So Be It

Chapter 5

I listened as the intro music started, rising slowly to my feet and walking over to him, letting my hips sway in time with the beat. Kneeling before him, I leaned forward and pushed my breasts together, just to add to the visual. The song stopped and he continued to stare at me until I nudged his leg.

He pulled the microphone close, cleared his throat, and started to speak.

"Happy Harry Hard-on is coming to you tonight, loud and proud and so fucking hard I could pound nails with my dick, you beautiful bastards of Forks. I've never loved this town more than I do right now."

He threw back his head and laughed, reaching down and touching my face. I rested against his knee, waiting to see what he would say next.

"Fuck, I'm feeling good tonight. Who's with me? What's it going to be?"

I stood up, leaning over him as I scanned his music collection, scrolling until I saw it. A little cliched maybe, but it fit the moment and said what I wanted him to hear. I covered the mike and whispered into his ear, "I have a dedication."

I selected the song and leaned back, unclasping the button on my jeans as he moved closer into the mike again, his eyes never leaving me. "I have a request. From my very favorite Poetry Lady. I hope she means this, 'cause I'd love to watch."

He cued up the song as I turned my back to him, swaying slightly as the opening guitar began to play and build.

I love myself, I want you to love me.

Chrissy's rough voice belted out the lyrics and I turned back, letting my hands wander at will, descending down my body as I danced closer, hoping I didn't look like a total fool. I hooked my fingers in the loops on my jeans and shimmied them down, managing to step out of them without falling over and looking stupid.

His own hands were busy, his fly now open and his cock firmly gripped as he watched me with hooded eyes. Guess he must've thought the underwear I'd worn was sexy too. I gave him a wink and stripped them off as well.

When I think about you, I touch myself.

I moved between his legs and sank to my knees, batting his hands away as he threw back his head and groaned. I licked my lips and mouthed the lyrics along with the song.

I get down on my knees, I'd do anything for you.

Then I lowered my head and gave a long, slow lick. He was all salty and warm and solid against my tongue, and the way his thighs strained under my hands told me I was doing something right.

"Fuck, your mouth . . ." he mumbled, his breath harsh and nostrils flared as I smiled up at him and wrapped my lips more tightly around his dick. His hand swept up into my hair, not pushing so much as guiding as he continued to make all those noises I loved to hear. Only this time, they were real and I was the reason.

The song drew to a close and I leaned back, my tongue swiping the corner of my mouth as I cocked an eyebrow at his computer, now transmitting nothing but dead air and his heavy breathing.

He reached over, and grabbed the microphone. "Poetry Lady, here's something for you. Long and loud." He fumbled for just a second, hit a few keys, and chords started to play while he jerked the mike loose. He reached down and pulled me to my feet.

I listened for a minute, then raised an eyebrow. "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida?"

"Longest song I've got. And it's not going to be long enough."

"Is that a promise?" I asked, as I took his hand and tugged him towards the bed.

"Impatient, are we?" he asked, reaching over and sliding a finger between my legs, then bringing the wetness back to his lips. He licked his finger, and I swallowed hard. We were going to have to pursue that further, but right now, I just wanted him inside me.

"Hell, yeah." I pushed him back, straddling him as I felt the tip of his cock brush against me. I leaned forward and whispered in his ear. "You can talk hard to me later, baby. Right now I just want you to fuck hard."

He rolled me back over and grinned, his smile just slightly off kilter as he spread my legs. "Your dirty brain makes my dirty brain want to do absolutely filthy things to you, beautiful."

He slid up on his knees and leaned across me, fumbling with the nightstand as he pulled out an unopened box of condoms, and tossed it on the bed beside us after pulling one from the pack. I took it from his fingers with a grin. Ripping the foil, I gave his cock that was now practically eye level as he balanced between my legs a quick stroke.

He was gorgeous like this, green eyes darkening, beautifully hard cock at attention and waiting. I could think of a hundred things I wanted to do to him, but I hadn't been kidding. The past few weeks had been some kind of weird, disconnected, unintentional but totally effective foreplay between us, and Friday night had barely taken the edge off. I for one was about to combust with the thought of finally, completely having him.

