New Beginnings Chapter 26: Meeting The Council

"Bella, Edward, Elizabeth whilst you were away the rest of the wolves and the elders of the quilette tribe requested a meeting with us, I suggested that we wait until your return and they agreed" said Carlisle.

"I think a meeting is a good idea" said Bella.

"I agree" said Edward.

"I'll go and give them a call and arrange the meeting" said Carlisle leaving the room.

"More wolfies?" asked Elizabeth.

"Yes honey" replied Bella.

"Yay" said Elizabeth. Carlisle came back into the room

"The meeting is arranged for tomorrow" said Carlisle.

The Next Day…

"Is everyone ready?" asked Carlisle.

"Yes" replied everyone.

"It's time" said Carlisle. Edward, Bella and Elizabeth got in Bella's Rapide, Alice and Jasper got in Jasper's DBS, Rosalie, Emmett and Lillian got in Emmett's H2, Carlisle and Esme got in Carlisle's Mercedes and Angela got in her RS6 and they all set off for the reservation.

5 minutes later they arrived at the reservation where everyone had assembled to meet them, the Cullens got out of their cars

"Welcome, I'm Billy Black one of the elders, a council member and Jacob's father" said Billy.

"A pleasure to meet you, I'm Carlisle Cullen and this is my wife Esme, our family, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, Emmett, their daughter Lillian, Bella I believe you know, her husband Edward and their daughter Elizabeth and Angela I believe you already know" said Carlisle.

"This is Paul, one of the wolves" said Billy.

"It's nice to meet you Paul" said Carlisle.

"Who car…" Paul stopped mid sentence when he saw Elizabeth. Suddenly, Edward flew at Paul

"YOU IMPRINTED ON MY DAUGHTER!" yelled Edward holding Paul by the throat.

"EDWARD, CALM DOWN!" shouted Bella trying to pull Edward off Paul. Jasper sent lots of calming waves to Edward who eventually calmed down

"Please allow me to introduce Quill and his imprint Clare, Clare is only 3 years old, until she comes of age Quill will be anything Clare needs him to be, best friend, protector, brother, so as you can see imprinting is beneficial to both the imprinter and the imprint themselves" said Billy.

"I'm sorry Paul, I would like to introduce you to my daughter Elizabeth, Elizabeth this is Paul, he is another wolf" said Edward.

"Hello Paul" said Elizabeth reaching her arms out for Paul to pick her up.

"Hi Elizabeth" said Paul as he picked her up.

"Now in light of recent events, I recommend the treaty be amended to allow everyone on each other's territory and visit's when they want with a phone call first so that there are no incidents" said Carlisle.

"That is acceptable" said Billy. The other council and pack members also agreed. The Cullens prepared to head home

"Elizabeth, sweetheart it's time to go home" said Bella.

"Could Paulie take me home as a wolf with me on his back please mommy?" asked Elizabeth.

"It's ok with me if it's ok with your dad" replied Bella.

"Ok, but Paul be very careful with her, I'm trusting you, if she gets hurt I will hold you responsible" warned Edward.

"Thank you, I promise there won't be a mark on her you have my word" said Paul.

"Thank you Daddy" said Elizabeth.

"Your welcome, meet you back at home sweetie" said Edward. Paul phased and Bella put Elizabeth on his back and off they went in the direction of the Cullen residence.