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Groaning Gaara tried to open his eyes only to quickly shut them closed when a bright light assaulted the fragile organs. Blinking warily this time the Kazekage adjusted to the bright light and moved to sit up on his knees.

That was odd.

Why was he outside?...

And on top of the ground?

Looking around the ex-jinchurriki took in his surroundings, staring at the rubble of the buildings, close by the main building where the Kazekage and all of the other 'important' people resided…was ablaze. Black smoke filtering into the sky as the cement burned and pieces of the large structure crumbling and falling off. Many of the other buildings were like that as well.

Especially the houses. The houses were destroyed, large, gaping holes breaking the walls as the support beams collapsed, quickly followed by the rest of the apartments and the fire blazed ever higher. The light from the full moon was casting an ethereal gaze down on the destruction and utter chaos and Gaara couldn't help but recognize the beauty of it all.

Looking across the floor he noted with the passivity of a newborn babe how the slick redness covered the sand. The normal brownish orangy color the sediment usually gave off was now a peculiar dark red. As far as he could see too. There was hardly any areas that were cleared of the red substance and a strange giggle popped up and out of him in a frightening, childish fashion.

It was an ocean of blood.

That thought was answered by more gleefully innocent giggles.

Looking down the teenager continued his giggles and a truly amused gleam showed in his eye as he noticed the crimson life source covering him as he sat, plopped down in the wonderful ocean.

Taking his hand he threw it down into the darkness of the red that was almost black, laughing joyfully as the red ocean splashed from the impact.

It smelled nice here.

Like blood and death.

Wiggling around in a way that resembled a squirming, excited baby Gaara thought, what a nice smell.

The ocean was so pretty as it glistened around him; due to the bright light of the moon and her glorious, silvery rays.

Bright green eyes glanced around again, a large grin plastered on his face as he took in the destruction.

And something pale and shiny caught his eye.

Getting onto his hands and knees Gaara crawled towards the object and gasped at the sight.

There was a body…a lot of bodies.

The humans were holding onto shiny weapons that glistened with blood, some of their eyes were opened showing betrayal and fear, some were closed. Some were dismembered and disemboweled, their missing body parts strewn about the area. Quite a few of the bodies had gaping wounds in them and there were hundreds of them!

Some were even ninja!

…Even children!

Gaara blinked and looked around, shocked and awed by the number of casualties.

Whoever did this had to have been really, really strong.

But…what happened?

And why was he still alive when all the others weren't?

A sharp pain in the boys head made him wince but it was gone as soon as it appeared, leaving the teenager to his own devices and curiosity.

There was a small whimper of pain coming from one of the bodies and Gaara cocked his head. Sniffing curiously Gaara could smell nothing but blood and death and fire but he approached the slight movement slowly.

Moving on hands and feet his figure resembled both a wary spider and an equally cautious feline as he cautiously approached, eyes staring intently on the figure who was still breathing.

The man yelped and gave a sudden jerk as he tried to get up only to scream in pain as his legs gave out and he fell back and Gaara jumped back like a frightened kitten. His back was held slightly higher as he tried to make himself appear bigger to the threat, his hair bristling. The teen blinked when he heard the soft growling sounds coming out of his throat.

He held still.

And the man ceased his movements, either dead or suddenly aware of the other creature covered in his comrades' blood.

Relaxing a little Gaara continued his trek, barely making a noise as he walked through the ocean of life and crawled gracefully over the mounds of bodies, not bothered in the least when his palm and fingers came in contact with a squishy, gooey brain.

The man still wasn't moving.

And soon Gaara reached the man's side, eyes wide in curiosity and body wary Gaara inspected the corpse.

The figures leg was broken and his left arm torn off, leaving a gaping wound that made the giggling come about again. The Suna hitai-ate was slick with blood and covered in horrible cracks on his forehead and the former Monster of the Sand sighed in relief when the carcass didn't move, his eyes closed.

All was as it should be.

Gaara giggled and grinned, shockingly white teeth smeared with blood gleaming from his mouth in such a way a mother wolf somewhere was made proud.

Suddenly the man's chest rose and blue eyes sprang open and Gaara gave a high pitched, animalistic shriek, jumping back in shock as his tranquility was so rudely shattered.

The corpse was not a corpse! The corpse was not a corpse!

A sound very similar to that of a cat's growling came out of Gaara's throat as he bared his teeth, crimson hair bristling and the man turned his neck to look at him.

"How? H-how co-uld you? You-You're Kaz-Kazeka-ack-ge."

Kill him.

Gaara blinked. Where did that voice come from…?

The ninja was gasping as he struggled for life, asking him questions and demanding answeres.

Destroy him.

And than…than the man started accusing him, calling him things with such a powerful glare full of loathing and disgust that Gaara shivered and pain breached his skull. He remembered the children, the adults, his father, his mother…

He's destroying you! Kill him!

Shoulders bunching up Gaara snarled as the man continued his broken rampage and Gaara realized that his world was crumbling because of him.

And he remembered the other.



The next second Gaara's mental capabilities shut down while his physical body continued to work.

The man gave a straggled scream as Gaara coiled his muscles and then pounced upon him, shoving his teeth into the man's strangled throat, ripping straight into the jugular vein as his hands cut open the ninja's chest with a stray kunai than pulled his ribs wide open.

The man continued his screams as blood pumped freely and quickly, the shrieks of agony at the purest form failing as Gaara roughly threw his hand into the gaping cavity, plunged through the lungs and grasped the heart.

He pulled, and the thin veins and capillaries attached to the significant organ snapped like wet strands of spaghetti.

The blackness dissipated and Gaara came to with a dead heart held in his hand with his mouth wrapped around the enemy's throat.

Dropping the organ and pulling his mouth away Gaara smiled and scratched the back of his head, chuckling.

Ha! It was him! He killed them all.


Oh well. All was as it should be once more.

But then he froze.

There was another figure standing in front of him. A black cape with red clouds billowed in the wind and Gaara couldn't help the grin from brightening his face when he saw the red eyes staring proudly into his own. A small grin was even on the pale man's face as the wind made the man's long black hair flutter around him in a glorious display.

Running towards the male Gaara purred when he reached him, sitting on his haunches and looking up with big green eyes and a hopeful, loving smile.

The red eyes glanced around, noting the destruction and corpses before looking back into the expectant green gaze.

The man placed a hand on the boy's head and Gaara's purring grew louder as the long fingers ghosted through the crimson strands.

"Excellent job my pet. Now let us go home."

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