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Bakuda looked around where they had arrived, Shadow and Tails were with him but they stood in a pure white void… Bakuda tilted his head to the side; "This is the next dimension? Don't look like much," he commented and Shadow nodded; "looks like we won't be doing much here," as he looked off into the distance, trying to spot anything… Tails walked up to Bakuda and plucked something off his back; "What's this?" he asked and Bakuda turned to look at it; "A note? Read it aloud Tails," he asked and Tails nodded and Shadow turned hi head towards them to listen in

Congratulations Bakuda, Tails and Shadow.

This is known as the 'Void of Passage'; it takes a long time to open up the gateway for newcomers…

A Year in fact, so you will be spending a year in the void of passage until you arrive.

You can visit different worlds either by being summoned by your friends, like Adam did, or dream like Aura did to visit you Bakuda.

When a year is up, you shall arrive in the next world, but everything you ask for, like a bed or food, will instantly be brought to you by the void.

If you walk off, you will return back together in a minute, this is the design of the void so you can't be separated.

The Universal Gods

Tails looked up; "So when we arrive in the next world, we will be one year older?" he asked and Bakuda shrugged; "Guess so…" he muttered and Shadow fumed; "Well I don't like it! And I don't believe we will be supplied like that! Like a bed is going to fall from the sky-"


Shadow was laying under a king sized bed… Bakuda snickered; "You were saying?" he taunted and Shadow crawled from beneath the bed; "You want a chaos spear to the head?!" he threatened but Bakuda fell to the floor in laughter and Tails joined him… Shadow sighed angrily; "You two are impossible," he muttered and lay down on the bed… Bakuda and Tails got up and asked for food which fell next to them in a wicker basket… Bakuda and Tails then lied down on the bed also and fell asleep with Shadow… (King sized beds are HUGE!!!)

Hello! Just I case you are wondering, I will not be writing a year full of 'Doing Nothing Interesting' or 'DNI', I will use this story when I get the urge to write stories of Bakuda, Shadow and Tails helping the worlds inhabitants in their dreams when they leave them…

An example is The Android Saga in DBZ and the Perfect Chaos saga in Sonic X. Bakuda, Tails and Shadow will help with those… when I get the chance to write them of course!

When the series has finished, Bakuda, Tails and Shadow will be 7 years older, therefore Tails and Bakuda will be Sixteen at the end! Shadow's age is unknown so he won't age much…

I also can do things with this story to other peoples requests, don't hesitate to PM me with an idea that you would like me to write.

Now! Onto writing 'Rise of the Saiyan God: Devil Within!' Taken place one year from this moment (in story)!

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