I stood outside of the tall, new, expensive office building looking up at it with dread.

I really did not want to see Jasper, who knows how he would react when he saw me?

I sighed and walked slowly step by step up to the building and silently prayed that I wouldn't see him as I walked through the swinging doors.

I looked around conspicuously and watched the people looking for anything suspicious.

"Hey, Bella! How's it going?" asked the building's old security guard breaking me of my paranoid thoughts.

He had been a good friend of mine ever since I had worked at the office. He was really kind and caring to the employees. I hurriedly ran over to his desk and placed my hand over his mouth.

"Shhhhh. As of today my name is not Bella." I told him frantically and looked around for any signs of Jasper.

He gave me a strange look but nodded as I smiled in relief and ran to the elevator. I got there in record time and pressed the up button repeatedly and groaned in annoyance as it took forever to open.

"Come on. It shouldn't take this long to open up." I crossed my arms and waited for the doors to open.

The ding resounded making me grin until I saw him.

Jasper, fuck.

My smile immediately stilled and my eyes widened as I took in Jasper's appearance. He wore a tight white see through shirt and had skinny jeans on that showed off his toned legs. He also wore a purple scarf around his neck that looked like it belonged to my grandmother.

Surprisingly he seemed refreshed and excited when he saw me. "Oh lordy, Bella is that you?" he asked me excitement ringing in his words.

I looked away and deepened my voice, "Bella? Who is this Bella you speak of?"

I could hear his laugh and feel my arm being pulled into the elevator by his cold touch.

"Oh, you've always been such the jokester." He pulled me into an unexpected hug and kissed my forehead while I cringed away.

He really needs to back off. See why I didn't want to run into him?

I forced a fake unconvincing smile and backed away into the corner and looked away longingly at the closing doors.

"So how was your weekend?" he asked as he looked into my eyes intently. I cleared my throat and watched the numbers at the top of the elevator change slowly. 1….2…..3.

"Fine." I said stiffly and thumped my foot impatiently.

"Anything interesting happen?" he came closer to me backing me up into the wall until we were only inches apart.

I finally looked up at him and glared, "It's none of your business."

His lips turned into a frown and he took my cheek into his hand, "Everything about you is my business."


Thank god! The doors opened as I pulled away from him and walked out, "I broke up with you. So it isn't your business."

His eyes looked dull as the door closed blocking him from view. I instantly relaxed and headed toward the main room where the meeting was scheduled.

I shuffled in and smiled as I saw Angela wave at me, "Hey Girl. I heard you and Jasper are over." Wow things sure do get around fast.

I rolled my eyes and leaned back in my chair, "Yes, we are. But I do have a new guy currently." I smiled dreamily as I thought of Edward.

She laughed and winked at me, "Nice."

The opening of a door broke our conversation as I saw my coworkers walking lazily to their seats. Jasper was the last to come in with an angry expression on his face and his teeth clenched.

He stalked over to the seat across from me and glared at me fiercely before sitting down. I glared right back at him and turned my direction over to our boss who was currently setting up a picture of our magazine "Fantasy." Yes I know it's a cheesy name, but we were the number one women's fashion and gossip magazine in the country.

The boss Esme went to the front of the room and smiled brightly. I would be smiling too if I was as rich as her. "Good morning everyone. I trust that you all got here on time. First, I would like to congratulate our employee of the month Jasper Hale! His article on women's fashion was excellent!"

Everyone clapped for him while I clapped sarcastically at him. He lifted his head in pride while glancing at me through the corner of his eye.

He then stood up and walked to the front of the room with slow and precise movements.

Oh Jesus, he's going to make a speech.

"Salutations everyone. First off, I would like to thank my mother and my father for raising me with discipline and love. If they hadn't had made love that night, I would never had been created." The males in the room started laughing at him while others just looked at him with shock.

"I would also like to thank my friends and coworkers who have molded me into this exciting and mature person."

I scoffed at that line, exciting and mature? Please.

"God has also helped me attain employee of the month. And the last person I would like to thank is my ex who shall remain nameless," he looked in my direction staring into my eyes while I banged my head on the table slightly.

"She has helped me get to know what love is truly like. And I am determined to win back her love and affection. Thank you." He went back to his seat with a full grin on his face while everyone around him looked annoyed. Some even had earplugs in.

I felt like strangling him at the moment but contained myself by imagining it in my head instead.

Esme coughed and looked at Jasper with a small smile on her face, "Thank you Jasper for that…..entertaining speech."