I slid the condom in place and leaned back on my elbows as he eased forward, pushing my legs up and wrapping them around his hips as he licked a path up my neck to my ear. He started to whisper as he slowly slid into me inch by inch. "So fucking tight. You've been waiting for me, haven't you? Just like I've been waiting for you. I've been watching you, wanting you for so long."

I couldn't help myself as I nodded against his neck and arched against him, needing him deeper now that I'd started to adjust. "Yes, uh, yes. Watched you too," I managed to pant out.

He pulled back so I could see his face and the smile there was breathtaking, before he did some kind of swivel with his hips that made me whimper and lose focus on anything else.

"Oh, beautiful, if you had any idea what I thought about when I was watching you," he whispered.

I felt my insides start to liquify as he slid out of me, then in, setting a pace that had me biting my lip to try to keep from screaming obscenities, just in case the parents Cullen decided to come home early and popped down to check on what I was doing to their baby boy. They might be slightly less cool at seeing the actual act in progress.

I wound my hands around him, letting my hands slide into the softness of his hair that curled at the back of his neck, pulling him closer. "Tell me," I moaned.

"That's my dirty girl," he grunted, as he thrust harder, one hand sliding up to find my breasts. He had some kind of direct feed into my pleasure centers, thumbing the sensitive nubs with just enough pressure to make me clench him even harder as my whole body reacted to his touch.

"You like that, don't you, having those beautiful tits played with?" He slid his hands beneath my back, rolling me over so that I was astride him. "This was one."

"One, oh, oh, one, what?" I managed as his roaming hands moved lower, his fingers sliding down my belly and exploring for a moment before he found the holy grail. I yelped and ground against him harder, needing him to keep touching the sweet spot right there that felt so, so good.

He grinned up at me and then retreated, his hands dancing back up my torso, and I realized the sadistic motherfucker was teasing me. I growled as him and raised myself up, almost letting him slip out before crashing back down.

He hissed and grabbed my hips, encouraging my rhythm.

"Oh, fuck, yeah, like that. Thought about you, you at that desk in the library, throwing me down, punishing me and riding me hard, just like this," he moaned out, and I nearly came right then and there from the image.

Then his fingers decided to do some more walking and stop playing coy as he found my clit and stroked me until my whole body felt like it had imploded with pleasure. I slumped boneless as he rolled us back over, his cock still hard and throbbing inside me.

I shivered with every thrust as he pulled me tighter, still whispering in my ear about how sweet my pussy was and how he wanted to tongue fuck me and watch me get myself off and then let him fuck me all over again. I stroked his back, feeling the muscles moving beneath his skin, murmuring little assents to his suggestions until his breath grew more ragged and he came hard inside me.

We lay there for a long moment before he rolled off and disposed of the condom, slipping his arms back around me as I sighed with the contentment of a girl who'd just broken a very long dry spell. And what a way to do it.

I yawned, feeling languid and relaxed as he kissed my forehead and let his fingers trail through my hair over and over again, the room quiet.

Wait. I sat up suddenly, causing him to frown. "Are you leaving again?" he asked.

I shook my head and pointed silently to the computer. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida had finished up a while back.

He shook his head, walked over to the computer, all swaggering and bare-assed, and shut everything down.

I tilted my head admiringly, watching him move, my body still tingling. "No sign off tonight?"

He stalked back over and jumped back on the bed, rolling me over and into his arms so that we were nose to nose. "You want a sign off?"

I nodded. "Yeah, I like listening to you say it."

He leaned in, his voice lowering as he whispered in my ear, "Alright, how about this one. You and me? So be it."

My inner pre-adolescent self was totally writing Edward + Bella 4EVR on her notebook and my heart was beating fast enough that I was sure he could feel it against his chest as I looked into his eyes, no glasses, no barriers, and saw that we were both exactly where we wanted to be.

"Yeah," I whispered back. "So be it."


