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Dakuba got up and spat a blob of blood onto the floor, he flexed his arms and brought them forward, he bent them back slightly and made his hands into fists and he lowered his legs, he was ready.

Bakuda did the same and became completely symmetrical to each other. The two looked into each others eyes with hatred for a brief second before charging forward.

Aura looked up; "Dakuba will destroy him." she thought just as Bakuda and Dakuba came within a foot of each other and vanished! Aura gasped; "What!?" she thought then looked up; Bakuda and Dakuba were exchanging blows. Bakuda hooked his left leg around Dakuba's neck and span around.

This caused Dakuba to fly to the ground but was blown off to the side as a yellow blast of energy hit him. Shadow grinned, he put his arms forward and fired a few more Chaos Spears but these were red; "Chaos Lance!" he cried, launching the upgraded beams of energy.

When the smoke cleared, Dakuba was standing on the ground with his left arm gripping his severely bleeding right arm; "You'll pay for this Shadow!!!" Dakuba yelled and his arm sprang to life.

Bakuda turned to the left and dodged a forward punch from the black fox; "Dawn! Why did you come here?!" Bakuda yelled.

Dawn shrugged then lowered in a fighter's stance while still in the air; "Sparring I guess, Let's go!" he said excited. Bakuda rolled his eyes but smiled that Dawn didn't mean any harm.

Dawn blasted forward and bursts of wind followed behind him as he charged to the blue Kitsune. Bakuda ducked just as Dawn's punch sailed toward him, he let himself fall to the left. Therefore allowing his right foot to be lifted and have more velocity, building up and hitting Dawn in the side, it went slowly into Dawn's flesh and already began to bruise.

Dawn grimaced at the pain then growled, he grabbed Bakuda's leg and pulled; forcing Bakuda toward him and causing Bakuda to drop his guard from the bizarre move.

Dawn smirked and punched Bakuda right in the jaw. Bakuda's face tilting back so you couldn't see his face but it lowered as Dawn drifted back, hoping that Bakuda wasn't to hurt to continue.

Bakuda had a small trickle of blood coming down his lip but he quickly wiped it off; "Alright Dawn, Show me what you've got!" he said going into a defensive stance. Dawn nodded eagerly and dropped into the same stance.

Dusk and Tails were vanishing and reappearing all over the place, Dusk and Tails were moving in perfect sync to each other and attacking the very limbs that they were using against their opponents!

Tails and Dusk landed on the ground after they had flipped backwards off of each other. They snarled and charged at each other again, flickering as if they were about to phase out of sight again.

Dusk and Tails brought their fists back and attacked at once, creating a massive shockwave as Tails and Dusk punched each other in the face at the same time. Tails and Dusk brought their hands back and continued their struggle, vanishing from sight again and reappearing high in the air, they were flying at high speeds as they dealt serious damage to their opponents.

Lily watched, she could only see the purple and yellow aura's as Tails and Dusk fought; "How?" she asked shocked.

Chaos stood up; "I knew it, Shadow was holding back." she murmured.

Shadow grinned at Dakuba, who was also smirking; "Can't you see your fighting a losing battle Shadow?" Dakuba said calmly. Shadow shrugged.

"It seems as though you are in control for the moment Pant how about Pant we step it up!" he yelled as he glowed gold. Bakuda grinned at Dawn also; he flashed gold and appeared in his Super Saiyan form. Tails yellow aura suddenly became slightly brighter and turned a vivid white/gold colour. The aura around Tails vanished as he reappeared on the ground.

Bakuda lowered to the ground and stood next to Tails, Shadow did the same as he flashed from a small burst of Chaos Control. Dusk and Dakuba joined Dawn as he too lowered to the ground.

Dakuba smirked as he became Super Saiyan; "Alright, we can play it your way." he said but noticed someone behind him, or three.

Aura, Chaos and Lily were standing behind the shadow's and were armed with their weapons. Dakuba spat; "Great. We can't take you all on at once, Okay then Bakuda, we will go and leave you to tend to your wounds. Next time, you won't be so lucky." He said vanishing from sight.

Dusk did the same but Dawn looked down; "Does this mean the spar is over?" he asked disappointed when Chaos loomed over him.

"No," she said with narrowed eyes and smacked him on the back of the head, knocking him unconscious. Bakuda's eyes widened as the three girls approached I'm and frowned; he vanished and reappeared in front of them before any more harm could come to Dawn.

"Girls, Dawn was looking for a spar here just like you three did. Dakuba and Dusk were the ones playing rough." He explained. Lily and Aura looked down in regret for almost attacking him but Chaos just sighed.

"Fine, have it your way. But as soon as he wakes up, I want to spar with him." She said. Bakuda smiled.

"I think Dawn would like that," he said appreciatively, Shadow was restraining Tails from attacking Dawn since he and Dawn would never get on.

Dawn got up and shook his head; "Ow!" he complained before turning around to face Chaos; "What was that for?!" he yelled.

Chaos sighed; "You want to spar or not?" she asked and for an answer, Dawn pulled her arm towards a secluded area to spar. Lily walked up to Tails and smiled.

"Thanks for saving me."she murmured, blushing.

Tails smiled also; "Your welcome," he said pulling out of Shadow's grip and put his hand on her shoulder and hugged her. Lily blushed further and returned it.

Bakuda smiled at the sight then turned to Aura, who was now standing in front of him; "Are you okay?" he asked the pink fox.

Aura nodded but frowned; "Why did you hold back? It was obvious that you did," she said irritated.

Bakuda sighed; "If I went all out, then I would have seriously hurt you, Like Dakuba did," He explained.

Aura sighed; "Dakuba caught me by surprise, Watch this!" she said suddenly full of flare and a large aura burst around her, she held her staff up and grinned; "I may not be good at physical fights," she said slowly then fired a beam of weird energy at Bakuda, who ducked barely; "But I am good with Magic!" she said happily.

Bakuda grinned; "Okay, I can deal with that!" he said dropping his Super Saiyan status and threw blasts at each other laughing the whole time.

Shadow looked at Dawn and Chaos fighting and shrugged, Dawn was fighting evenly with Chaos.

He looked at Tails and Lily but immediately turned away, feeling like he was intruding on the moment.

He finally looked at Aura and Bakuda and grinned; "Bakuda and Tails were right…"

"…They are only kids."

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