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There was only one person I ever loved and he was taken away from me. He was taken from me 90 years ago when I was turned. I became a vampire in 2008 by a vampire named Chris. I don't remember much about my transformation or human life before that but Chris told me there was a car accident and if he wouldn't have changed me I would have died. When Chris had told me this I remembered something—the one thing I want to forget but can't. I remember the man I was in love with and I remember his reddish brown hair and dazzling emerald green eyes. I remember his crooked smile and the deep entrancing love I felt for him. I remember every moment I spend with him and I realized he was in the car with me the night of the accident.


"What about Ed—the boy in the car with me?" I asked Chris. "Is he—was he—dead?"

"When I got to you, there was no one in the car other than you," Chris replied. "Bella, who was in the car with you?"

"No one," I quickly replied, not letting the sadness show through my emotionless façade.

End Flashback

Now 90 years later, I still wonder what happened to the love of my human existence. I know that by know he would be gone to heaven (there is no doubt that's where he went. He was my own personal heaven) by now but did he die in the accident? Just the thought of that broke my stilled heart even more. I needed to know what happened to him.

This is what brought me back to the place I haven't been to in 90 years. I'm here in Forks, Washington with my "family" trying to solve the mystery that has been haunting me for 90 years. I needed to find out more that happened that night. Maybe this will allow me for some closure so I can finally begin to live without the love of my life, the love of my existence: Edward Mason.


It has been 90 years yet I still can't forget the one I have lost. I lost my only love to become a monster trapped here for eternity. I am a vampire. There was the horrible crash so many years ago that I cannot forget. It was the night I was turned, left to live with the love of my life as only a memory. She is the one thing I can remember from my human life in vivid detail. The rest of it is just vague fuzzy memories. When I was turned by Nicholas after that fatal crash he said that the one next to me—her—he said she was too far gone. I was devastated to hear this but for some reason deep down, I had a feeling that she didn't actually die in that crash. So that is why I'm back here now, in Forks, Washington, with my family, the place I haven't been since that day so long ago. I need to find out what happened to her. What her life was like. If she really did—die. I need to find out what happened to my love, my angel: Bella Swan.


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