Chocolate Kiss

by Sayo

Disclaimer: Kyou Kara Maou! is not mine, but this story is.


It was a cold dark night with the snow falling outside, framing the windows with frozen blooms of white. Wolfram surveyed each of the pretty snowflakes that hit the window panes and marveled at their beauty. Ephemeral was the word that came to mind as he took in the sight of them instantly melting into water droplets upon the relatively warmer glass, only to become frost that sealed the casement even tighter. The blond princeling blew upon the glass to fog it up, then wrote Yuuri's name in Japanese and his in Mazoku-go. He smiled a little bit as he noticed that the writings didn't fade as fast as he'd thought they would.

"Wolf?" A familiar voice called out.

The former prince immediately wiped off every trace of his daydreaming and put on a stern countenance. "What do you want, wimp?"

Yuuri pouted at the blond and gave him one of the two steaming mugs he was holding. In the mugs was cocoa. The soukoku knew Wolfram's sweet tooth would appreciate it.

"Thanks," Wolfram mumbled.

"What were you doing just now?" the Asian boy asked.


Yuuri sighed and just looked up at the sky as best he could from behind the window. "Gunter's been teaching me a lot of things. I could make it stop snowing. Would you like that?"


"You know, I saw a scene like this one on TV," Yuuri said, after which he hurriedly backpedaled, realizing that Wolfram couldn't know what a TV is. He hurried to explain. "Er, a TV is like –"

"I know what a TV is -- Conrart explained it to me. So stop babbling. It makes you look even more wimpy than we can try to cover up for and THAT is already a feat in itself, you wimpy wimp,"

The boy king just took it in stride. "I suppose. I'm sorry," he said before he looked up at the sky again. "Well, I need to get back to work now. I'll see you at bedtime then."

"… Yeah. See you later."

Yuuri finished his cup, ran his palm across the warm surface of it, and gave Wolfram a meaningful look. "This was nice," he remarked.

Wolfram answered him with a genuine smile. "Yes, it was. Thank you, Yuuri."

The double-black teenager shook his head. "Believe it or not, at this moment, I don't think I'd have wanted to see anyone else. We'll do this again soon, right?"

The blond looked away wistfully. "Sure. Let me bring tea next time, and our – Greta's cookies… they're great with tea."

Yuuri seemed to brighten up at this. "That'll be great. It's cold outside, and it's nice to have something warm together."

"Of course." Wolfram bit his lip. "Leave your mug with me. I'll bring it to the kitchens when I get Greta her snack food."

The next moment saw the young Japanese man's interest piqued. "What do you usually get for Greta to eat? Not all sweets, I hope?"

Wolfram looked deeply offended. "Of course not! I give her little open-faced sandwiches and milk. Do you have any idea how energetic your daughter is and how hungry she gets after she gets done studying with Annisina and playing with the kids in Castletown?"

Yuuri just smiled at Wolfram and put his mug down by the window pane. Then he gently unwrapped Wolfram's mug from his grasp and put it next to his own. After that, he pulled a startled Wolfram into his arms and kissed him hard until both of them were breathless.

Confused emerald eyes asked jet-black ones what the chocolate-flavored embrace was for.

"She's your daughter too because you sir, are engaged to me. And while she's safe teaching Gwendal his animals—"

A giggle from Wolfram.

Yuuri chuckled and continued, "I don't suppose you'd be opposed to us making like real parents and… warming up?"

Wolfram's cheeks took on the color of tomatoes ready for plucking as Yuuri eyed him like he was some sort of juicy fruit. A moment later, Wolfram was able to sort himself out enough to say "No, not at all."