It was her last day of school. In Ember, children graduated at twelve years old and were given jobs on the last day which was called, 'assignment day'.

Actually, Susan should have had her assignment day last year-she was thirteen now-but she had been held back. Although otherwise very old for her age, she had a hard time with her school work and despaired of ever fully understanding all of her lessons. If it hadn't been for Peter's willingness to tutor her, she might have been held back this year too.

"I mustn't be late." Susan muttered to herself as she yawned and climbed out of bed.

"Late for what?" Lucy who shared the room with her woke up and looked at her sister in confusion.

"Assignment day." Susan reminded her, putting on her warm wool skirt and trying to find her knee socks. They had two holes in them that needed to be mended but she didn't have time for that now. Yes, using them today would only make the holes bigger and give her more work but she decided it was worth it.

"What job do you think you'll get?" Lucy asked her.

"I don't know." Susan sighed pulling her sweater over her arms. It was a bit snug but it would have to do until she could find some extra fabric and take it out a little. "You know it's all pure chance. It's always been that way. Even back when the professor's father went to school there. You have to pick a paper out of a box and it tells you what to do for the next three years."

"I think it's a terribly stupid idea." Edmund snorted, entering the doorway of their room.

"Ed, don't you knock?" Susan hissed at him. "What if I wasn't fully dressed yet?"

Edmund rolled his eyes.

They may have been stepsiblings but they'd still known each other since they were very small, pretty much all their lives, and there wasn't anything they hadn't already seen. Of course Susan didn't see it that way. She didn't like them looking at her when she was at a 'blooming' age.

"And anyway," Susan said, pinning her long black hair out of her face with a small metal clip. "I can't wait to serve the city in whatever way they need."

"The mayor's a twit." Edmund growled.

"That's not a nice thing to say, Edmund." Susan scolded grabbing her school things up for the last time.

"What did you say now?" Peter came walking into the room.

"He called the mayor a twit." Lucy shrugged as she started changing out of her bed clothes. She was only seven and didn't care who saw what.

Peter shuddered. "I don't like him either. He gives me the creeps."

"You don't even know the mayor!" Susan snapped, getting rather fed up with them.

"I know he's a bad leader." Edmund pointed out.

"And I actually do know him." Peter reminded her. "Remember, I was reassigned to work in his office?"

"It's been two days!" Susan protested.

"Trust me, Su." Peter said firmly. "He doesn't care about Ember the way he pretends to."

Before rushing off to assignment day, Susan sat down to have breakfast with the others.

Meals in Ember were all from cans that had been packed into the storerooms at the beginning of time by people called 'the builders'. There were lots of kinds of foods that had been there years ago but had long been run out of. Polly always said she remembered something very tasty called chocolate pudding. But there hadn't been cans of that since she was in her late twenties. Their breakfast today was grits and black olives. Mostly olives.

"It's all I could find at the market last week." Polly told them gravely. "I think we're running low on supplies."

"What is the mayor doing about it?" Peter wanted to know.

"I haven't heard." Polly admitted.

"He's doing nothing at all." Edmund said sullenly. "He only cares about himself."

Susan didn't say anything, she just popped another olive into her mouth and kept quiet. She wasn't sure why she had defended the mayor earlier; she didn't like him much, little as she knew him. He was pot bellied and sort of condescending in the way he spoke to children. But she wasn't sure if he was to blame for them running out of food. After all it was bound to happen sometime. She wondered why the builders hadn't thought about that if they were so smart. She most certainly was not one of the believers who sang in the streets convinced that the builders would return and save them all. She thought that was pure hogwash. Whomever the builders were had to be long dead by now.

Suddenly the lights flickered and they were all sitting in darkness for five seconds until they came back on. Edmund and Peter exchanged worried glances. Lucy looked pale and stricken.

"Peter, what happens if the lights go out for ever and never come back?" Lucy asked sheepishly.

"That wont happen, Lucy." Susan cut in trying to sound cheerful. "Don't worry about it."

"Would we all die?" Lucy pressed.

"No, sweetie." Peter reached over and put his hand on her shoulder. "We wont, I promise. I wont let anything happen to any of us."

Susan smiled at him. Peter did have a way of being very reassuring and leader-like when he needed to be. That was what had made him such a great high king. All the same, she wondered how he could protect them. Much as she hated to admit it, here in Ember, Peter was just a regular fourteen year old boy.

"You'd better go now if you don't want to be late." The professor told Susan as Polly took away her empty breakfast plate.

"Goodbye, see you all later." Susan waved to them as she grabbed her school satchel and swung it over her right shoulder. How funny to think that this was the last time she would ever have to go to school. In a way, she was delighted but part of her felt as though she might miss it just a little.

When she arrived at the school, she took her seat at her desk. It was much too small for her and she had been uncomfortable all year. That was something she was definitely not going to miss.

