Chapter 1

Ted P.O.V.

I could not believe how much time has passed, it has been 8 years since the fallout of Brian and Justin's wedding. It feels like a lifetime ago. Blake and I were actually planning our wedding and I could not be more excited.

Michael and Ben were doing fantastic although Ben had a few scares with his health they are doing great. Hunter ended up engaged to a beautiful tolerant woman. She understood his past and she only wants him to have a better future.

Drew ended up going back to Emmett for he realized that no one else would love him for just being himself and not the quarterback for the Iron men. Lindsey and Melanie ended up moving back to the states for the cost of living in Canada was insane and they wanted the fathers to be closer to the children.

Carl and Debbie finally got married after it was finally legalized in the United States. All in all life seemed to be good for everyone; until you look at Brian.

Kinnetic was the number 1 agency on all of the east coast and Brian was traveling at least once a week to nail all sorts of campaigns, and well the money came rolling in. In Brian's world other than leaning towards tricking to blondes instead of brunettes, but if you have a tight ass and a big cock he will not discriminate, the world was the same.

Unlike the time after Justin's bashing, Brian has been pleasant he was not overly depressed and did not dose himself every night. Dare I say it Brian has been happy this whole time since Justin's been gone.

Since I do his accounts I know Brian kept Britin and has been spending enormous amounts of money to keep it maintained. I also know that Brian has kept Justin on his insurance always saying the same excuse when I asked him why, "You become an artist to become worshiped not for the benefits, besides he pays his share so why not. What the fuck is it to you?"

Justin has kept in close contact with the Liberty family calling at least a couple times a month to everyone; of course more to Debbie then anyone else. The only person we knew that Justin did not have any communication with was Brian. He always told us that if Brian wanted to talk to him then Brian would call not the other way around.

No one was shocked to find out that Justin was one of the most sought after artist, especially in Europe. Justin asked me to look after his finances for he did not trust anyone else with his money. I felt honored although the way he spent money was outrageous. In his craziest of months he would spend almost $200,000. He would buy everyone here extravagant gifts, things we wanted but would never buy for ourselves. It was just his way to let us know that he is thinking about us.

Justin was no where near financial ruins, his more recent work was selling anywhere from $30,000 to $50,000 a piece not including the money he and Michael were making from 'Rage'. Justin also had amazing amounts of money coming in from the galleries he owned all with the lush name of 'Deviated'. He owned 6 of them covering the tri-borough area.

What amazed me the most was he owned 50% of Kinnetic. Even more shocking was Brian owned 50% of all of Justin's galleries.

It is peculiar over the years of going into Brian's office to get yelled at for the most recent fuck up; I know I have seen the platinum ring he bought for his wedding hanging from around his neck. I chose not to ask Brian about the importance of it because well I valued my life more then that.

Of course Brian still tricked when he was in town but he always took them home never really into the back room like he used too. Grant it he would pick one up at 11:30 but before the night was over he would go through at least another 3 before 2am.

I have always wondered what would have happened if Justin never left but bringing up Justin to Brian was a very sensitive subject and unless you wanted death glares from Brian you avoided the subject like the plague.

The main difference I noticed about Brian in all these years, is if you walk into his office without knocking you more then likely get cussed out for about 20 minutes about respecting ones privacy and in certain situations Brian will throw something at you.

My last mistake was when I walked in to give him the Wick's furniture proposal, which was a 4 million profit for us and I had a $400 lamp chucked at my body and it actually struck me. I had a 5" bruise for 3 weeks. After the instance and ever since than there has been a strict knock before you enter policy.

My thoughts of the past were interrupted when a phone call for Brian came through about renewing the Dick's athletic contract. "Kinnetic's accounting Schmidt speaking."

A sultry voice came through the line and the only thing I could think his voice would be perfect for a 900 number; it is hard to get the porn king out of the accountant. "Yeah this is Don from Dick's sporting I just wanted to let you know that we will be going nationwide. We will rise the funding from a ½ million to 30 million. We hope that Mr. Kinney will be bringing us something fresh and exciting by the end of the month."

I could not believe my ears the commission from that one account would be over $300,000 and that would be quarterly. I had to leave the beautiful office that Brian made for me to go and tell him the wonderful news.

Kinnetic as a business was insane it put Vanguard in chapter 11 after only being open for 2 years. There were massive amounts of lowly workers every where and most of them have never even seen Brian. For the most part they know only me and Cynthia, unless you mess up then you get to meet the infamous Brian Kinney.

I was walking through the massive amounts of nobodies until I finally reach his office. I stop at Cynthia's inner office just to ask a question. "Is he in today? I have some great news and I want to tell him right away." Cynthia just gives me the 'no shit' look and I precede my path to walking into his office to tell him the great news.

