They fell asleep together. They fit like the legos Lily played with when she was seven. It was to prefect.

Travis was the first to wake up. First, he kissed her hair and then checked the time. He knew Lily had a shift at Mickey's at 11:00 am. The clock read 8:15, so he drifted back to sleep with Lily still in his arms. The next thing that happened was unfixable.

The doorbell rang and Lily's dad answered it.

"Hey Mr. Randall", he said.

"Hey Ray, Lily is still in bed, you should go wake her up anyway.", Mr. Randall said.

So Ray made his way up the stairs and opened Lily's bedroom door…

"Lily your dad sent me to wake y-- what the hell?!", Ray said.

"Ray! Oh hi. Umm God, bad time", Lily said groggily. Travis still fast asleep.

"When were you going to tell me, or Parks, or Robbie. What is your damage" Ray yelled, waking Travis.

"Babe, stop yelling go back to bed befor-- oh, um hi Ray", Travis said.

" 'oh, um hi Ray', screw you man" Ray said running out the door.

Then Lily's dad came up the stairs.

"Lils, what's the commo-- Travis Strong?. Well I didn't know were back. Will you be staying for breakfast", Lily's dad said completely oblivious to the fact that Travis actually sleep all night with Lily.

"I don't think so, it's actually late, I was going to drive Lily to work", Travis said.

"Oh crap it's 10:30, dad why didn't you wake me!", Lily screamed.

"I sent Raymond to do it, hey, why did he leave in such a hurry anyway?", he said.

"No reason, can't talk now, I gotta get going" Lily said.

"Okay, you don't need a ride then?", her dad asked.

"No!", both Lily and Travis said in unison.

Lily was definitely going to be late for work. She made out with Travis for about an hour in the bathroom, and then took a shower with him…underwear on.

When Lily got to work everyone was staring at her like her shirt was inside out or something. She double checked it. Nope. Weird she thought. But there was nothing weird about it. Ray had told everyone, including Parker about how Travis was back and having sex with Lily Randall. But that wasn't true. The closest thing to sex they did was shower together, not even fully undressed. Then Parker walked through the door, puffy-eyed. As if she had been crying for at least an hour.

"Hey Parks, what's up?", Lily asked.

"Shut your face, hoe bag", Parker replied and then walked away.

"okay…", Lily said to herself.

She got a lot of that in work that day. Then, at 5:00 pm, Travis came to pick her up. She pecks his mouth once that were in the car, and then started crying.

"Bad day?", Travis asked.

"Yeah, people are so mean to m-- hey what happened to your eye?", she got out between sobs.

"River, er, punched we with no warning and then ran away". he said.

Then Lily was quiet for a few minutes before she yelled.