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Chapter Twelve

Shawn's recovery took a bit longer than expected. He spent an extra two days in the hospital due to the slight trauma the muscles in his shoulder received when the doctors reset his dislocated shoulder. Carlton had not been pleased when he found out the doctors had done more damage than they had managed to fix.

"You bastards are supposed to heal him! Not cause him even more pain," the former detective yelled.

"His shoulder was badly injured during his ordeal. We waited as long as we could to reset his shoulder. If we waited any longer, Mr. Spencer's shoulder would never have healed properly."

"Still... He's in more pain now then bef – "

"Carlton," Shawn called soothingly. Carlton looked over at his lover and Shawn beckoned him over while he spoke. "Come here and leave the doc alone. I'm fine, just sore. Now, come here."

Carlton moved and sat by Shawn on the hospital bed. While he wasn't looking, the psychic gestured with his uninjured hand for the doctor to leave. While he still could. The doctor made his escape and Shawn went about distracting Carlton with a few heated kisses.


Carlton ended up spending most of his time at the hospital while Shawn recovered. He only really left when he had to go home to shower and change. He did end up going down to the station on day three of Shawn's hospital stay to fill out a statement and explain what had happened in the warehouse.

"Detec – Mr. Lassiter, a word?" Chief Vick called out to Carlton the moment he stepped foot out of the conference room.

He shrugged his shoulders and followed her into her office. "What can I do for you, Chief Vick?" Carlton asked politely.

She sat at her desk and stared at him for a moment before speaking. "I want you to withdraw your resignation."

"Excuse me?" Carlton asked, completely flabbergasted.

"I'm willing to overlook your blatant disregard of my orders and fudge all documents relating to this case so that this unpleasantness never happens again. If you come back that is."

"What? Why?"

"Well... because the force, as well as the people of Santa Barbara, need you," Vick said seriously. "And... All the other detectives are crap compared to you."

Carlton chuckled at that and thought it over for a moment. "Fine. I'll withdraw my resignation. But..."


"You should know... I can't promise not to react like the way I did in the future if Shawn is somehow involved in a dangerous situation like that again."

"Why did you react the way you did, Carlton?"

"Shawn and I... We're involved – romantically and I'm going to be putting him before my job if the situation ever calls for it again," Carlton said, chin held high in pride and determination.

A moment of silence passed before Vick could bring herself to reply. "I... Well, I can't say that I'm not surprised. I would have never thought that you two were..."

"We are and Shawn means more to me than this job, so if that's going to be a problem..."

"Not at all. Just keep it away from the station for both your sakes. Not everyone will be as accepting."

"We're aware."

"Good. See you in a week, Detective," Vick said. She saw Carlton's confused expression. "Spend some time with Shawn. He'll need you."

"Thank you, Chief," Carlton said sincerely before heading out of the SBPD, happy to have his job back.


It was the day before Shawn was going to be released from the hospital that Henry showed up. He was not pleased to be the last one to know about what had happened and Carlton had winced mentally since he had forgotten to tell the older Spencer.

"Shawn Spencer! What did you do this time?" Henry roared as he burst into his son's hospital room.

"Nice to see you too dad," Shawn replied sarcastically. "And, hey, where are my 'Get well soon' flowers?"

Carlton could sense the upcoming duel between older and younger Spencer and tried to excuse himself from the room before it began and also before either man could spot his escape attempt. He didn't make it far before being tugged back into his chair by Shawn. Unfortunately, Henry saw that and immediately rounded on the – now reinstated – detective.

"Lassiter? What the hell are you doing here?"

"Uh... um..."

"He's the one that saved my life, dad. I want him here," Shawn answered for his speechless lover.

"Right... I heard from Gus about what happened. From Gus, Shawn! Why did I have to find out from Gus, Shawn?"

"That's my fault, Henry," Carlton spoke up.

"How so, Lassiter?" Henry practically growled.

"The chief asked me to call you the night Shawn went missing and with everything that was going on, it slipped my mind."

"Slipped your mind, huh? It slipped your fucking mind that my son was taken hostage by the Butter Knife Butcher because he wanted revenge against you!"

Carlton diverted his gaze to anyone or anything that wasn't Henry. They settled on Shawn and he could see the anger at what his father had said smouldering in his hazel eyes.

"Shawn..." Carlton said in warning. There wasn't any reason for Henry to know about them. Sure, practically everyone else did but they had figured it out on their own – except O'Hara and Chief Vick though.

Henry looked between Carlton and Shawn confused as to why Carlton had such a don't-you-dare tone to his voice. "What are you keeping quiet about, Shawn?"

"It's nothing, Henry," Carlton supplied politely.

