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Year 13ARS: Kessia, Capital City of Thule.

Anakin Skywalker looked around the ruins of Kessia in silent outrage at the atrocities of the Sith. The sky was dark with smoke and rubble littered the ground as far as the eye could see. The city was in complete ruin after the battle that went on here. Moving into action, he began pushing aside rubble, searching for any sign of sentient life.

"You're wasting your time," Obi-Wan said as he stood up.

"I need to do something, Master," Anakin told him.

Obi-Wan looked at him, sensing his padawan's troubled thoughts and anger. "There's nothing more for us to do here, Anakin. It's best if we just returned to the capital ship," he told him.

Anakin stood, silently acknowledging his master's words. "I'm sure that Dooku is already planning the next one," he said, spitting out the Sith's name as if it had a bitter taste to it.

Obi-Wan merely watched him, his padawan's unchecked anger worrying him not for the first time. "Calm yourself, Anakin," he advised. "The more worked up you are, the more control of the situation they have," he told him.

Anakin looked at him. "Aren't you upset over this?" Anakin demanded.

"Of course I'm disturbed," Obi-Wan told him. "But allowing my emotions to override my judgment could allow me to make a critical error. I would think that you have learned that lesson by now," he said.

Anakin narrowed his eyes at him. "What is that supposed to mean?" he demanded.

"Geonosis for example, you have a permanent reminder for your error in judgment," Obi-Wan answered as he continued onward to where their ships were waiting.

Anakin looked down at his mechanical arm and back at Obi-Wan, miffed that his master would even suggest such a thing. "I'm not stupid, Obi-Wan, I never make the same mistake more than once! Or have you forgotten that?" he called before making his way to his own ship. He didn't say anything further to Obi-Wan as they got in the ships to rejoin the capital ship. However a strong warning in the force caught his attention seconds before enemy fire came into the view. "Master! There's..." but before he could finish his sentence a huge flash engulfed him. Anakin took one hand off of the controls and lifted his arm up to save his eyes from the flash before the ship rocked violently and he knew no more.


Twenty-two years later: Tatooine.

Obi-Wan Kenobi, closed his eyes in deep meditation. In his mind, he saw visions from the past flash before his eyes. It was always painful to remember the past but this time was different. This time the force was guiding these images. He then felt the presence of his former master and he opened his eyes. "Hello, Master," he greeted serenely.

Qui-Gon smiled, somewhat. "I wish that this was a pleasure visit, Obi-Wan," he said, his ghostly image even showed that whatever it was that he had to say was important.

"What is it?" Obi-Wan asked.

"It's about Anakin," Qui-Gon told him and held up a hand when Obi-Wan was about to say something, quieting his former padawan. "The force has decided to alter time and will be using Anakin to do so," he told him.

"That is preposterous. You know what he is now, you know what he would do with this chance!" Obi-Wan retorted.

"I am well aware of what Anakin is. He's the chosen one, Obi-Wan, the force wills for Anakin to do the extraordinary," Qui-Gon told him.

"He's a sith now, Master, this shift will not be in our favor," Obi-Wan pointed out.

"Not Darth Vader, Obi-Wan, Anakin," Qui-Gon pointed out.

"I don't see any difference," Obi-Wan told him.

"The force is sending Anakin twenty-two year into the future-to now," Qui-Gon informed him, "and your job is to guide him through this time."

"You cannot be serious," Obi-Wan said disbelievingly.

"The force never jokes around," Qui-Gon admonished him. He then looked out into the desert. "He's due to arrive in the Jundland Wasts at any moment. You should go make sure that he doesn't do anything foolish," he said just before leaving.

Obi-Wan then let out a foul huttese curse that he had heard Anakin mutter from time to time, before getting up quite sure that the Anakin he knew would most definitely do something foolish.