To her right was a slender girl with light sandy-coloured hair. Her name was Lina Mayfleet. She and Susan were sort of friends. Not very close friends, but friends all the same. They got along well because they both liked to draw and both had little sisters. Lina's little sister was named Poppy and was much younger than Lucy.

Susan knew what job Lina was simply dying to get. She wanted to be a messenger. Messengers had to carry messages from one person to another for a small fee. They had to be quick on their feet and full of energy. Two things that Lina most certainly was.

"Where's the mayor?" Someone whispered.

"Shh, we can't talk, we'll get in trouble." Someone whispered back.

Lina started chewing nervously on the end of a ribbon bit she had in her pocket.

Lizzie, one of Lina's friends leaned over and whispered. "Don't do that, Lina. It makes you look so silly."

Lina nodded and took the ribbon out of her mouth.

Susan wasn't sure why, but she had never gotten along well with Lizzie. There wasn't anything wrong with her per say but she and Susan simply had something of a personality clash and didn't spend time together unless they had to.

Finally, the mayor walked in carrying a box in his hand. He glared at them, looking cross as though they were the ones who had failed to show up on time. He seemed to be even fatter than the last time Susan had seen him up close.

Peter's right, Susan thought to herself, he is sort of horrible.

"Today is assignment day." The mayor boomed.

"Mayor Cole?" One of the girls in the back raised her hand. "I have to go to the bathroom."

The mayor ignored her and went on making a long boring speech about the work in Ember and how it must all be done correctly and well. And how everyone should treat their assignment like gold...blah blah blah. Even Susan who was trying very hard to listen to what he was saying, found her mind wandering. She noticed Lina struggling to keep her feet from tapping on the floor under her desk.

Finally he said they could pick their assignment. He pointed to a boy with over-sized bangs in the back row. "You first."

He got up, shooting his friends a smug smile as he marched over and reached into the box. He reached in and wiggled his fingers around in it for a moment.

"Sometime today, please." Mayor Cole said through his teeth.

The boy pulled out a slip of paper.

"Very good, please read it aloud." The Mayor ordered.

"Okay, okay." The boy opened the paper and squinted at the writing on it. "Trash collector's helper."

"Very good, we need clean roads." The mayor said.

The boy suddenly pumped his fist in the air and shouted, "Yeah! We're gonna build this trash pile on rock and roll! Whoo!" He jumped up and down and did air guitar. Then he leapt into the air and came crashing down on the floor sliding on his knees and let out another, "Yeah!"

The whole class blinked at him in confusion. The whole back row gaped at him with their jaws dropped. Two of his friends clapped. Susan rolled her eyes. Lina looked like she was trying very hard not to laugh.

"Please take your seat." The mayor groaned, rubbing his forehead. "Next!"

After three more kids, including Lizzie, got their assignment, It was finally Susan's turn. She stood up, took a deep breath and reached into the box. She pulled out a slip of paper, unfolded it, and read it aloud. "Messenger." She looked over at Lina who's face fell.

Poor Lina, Susan thought feeling very guilty even though she hadn't picked it on purpose. But it wasn't completely hopeless. After all, there usually needed to be more than one new messenger every year or so. Odds were that there was at least one more messenger slip in the box.

Next Lina walked over to the box and took out her assignment slip. She looked at it and her eyes filled with tears.

Oh she got a bad one! Susan thought sadly even though she didn't know what it was.

No one did because Lina didn't read her's aloud. She just looked at it, getting more depressed looking every second.

"Read it please." The Mayor said rather unsympathetically.

"Pipes works laborer." Lina whispered so softly that only the front row heard her.

"Louder." The Mayor showed no mercy.

"Pipes works laborer." Lina said again a little louder.

"Good, take your seat." The mayor pointed back to her empty chair.

Next was a boy named Doon. Susan didn't know him very well. He used to be friends with Lina a couple years back and he had been friends with Peter when they were very little boys. She knew he had a bit of an over-serious view on life and that he liked bugs but that was about it.

He pulled out, "Messenger." He looked at it as though it was a pile of dog poop. "Ew." He muttered under his breath.

Lina let out a gasp of surprise. He was so lucky and he wasn't even happy about it.

Rather, he crumbled up the paper and kicked it to the other side of the room until the mayor yelled at him and told him to pick it up or he would be punished. Doon sullenly walked over and picked it up.

"Ember can not do well if you all act like this!" Mayor Cole told them severely.

"Ember's falling to bits!" Doon burst out angrily. "We aren't safe! Something's wrong with the lights and there's not enough food! It's not right to just go on pretending we aren't in danger. Doesn't anyone understand that we're going to die if nothing gets fixed?"

The mayor glared at him. "Sit down now!" He pointed to his chair.

Susan felt a shiver go up and down her spine but not from the Mayor's cold tone, from the fear that Doon might just be right. And if he was, what did that mean for her and her family?

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