"I wasn't asking you, Lassiter. You're lucky that I'm not going to inform Karen about you incompetence regarding how you handled this case!"

Carlton saw Shawn snap and it wasn't pretty.

"Leave Carlton alone! Damn it, dad. The man saved my life and you berate him over not waiting three minutes that could have meant my life to call you. If he had called, you probably would have said, "Oh, he just took off again or something," right?

"You would have bitched him out for not waiting forty-eight hours before beginning the search!" Shawn paused and took a deep breath and flinched at the pain taking a deep breath in had caused him. "Hell, look at what that sick prick did to me in just over twenty-four hours. Wonder if I'd still be alive if Carlton had waited the standard forty-eight."

Henry was taken aback. He couldn't understand why Shawn was so angry. "Why are you defending Lassiter? Last time I checked, you couldn't stand him."

"I can stand, Carlton Hell, I love him, dad!"

Silence filled the hospital room. Shawn was panting, all the yelling taking a toll on his damaged torso. Henry was wide eyed and opened mouthed in shock. And Carlton was just trying not to let his fear at what Henry would do to him show.

It took a moment but Henry's brain finally restarted. He stormed out of the room and slammed the door behind him. Carlton would have been worried if Shawn didn't look so smug.


"Don't worry. He'll get over it. He accepted a long time ago that I swing both ways. So, give him sometime and he'll get used to the idea of us being together."

"We'll see... Though, I highly doubt it."


Today though was the day Shawn was finally coming home. Well going to Carlton's apartment but the detective planned to ask the psychic to move in with him. He wanted to wake up next to Shawn every morning and know that he was coming home to Carlton every night.

"Here we are," Carlton said as they pulled into his parking spot.

"Excellent driving as always, Jeeves," Shawn teased.

Carlton took it in stride as he locked up the Crown Vic. They walked in together and after kicking off their shoes and coats, Carlton and Shawn settled themselves next to each other on the couch.

"God, it's good to be out of the hospital," Shawn exclaimed happily.

"Yeah, that's for sure."

"You know... I thought I'd never see your place again," Shawn whispered softly.

Carlton pulled Shawn close, mindful of his injuries and whispered, "You doubted that I'd find you?"

Shawn looked up at Carlton with wide, disbelieving eyes. "No, no, I never thought that! I just...I thought... that by the time you found me... It'd be too late to get me to the hospital."

"Oh, Shawn," Carlton murmured into Shawn's hair. "I... I didn't... I thought I wasn't going to be able to find you."

"I never thought that," Shawn repeated.

"I know but I did. We had no leads. I didn't know where to look until Walker called me. Isn't that pathetic? I couldn't find my own lover."

"But you did. You found me and now we're both together and safe."

"Y-yeah we are."

Carlton held Shawn close and stroked the younger man's hair and back in soothing circles. He pulled Shawn back slightly and leaned forward, brushing a feather light kisses all over Shawn's face.

Shawn moaned softly. "God... I thought I'd never be able to be with you like this again. I need this, you, Carlton."

Carlton cupped Shawn's face and looked deeply into Shawn's hazel eyes. He still couldn't believe that he had almost lost this handsome, spirited, reckless, loving, annoying man His heart throbbed painfully at the thought of having lost this.

It must have been noticeable in his expression, what he was thinking about, because Shawn returned Carlton's gesture and cupped his face. "Hey..." Shawn's voice was soft. "I'm right here. I'm not going anywhere. Not now, not ever." There was a promise there and one that Shawn would never break.

Carlton couldn't find anything to say in response, so instead he pulled Shawn to him and held him in a fierce embrace. He felt Shawn's arms wind around him and the psychic his face into the crook of Carlton's neck. Both felt raw and exposed by the events of Shawn's abduction.

Carlton held his lover tighter and was determined to never allow anything to try and take Shawn away from him again. His lips brushed Shawn's ear, his voice rough with emotion when he spoke. "Move in with me Shawn."

The younger man didn't even hesitate. "Yes."

Carlton captured Shawn's lips then. A soft, gentle glide of lips upon lips. Caressing and showing their lover for one another.

Their kissing eventually evolved from gentle and exploring to harsh and demanding. Eventually they moved their heated activities to Carlton's - no their bedroom. Each surrendered himself to the other and showed their deep, earth shaking, and heartfelt love for the other in as many ways as they possibly could.

Later, sated and curled around one another, they succumbed to sleep. Both of them finally getting their first restful and dreamless sleep in over a week. They were finally safe, each wrapped securely in the other's arms. Nothing was ever going to separate them now that they finally home. They had made it through the dark and now could bask in the dawn, together.


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