Author's Note: I do not claim ownership of the Starman idea, or main story. I only claim ownership of the idea of this story, and Traci. I borrowed one scene out of the original Starman movie, and one scene from the Starscape episode of the TV show.

A New Life

When Traci woke, she didn't know where she was. She thought back to the night before. She clearly remembered curling up in a large cardboard box in the alley on Sixth Street, pillowing her black haired head on her arms. The night was warm, so she had quickly fallen into a blissfully dreamless sleep.

She now found herself lying in a hospital bed in a hospital style room. She knew she wasn't in any hospital, though, for her hands were handcuffed to the rails of the bed. She pulled against the cuffs, hoping they might be lose, but couldn't free herself.

She wasn't afraid, not yet. Little could be worse than her life up to this point. She had been living on the streets for two years, taking odd jobs just to get money for food and the occasional night or two in some cheap hotel. She hadn't stooped so low as to sell her body or to dope herself up to forget. She wanted to stay healthy, and remember it all, so that once she had gotten herself out of this situation, she could better appreciate the little things, like showers and beds.

Looking around the room, she took in the few features. The door, a few feet from the end of the bed, was closed. To the left of the bed were several large and medium sized pieces of medical equipment. There were a couple of chairs, but no other furniture. There were no windows, but what she guessed was a one way mirror took up half of the wall to her right. She could sense someone watching her. She stared at the mirror, her sapphire eyes unblinking.