And here it is, a MONTH later, the FINAL chapter of my first sequel. *Whew.* You know the drill by now, Mikey's gotta wake up.... Without further ado.... Enjoy.



The music began to fade. The ballroom turned slowly into an empty black void. Gradually, he felt a pair of eyes open.

Oh yeah, Mikhail remembered. They're mine.

Sitting up in his own pitch-black room, he decided this was just too good to wait until morning.


Down the hall, all was dark and quiet, as was usual for four in the morning. Dimitri lay with Anya next to him, and she'd substituted his chest for a pillow and his left arm for a blanket, as was usual for four in the morning. Both were as asleep as could be, again, usual for four in the morning.

But then the door burst open, and that was not usual for four in the morning at all.

"Mom! Dad! Mom! Dad!"

Never had two comatose people sat up faster.

Dimitri rubbed his eyes, straining to see the clock. "Mikey...?"

"It happened! I saw it! I had that dream! I told you!"

"Well, since we're all awake..." Anya crossed her legs and got comfortable. "Do you want to tell us about it?"

"No," Dimitri grumbled under his breath. Anya elbowed him in the ribs. "Ow!---uh, yeah, Mikey, what's up?"

Mikey bounded up onto the foot of the bed, and the two of them listened patiently to the whole story, from beginning to end. By the time the boy finished his enthusiastic narration, it was obvious he was fighting to stay awake.

Tasha appeared in the doorway, looking tired---she shared her mother's inability to sleep through nuclear war. "What's going on?"

All Mikhail managed to yelp was "I told you, Tasha!" before his whole face was hijacked by a giant yawn.

"I think somebody needs a little more sleep," Anya observed.

"I'll take him back," Tasha offered. "Vas-y, mon petit frère." Forgetting to protest, Mikey yawned again, slipped off the comforter, and joined his sister back down the hall, dragging the door shut behind them.

Dimitri lay back down. Anya followed, but not all the way. She stayed propped up on one elbow, absorbed in thought. "Do you think...do you think, maybe, there was a way to...for that to happen? Something we just didn't see? What if papa...." She let herself trail off. Dimitri just smiled a little, and held her, and she let herself do that too.

"Anya. You know your dad did everything he could," he assured.

"Yeah. I guess I know." They both lay back down just as they had been before their son had entered. "But it would have been nice..." She lost herself in the idea, and she smiled.

"But you know what?"


Gesturing to their modest house---by extension to their children, to them, to Vlad, to Marie and Sophie and the city of Paris---Dimitri knew she'd get it. "This isn't bad either."

As she followed him into sleep, she did get it, and she had to agree. No. It wasn't bad at all.

There was just one last question. "Hey, Dimitri?"


"Do you remember a bat?"



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