When I walked into his office I had a paperweight aimed directly at my head but after 7 years my reflexes have been honed to his aim. I was actually shocked at what I saw, if I didn't know better I would have sworn that Brian had his hands down his pants and he was jacking off, but why would the reputable stud of liberty need to pleasure himself.

"Good shot Brian you just barely missed me."
The look Brian gave me was one I have never seen before it was a look that confirmed all my thoughts of him jacking off, I interrupted his orgasm. "What do want Theodore I was in the middle of something and so say what you need to and it better be important."

I could have sworn I heard a laugh coming from the speakers, one that sounded so familiar but I could not place it. Brian was quickly turning down the volume on his computer before he shot me another dirty look. "Well Theodore are you just going to stand there or do I have to throw something else at you?"

"Sorry Brian, I just wanted to tell you that Dick's is going nationwide and they are upping how much they are going to give us. You will be making $300,000 quarterly for your personal profits, just thought you would care."

"Well I don't now get the fuck and knock the next time I am tired of wasting nice things on your ass."

I turned around to leave but right before me hand was on the door knew I heard him say "Now where were we beautiful". Whomever he was whacking off to must be some kind of special. I figured if anyone knew anything about it Cynthia would have to be my source. She knows all of Brian's secrets even more then Michael knows.

"Hey Cynthia, I was wondering who is Brian talking to on the computer, because I know he would not be that pissed if he was taking to a client." She just laughed at me, she knew more than she would ever disclose to me considering she would have face the wrath of Brian.

"It is his 2 o'clock meeting with investors, he has one everyday. Haven't you noticed he is non-existent around this time?"

I had never thought about it before but she was right nobody bothers him from 2 to at least 3 if not later. I decided to go back to my office and crunch some numbers about what I heard and saw. Once in the safety of my four walls I could go back to my random thinking.

The only thing that bothered me was Brian owns Kinnetic out right; he has no investors other then Justin. Could Brian be jacking off to Justin, it couldn't be possible. Anytime anyone mentions Justin Brian just sort of shuts down and says nothing. Even more confusing anytime you talk to Justin he never mentions Brian nor does he ask about him. Could it be possible they have been in contact this whole time?

I found only one solution to the problem at hand; call Justin to see if I am interrupting him in any way. I quickly dial his number and it only rings twice before a stranger answers the phone. "Oops sorry I accidentally answered your phone."

"Give me the pone and go back to what you were doing." I can hear the delicious sounds sucking and slurping of a blow job. After what seemed like a minute I hear the guttural sounds of an orgasm.

"Can I call you I mean that was hot I mean that was hot and I loved being watched?"

"Listen guy, you can leave I have a phone call and I am done with you."

After another moment Justin finally speaks into the phone. "Hello"

"Hey Justin it is Ted I was just calling you about the tax information of that new employee of yours, Frank Fratelli."

"Ted you have horrible timing as always. What do you really want, Frank has been working for me for months now and there has been no issue yet so what is really going on."

He saw right through my lie but I had to think of something since I was right and I did interrupt him. "I was just wondering if you were coming to our ceremony, since you have yet to R.S.V.P. yet."

I could hear something that I heard just moment prior to leaving Brian's office, Justin's laugh. "Of course Ted, I will be coming why would I miss it? Nothing could stop me from joining you. I actually will be coming early to spend some time with everyone, so I will call you when I get into town."

"Oh yeah when will you be getting into town me and Blake will pick you up?"

"Ted you have enough on your plate right now, I have a limo coming and getting me and I still have not confirmed my flight yet so don't worry about a thing. When I get into town I will call everyone besides we still have ten days until the big event right?"

"Yeah it is, we are so excited, and we have been counting the days since he proposed. So do you plan on spending any time with Brian? I am sure he would be excited to see you Justin."

"Seeing Brian is on my sight seeing venture but I am mainly coming down to see you and the guys not him. If we happen to run into to each other so be it. Teddy I hate to let you go but I was painting before I ran out of Cyan and well then something came up. I have to go I will call you later alright."

Before I could say another word the call ended. So it would seem Brian has taught Justin well about tricking. The thought of Justin doing things like Brian sort of saddened me. Justin was always so sweet and he hated when Brian did it. Then again Justin loved their date night so maybe Sunshine isn't as innocent as we all like to believe.

Hell he did keep Brian coming back for more for over 5 years and that has to be a feet in its own aspect. The thought returns to my mind, are Justin and Brian still in contact with each other? Are they talking through the web to each other everyday. If they are where can I get that website?