"Tell who what?" Ned said as he slowly slid into the room. Olive jumped, and Ned was actually kind of impressed with the height of said jump.

"Oh! Ned! You're sneakier than a snitch in a rainstorm!" Olive placed a hand to her chest, trying to calm down, and also to give herself more time to find a way out of this pickle. This had happened to her twice in one day, and Olive was not happy with that.

"Sorry about that, but I did bring you some pie if that helps. I thought it might make your arm feel a little better." Ned held out a pie box and slid back the lid. The delicious aroma of peach pie slowly wafted into Olive's nose.

"Pie always helps. " Olive got up to get plates and forks, but Ned went ahead of her. "I've got it. I thought I might stay for a piece too, if you don't mind." Olive didn't know, but he got these peaches especially for her pie, so he could share it with her.

"I don't mind at all, but I don't think Digby or Pigby want to give up their seats." She giggled. They occupied the two chairs, leaving only the spot next to Olive on the sofa open.

Ned returned with two slices of pie and sat down next to Olive. "It's fresh from the oven."

"Thank you so much. Pie really does make everything better. " The TV was still on, relieving some of the pressure that silence would have brought.

They sat with little conversation, both pretending to be very interested in a documentary on some lost coin, but really both of them were thinking about what they were going to say. They made witty remarks at the narrator, who took this coin very seriously, and they ate more pie. When the documentary ended an infomercial started up.

"Ugh, I can't stand these things!" Ned exclaimed.

"What? I love them. Everything is so spiffy!"

"They're just trying to sell you things you don't need and lie to you about those things. That's really all they're doing, selling a lie." He didn't say it in an angry way, just the normal Ned way, but Olive changed the channel anyways, but pretty much everything was infomercials that late at night. Olive turned off the TV and threw the remote on her side table.


"Yes Ned?" Here was the silence, filling up every moment that he waited to say something.

"What were you saying when I walked in?" Olive didn't know what to say, so she just opened her mouth and hoped that something that made sense would work its way through her vocal cords.

"Oh, look at the time! You should probably get going, lots of pies to be baked tomorrow!" She stood up and grabbed the pie plates from the table.

"Oh, okay. I guess we can just talk some other time." Ned got up as well, towering over Olive's tiny frame. He put a hand on her shoulder. "Goodnight Olive. Come on Digby," he called to his trusty companion. Before he got to the door he stopped. "Olive?"


"If you're not feeling up to it don't worry about coming to the Pie Hole tomorrow, okay?" He reached for the door.

"Ned, wait," she called after him. He turned back, internally breathing a sigh of relief, he didn't really want to go. "I have something I need to say."

"I kind of do too, but, I mean, it's not really important, it's nothing really." There was an awkward pause followed by a brief tango of "you go first" "no, you" followed by both of them talking at the same time.

"What?" they said simultaneously. Olive decided then that she would say it and deal with the consequences as they came. Come what may! She thought.

"I was just saying," she took a deep breath, "that I wished it wasn't a slip of the tongue. That you actually meant what you said completely." She held her breath, waiting for him to say something, anything at all. Ned stepped closer to Olive, dropping Digby's leash.

"I was just saying, well, I guess I was just saying that it wasn't. Just a slip of the tongue, I mean." He stood there shyly, holding his breath, waiting for her to say something, anything at all.

She didn't say anything.

However, she did take a running leap into his arms, which caught him completely off guard, and then she kissed him, which caught him off guard even more.

Sun was streaming through the windows, casting a bright streak of light onto two sets of sleeping eyes. It was early, and had anyone been there, the light would have revealed Ned and Olive sleeping in Olive's much-too-floral room. The Pie Maker's arm was draped around Olive's tiny body. Clothes were thoughtlessly strewn about the room.

Olive woke up, happier than ever, knowing that this time it wasn't a dream. She rolled over, now facing Ned.

"Ned," she whispered, "Wake up." He kept his eyes closed but shifted slightly and mumbled something Olive couldn't understand. She kissed him sweetly, and then whispered in his ear again. He opened his eyes, smiling when he saw her beautiful green eyes staring at him.

"Hi," he said, rather seductively in Olive's opinion.

"Well," Olive said, "last night was interesting." She didn't want to sound too happy about it before she knew what Ned was thinking. It was no use getting her hopes up, even now, if Ned was just going to change his mind.

"Interesting indeed," Ned blushed, leaning in to kiss Olive. "Interesting, and definitely more than nothing."

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