He beamed at her and looked back at me with victory in his eyes. I chose to ignore him and turned my attention over to Esme, "Now, our sales in the past month have gone down and that concerns me. I need someone to come up with an idea for an amazing article that will bring up our ratings."

Jasper instantly raised his hand in the air and bounced up and down in place. "Ohhh, pick me. Pick me!"

Esme sighed and pointed her finger at him weakly, "Yes Jasper."

He sat up in his chair and looked around the room, "I think that I should do an article about true love and how to maintain that love bringing it forward into a serious relationship."

I burst out laughing uncontrollably holding my hand over my mouth to keep my laughter down. He narrowed his eyes at me and pursed his lips, "What's so dang tootin' funny?"

I shook my head back and forth while taking deep breaths to calm myself and said sarcastically. "It's just that you're such the expert on keeping relationships and making them serious."

His face instantly brightened and he put his hand to his heart and genuinely said, "Thank you Isabella. That means a lot to me."

Obviously he doesn't get sarcasm.

I stared at him for a couple seconds before shaking my head and raising my hand. "Yes, Bella?" asked Esme looking between Jasper and I curiously.

"Actually, I would like to do an article about guys who are way too clingy and don't know when to stay away from a girl who broke up with them a couple nights ago." I looked at Jasper and smirked.

His expression remained neutral until it broke out into astonishment. "That's an excellent idea, Isabella. I think a lot of guys and girls could find that very useful, there are a lot of nuts out there."

"You would know all about nuts wouldn't you Jasper?" The intelligent comment came from Mike Newton.

I looked over to see his eyebrow raised and a smug expression on his face making his dimples stand out. He could be cute if he wasn't such an asshole.

"That's enough, Newton!" Esme practically hissed while Jasper just put up his hand.

"No, Esme it's fine. I actually do know a lot about nuts. Walnuts are my favorite." He licked his lips and grinned.

I could feel my blood pressure go up and my face turn red. That's it no more hinting. "Would everyone shut-up? You're the inspiration for that article, Jasper! And once I write it you're the first person who's going to read it!

His face turned sad but instantly darkened. "Yeah, well I'll write an article on girls who cheat on their boyfriends over the weekend!"

I stood up from my seat and looked at him lividly, "Have you been stalking me?"

His face turned sheepish and he looked down at his shoes blushing.

I walked to the door and turned to Esme, "I'm sorry but I have to go." She nodded understandingly and excused everyone from the room.

I stomped into my tiny office practically pulling my hair out in the process.

What the hell is wrong with him to go as far as stalking me?

I sat down in my comfy chair rubbing the temples on my forehead trying to will my headache away.

A knock suddenly resounded on my door making me straighten and fix my hair. "Come in."

Esme's face appeared through the crack of my door before she let herself in and sat in the chair in front of my desk. "Hey, Esme. I'm immensely sorry for that little scene back there that was very unprofessional of me."

Her stern expression softened but she still had a hard look in her eyes, "Now, it seems to me that you and Jasper may have had a past and no I don't want to know about it. But I cannot let you two affect our work atmosphere, do you understand?"

I nodded my head furiously and dug my nails into my palm. "I understand. It won't happen again." She smiled and got up from her seat, "Good. Now get back to work."

I let out a huge sigh of relief when she left and got straight to work on the signs of clingy guys.

Before I knew it, time flew by and it was 12:30 which meant that I would meet Edward at the library. Hopefully he can get me to relax and forget all about Jasper.

I'm still curious as to what we would do at the library. Hopefully it's not just reading or talking.

I got up from my seat and held my breath as I opened the door and went down on all fours. Who cares if I look like a dog, as long as I avoid another mishap with Jasper.

I started crawling down on the floor looking around for Jasper. I didn't want him to end up stalking me on my lunch break again. I got up when I got to the elevator and prayed that he wouldn't be in it again.

The doors opened showing no people in it making me jump for joy. I hurriedly went in and pressed the closing door button making the door close and leaving me by myself.

When it stopped at the first level I got back down on my knees and crawled to the entrance looking down at the floor the whole time. Apparently I wasn't paying enough attention and bumped into someone's legs.

Please, please don't be Jasper!

"Already in position for me I see." Came a husky amused voice from above me.

I looked up and saw Edward looking as handsome as ever with a huge smirk on his face. I gaped at him and looked up at him through narrowed eyes, "I thought you were done being an asshole."

He laughed and held out his hands to lift me up off the ground. He pressed my body to his and started to kiss my neck gently, "Now when did I ever say that?" he asked in my ear making my stomach tingle.

I pulled away from him and looked into his dazzling eyes before kissing him squarely on the mouth briefly.