All good things have to come to an end though, and the specter of my dad pulling up in the Cullen drive in his squad car to drag me home from my study session was just barely enough motivation to pry myself out of Edward's arms and out the door to home.

I woke up the next morning achy in all the right places and hard pressed to keep the grin off my face as I munched my way through my morning corn flakes. My dad raised an eyebrow at my off-key singing as I headed out the door, earbuds firmly in place.

"Since when do you listen to Iron Butterfly, Isabella?"

After reassuring my dad that I was not, in fact, smoking the dope, as he put it, I slid into my truck and headed to school, feeling more cheerful about the place than since, well, ever. I pulled into my regular parking space and headed into the quad only to find Alice waving at me frantically from her usual perch on Jasper's lap.

Carefully picking my way through the puddles and icy spots, I stopped in front of them. "Did you hear it last night?" she demanded. "Please tell me you were listening to Harry. You were, right?"

I tried to not blush. "Um, yeah, for a little while."

"Then you heard it?"

Oh shit.

"Heard what?"

"Harry was totally getting some last night. And not from himself," Jasper helpfully explained, nodding his head. "She sounded like a wildcat, too. Feisty."

No fucking way. He unplugged the mike. I was sure I saw him unplug the mike.

"I, um, guess I didn't listen to the whole thing."

"Jasper got it. Here, listen to this part. Who do you think that is? Do you think she goes here?"

I took the earbud and turned away, trying to shield my face that I knew was burning. The sound was muffled, more indistinct than usual and partially obscured by the music, but still audible, like a bad connection. Shit. He must not have unplugged it completely.

"That's my dirty girl."

His voice was just like I remembered it from last night, rough and low, and I could feel myself reacting, remembering the way he'd been touching me, moving in me.

And apparently I had been enjoying myself, because the next sound that came through was a moan that was almost porn star quality, all breathy and panty and high-pitched. Did I really sound like that?

"You like that, don't you, having those beautiful tits played with."

Muffled noises, some more moaning and heavy breathing, some words that I couldn't quite hear, and then the music stopped just as he commanded, "Oh, fuck, yeah, like that. Thought about you, you at that desk in the library, throwing me down, punishing me and riding me hard, just like this."

I jerked the earbuds out of my ears, trying to calm my breathing as I glanced around the quad, watching all the little groups clustered together, heads bent over iPods and all kinds of media players, mouths moving in speculation. The closest Forks High had ever had to a sex tape scandal, even if it was just audio.

Alice took the headphones back from me, her gaze distracted as she looked behind me.

"Who do you . . . who do you think it is?" I managed to keep my voice level.

"No one can figure it out because the sound's pretty bad, although Eric Yorkie swears he's going to scrub the audio or some kind of CSI thing to isolate a voice sample." She rolled her eyes, then glanced behind me again. "Guess now we have two mysteries. Who's Harry, and who's his girlfriend?"

"Sounds like she's a naughty librarian to me," Jasper chimed in as he looped his arms around Alice. "Hey, we should play that one sometime, babe."

Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder and almost jumped. I turned my head and there behind me stood Edward, a tentative smile on his face.

"Hey," I said.

"Hey, Bella," he replied. "You got home alright?" His hand lifted from my shoulder, his fingers just barely brushing against my neck as he pulled away. I shivered, swaying a little closer to him. That little touch felt more intimate than if he'd leaned me back and laid one on me for the whole school to watch.

Alice's eyes widened as she glanced from Edward to me to the device in her hand, and I saw it the instant her brain snapped the pieces in place. She gasped, then covered her mouth.

"You," she announced, gesturing to me. "And you," she pointed to Edward.

"What about us?" I asked, pleading with her with my eyes to not say a word.

She handed the iPod back to Jasper and gave me a pointed look. "You make a very cute couple." She mouthed the word, "Later," at me, and I nodded, watching as they turned away and started their morning make out routine.

Edward leaned down and whispered in my ear, "So, I hear the library's pretty deserted this time of day."

My lips curled in a smile as I took his hand and led the way.

The End

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