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Ruka's POV

It was everywhere.

My pajamas.


My bedsheets.


I couldn't seem to escape the color.

I stumbled out of bed, and stood there helplessly for a moment - Completely unsure of what to do. Normally, a girl's own mother would help her when she started her period. Except, my mother wasn't home. She hadn't been for months.

In my mind, I went over the possible people I could talk to: Yusei? No. Yanagi? No. Himuro? No. Rua? Definately No.


Although Aki and I could be considered mildly close, the thought of talking to her about my period frightened me. She, after all, could come off as slightly intimidating.

She's the only other female though.

And that was that. I slowly began to move my legs toward her and Yusei's bedroom. Once I faced the wooden door, I carefully turned the knob, opening it, and peeked in.

It was silent and dark. Still, I could make out the easy, rhythmic rising and falling of the two figures in the sheets.

I quickly crept over to Aki's side - I knew it was her since I could dimly see her vibrant, magenta hair.

"Aki-san?" I inquired quietly, nudging her in the side. Aki was a very light sleeper, so she woke up almost immediately.

"Ruka." ,she stated plainly, surpressing a yawn, ", Is something wrong?"

I opened my mouth to speak, but all that come out was a shaky sob. I started crying.

"I-I started my period. A-And I don't know what to do." I choked out. Aki stared at me blankly for a moment and then let out a low chuckle.

"I see, I see. Come on..." she said, gently, taking my hand and leading me into the bathroom. She then turned on the light and took a long look at me, her focus mainly on my blood-soaked bottoms.

"You've got a heavy flow for someone so small." she said plainly after a moment, bending down and reaching under the sink. I only nodded, embarrassed. Aki then brought out a small bag and reached in it, pulling out a hygeine pad.

"You're lucky. This is the last one I have." she said, giving me a small smile. I suddenly became very nervous.

"Aki-san, I don't want to take your last one..." I said quietly, shuffling my feet uncomfortably. Her face twisted into a expression of confusion.


"Because...You won't be able to..." I said, my voice trailing off. With Aki's infamous title as the Black Rose Witch, she wasn't able to go out in to public often. Especially to a local convenience store, even if just to buy feminine hygiene products.

"Oh - Don't worry about that. That's why I have Yusei for." she said, having realized my concern.

"Yusei?" I repeated, tilting my head.

"Mhm - Why do you think I started dating him in the first place?" ,she said in a strangely playful tone, " Besides, I don't start for another week. And you need it much more than I do right now."

I stared at Aki, bewildered. Never had I seen her so mirthful before; Normally, she was quiet, excluding herself from everyone except Yusei. As I thought about this, I felt awkward, but soon began to smile - glad of the current light-hearted nature she was displaying.

Aki eyed me for a moment silent and then offered the pad again.

"Take it." she ordered, her voice still soft. I hesitated, and slowly took the pad from her, a small smile coming to my face as I did.

"You should take a shower; just to get yourself cleaned up. I'll slip in a clean of pajamas through the door while your doing so. If leave your current ones under the sink, I'll soak them tomorrow and wash them. And I can send Yusei to buy some more feminine products." finished Aki. I nodded, still smiling - touched by her odd kindness.

This time, Aki returned the smile and leaned down to my level, kissing me on the forehead - An action that surprised me greatly.

"Are you going to be okay?" asked Aki gently.

"Y-yes. Arigatou, Oka-" I began before I stopped myself, realizing what I was saying.

I was about to call Aki my Oka-san. My mother. My caretaker.

Aki gave me a curious look, but didn't say anything. I stuttered to correct myself.

"I-I mean, Arigatou, Aki-san." I said nervously. Aki nodded and said simply:

"Nan demo nai. I'm always here for you."



Arigatou - Thank you.

Oka-san - Mother.

Nan demo nai - It's nothing.

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