He pursed his lips when I pulled away and let go of my waist grabbing my hand instead. I suddenly thought of something, "Wasn't I supposed to meet you at the library?"

His face turned mischievous as he pulled us towards the door, "Change of plans. And I couldn't wait to see that pretty little face of yours."

I looked at him dryly, "How sweet."

"Oh I am. You'll see soon enough how sweet I can be." He glanced at me with lust making his statement sound like a sexual innuendo. Does he mean taste how sweet he is? I shivered at the thought.

We walked out of the doors swiftly when Edward suddenly stopped in front of a wall. "What?" I asked him and looked to see what had occupied his attention.

It was a huge picture of Jasper with a cheesy smile on his face with his blonde hair looking shiny.

It had big letters that said employee of the month under his picture.

He would look cute to anyone else and possibly turn them on but the sight of him only turned on my gag reflexes.

I looked at Edward who had a huge grin on his face and was shaking with laughter. "Wow, he's employee of the month." He said very lowly.

"Do you know him?" I asked curiously praying that he didn't.

He looked at me like he forgot I was there and shook his head, "No, no. He just looks like a kiss ass to me. I bet he's popular with the boys, right?"

I suddenly laughed loudly and rested my head on his shoulder, "No, but you are right about the kiss ass part."

We stared at the picture a couple minutes more before Edward retrieved a marker from his pocket. "I think this picture is missing something." He said suspiciously.

He suddenly took the cap off of the black marker and drew a huge mustache on Jasper's upper lip.

I looked at him shocked before ripping the marker out of his hand. "How naughty of you Edward." I scolded him before drawing a unibrow on Jasper's eyebrows.

He looked at me playfully before retrieving another marker from his pocket and taking the cap off, "Shall we?" he looked at me biting his lip sexily.

"Oh, we shall." I said and drew pimple marks on his face.

By the end of it Jasper now had a mustache, a unibrow, pimples, some missing teeth and the words don't ya wish your girlfriend was hot like me above his head.

"Well Bella, I think this is our greatest masterpiece yet." Edward said and looked up at it with admiration.

I giggled and kissed him passionately leaving my knees weak. "How about we get to the library now?" I asked and pressed my chest against his.

"Don't worry, Baby. I'm still taking you there." He said and winked at me before pulling me to his car.

Unsurprisingly, he didn't hold open the door for me. Ass.

I glared at him while he held a small smile on his face. I jumped in his car and sighed, happy to finally be free from work.

We stayed in comfortable silence the whole time while he drove building up our sexual tension. He would "accidentally" brush his hand across my breast while I would "accidentally" brush my hand against his crotch. What can I say? I'm pretty clumsy.

When we finally got there we both were breathing heavily and I could see from the corner of my eye that he was getting hard.

"Looks like someone has a problem." I said smugly and walked out of the door before he could respond. He glared at me before walking out of the car with his problem still there.

I looked back up at his hazy eyes and licked my lips before walking ahead of him while swaying my hips back and forth. I heard a groan from behind me making my smile widen.

I opened the door before feeling a strong arm pull me up against a muscular chest. I could feel his erection pressing into my backside making me moan and thrust back against him. "Bella." He said trying to sound demanding. "Stop it. You're not helping me right now."

I giggled and was about to thrust my hips again before a fragile old woman came up to us with a stern look on her face. "May I help you?"

I instantly straightened while Edward only pressed me closer to him probably not wanting the old lady to see little Edward.

"No, we know exactly where to look." He said and walked with me in front of him to the children's aisle.

When we got far away enough he sighed and pulled away from me with his problem gone. He must have noticed my gaze on his crotch and chuckled, "Looking at that old lady helped me a hell of a lot."

"I'm sure it did. Now what are we doing in the kids section?" I asked him looking around at the various books on the shelves.

He came beside me and shrugged, "I didn't choose to come to this particular section. I just wanted to get away from the old hag. I don't come here much."

"Imagine that." I told him sarcastically earning me a hard slap on the ass. I turned around to smack him back but found him reading a dictionary.

"Arousal; to stimulate sexually." He suddenly said and looked up at me with a predatory look in his eye. He stalked towards me slowly backing me up into a shelf and pressing his body into mine.

I arched my back excited and moaned at the contact while he continued talking. "Breast."

He said and squeezed me through my blouse making me groan in pleasure and turning my nipples hard. "The pair of mammae occurring on the chest of humans and having a discreet areola around the nipple."

He squeezed my breasts even harder and started kissing my neck and sucking on the skin harshly. He suddenly pulled away making me groan in frustration while we both panted heavily.

