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It had been five days since Travis left for Hong Kong. No Man's Land didn't end up getting the mall tour, and Ray and Lily were on the brink. Everyone's perfect summer was during in to every other summer before it.

Lily, Ray, Robbie, and Parker sat in Lily's basement, watching Seinfeld reruns and eating ice-cream.

Earlier that day, Lily told Ray that it wasn't working, and that she'd rather have a friendship than nothing. Ray agreed. It was mildly awkward for a little bit, but not long. Ray and Lily's friendship could out live anything.

"Alright everyone out, I have to work tomorrow, so beat it" Lily said.

"But Lil, the show isn't over", wined Ray.

"Ugg, I'm going to bed, go home when you want to, but I better not wake up to three people on my couch with ice cream hangovers.", she said.

Lily went up to bed and fell asleep almost instantly.

She was woken to a sound she believed to be her alarm.

"There is no way it's 8 already", said complained.

She looked at the clock, it said 3:07 AM. It was her cell phone ringing/

"He-Hello?", she said.

" Oh gosh, did I wake you, I totally forgot about the time difference!", the person on the other line said.

"TRAVIS!!", she yelled, in a totally different voice then before, she sounded happy.

"Hey Lily, what's up?", he said, mellow as usual.

" What's up? Um, hello, you're the one in Asia! What's up with you?", she asked.

"That's why I called, actually, I'm coming down to Roscoe for a week, and I wanted to see you, but I don't want anyone else to know. With everything with Parker, and Ray never really forgave me, I really only want to see you", he said.

"um, okay, yeah sure, um when are you coming?"

" My plane lands in Roscoe airport at 6:45 PM, Friday", he said, matter-of-factly.

" Okay, can you meet me at the old RFR studio at 8ish, I still have the key and no one ever goes there anymore.?", she asked.

"Perfect", he said. This was perfect.

"Alright, bye Travis see you soon!", she said.

"Oh and Lily, I love you…", he added.

But it was too late she had already hung up the phone.

"Travis...I can't stop thinking about you", she said, perfectly aware she had already hung up the

He sat on his bed thinking.

"I wonder if she still sometimes thinks about us, ......when we were an us", he wondered. He looked at his room. The walls were all white, with the exception of the main wall, which had SMOG written on it in graffiti letters. His parents didn't quite understand, but he didn't care.

Then he started analyzing what she said. The old RFR building? Radio Free Roscoe really did die after Smog left the airwaves. He was so happy to be going back. To see her……

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