"Vagina; the passage leading from the uterus to the vulva in certain female mammals." He trailed his finger down my stomach to my aching core and traced me through my underwear before sticking a finger in gathering my wetness.

His mouth opened as he plunged a finger in me and grunted, "Damn, your so wet for me baby." I cried out as he added another finger and started pumping in and out of me while circling my clit with his thumb.

"Clit; a female sexual organ homologous to the penis." He said and started switching between pinching my clit and circling it.

I suddenly couldn't take it anymore and moaned out his name cumming on his hand before feeling Edward put his hand over my mouth.

"Shh. Wouldn't want to get caught now would we?" he looked smug but immediately frowned when we heard footsteps.

He took his hand out of my pants and tried to look like he was reading little red riding hood in front of his crotch to hide once again his little Edward.

The old lady appeared with a scowl on her face pronouncing her wrinkles. "Excuse me. This is a library you hooligans. I will not have you disturbing others with your shenanigans."

I looked around the library and found we were the only two people in the library. What a mean old lady.

"As far as I can see we're the only people in the place lady. So why don't you do all three of us a favor and take that stick out of your saggy ass." Edward told her lazily like it was no big deal.

I looked at him appalled as did the lady who gritted her teeth, "I will not tolerate that type of language. You do anything else and I will kick you out."

She walked away fiercely until she was out of sight while I glared at Edward. "You could have been a little nicer Edward."

He looked at me bemused and grabbed my hand, "Nice isn't in my nature baby. You should know that by now." I was about to yell at him before he kissed me deeply making me forget all about his little comments.

His tongue traced my lips before plunging into my mouth giving me a full taste of his sweetness.

I bucked my hips into his making his eyes roll to the back of his head and making me feel his straining erection, "My, my Edward. What a big dick you have." I said referring to the little red riding book he was "reading" earlier.

He must have gotten my joke because he looked at me seductively and responded darkly, "Only the better to fuck you with my dear."

I threw the book out of his hand and lifted his shirt off of him exposing his toned chest and abs. I looked at him hungrily tracing my fingers down his chest lightly making his muscles tighten.

I moved my gaze back up to his to see him looking at me with desire. "We might have to make this quick. Something tells me that lady is coming back."

I nodded and unbuttoned his pants while he pushed my skirt off up my waist and ripped my lace panties. "Hey!" I hissed.

He laughed darkly and kissed me shutting up my complaint.

When his boxers were pulled down his waist I stroked his cock up and down slowly from the tip to the base.

"Mmmm, I'm aroused enough baby." He said and sucked my nipple into his mouth while grinding his pelvis into mine. I braced myself as I felt him slide into me roughly filling me completely.

We both grunted as he started to pick a fast pace slamming me up against the shelf while my legs tightened around his waist with each thrust. "Harder." I said in a strained voice wanting more of him.

Books fell from the shelves loudly with each powerful thrust and I realized that we could get caught at any moment. Right now, I couldn't give a fuck.

He trailed his hands down to my round ass and squeezed it before picking me up and slamming me down onto a large mahogany table. He thrust into me even faster and harder making me cry out uncontrollably.

The table made my back hurt but surprisingly it only intensified my pleasure.

"Fuck." He cursed as I clenched and unclenched myself around his hard cock. I scratched my nails down his back as I felt my stomach tighten with my upcoming orgasm.

I licked the shell of his ear and bit down hard, "I'm cumming." I told him before biting his shoulder to muffle my voice. He picked up the pace and finally came with me grunting loudly too before falling on top of me.

"What in the world?" I heard and looked towards my left to see the librarian with a horrified expression on her face. Oh, shit.

"Uhhhh, we were just sleeping?" I said though it came out more as a question. I looked at Edward who was laughing and smiling at the whole thing.

"Get the fuck out!" the old lady cursed making Edward and I jump up and pull our clothes back into place.

"Thank you for giving us a place to fuck, sweetheart. We appreciate it." Edward said making her throw a book at his head.

When we got out we were both laughing hysterically with each other. "So how did you like our second date?" he asked once we finally were driving away.

"Best date I've ever been on. I hope there's more to come, and I mean that in the literal sense." I said and kissed him at a red light.

"Me too." He said softly. When we finally got back to my work Edward's face turned grim and looked a little guilty.

"What's wrong?" I asked him gently. He shook his head and smiled half heartedly, "Nothing. I'll call you."

He kissed me and drove away leaving me back to work. Maybe one of these days we could have a "date" at the office.

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