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One year later

"What do you mean that I'm not allowed to interact with the victim's family?" Blair was outraged. "I have people skills you know."

"Yeah they were really obvious last time when the mother chased you out of her house with a frying pan." Dean replied Sam nodded silently.

"She was obviously experiencing some kind of stress disorder from her grief." Blair replied flippantly tossing her curls over her shoulder.

"Yes, obviously it was her fault that you called her son a Satan worshipping freak of nature." Dean rolled his eyes. "Either way you are relegated to research duty. Go use your people skills and get the librarian to show you the newspaper archives."

Blair scowled at him. "Fine! but you're not getting any for a month!" With that she stomped away towards the circulation desk.

"Fire and ice." Sam whispered laughing.

"Damn, Sammy look at that ass. She walks that way on purpose just to get back at me." Sam rolled his eyes and pulled his brother towards the Impala.

"Apparently that's all you'll be getting for a month."

"Please do you remember the last time she threatened a dry spell. I had her panting and begging within ten minutes." Dean smiled at the memory.

"Ugh, TMI." Sam told him as they went to meet the victim's family.


Two years later

Chuck flipped through his mail. He had been in Tokyo for two weeks and the stack was rather large. A small ivory envelope with a familiar scrawl caught his eye. He slid a finger under the flap and pulled out a letter. Some photos fell out as he removed the letter and he placed them on the table as he began to read.

Dear Chuck,

Serena says that you're happy and Bass Industries is making you billions. I hope it's true you know how she tends to lie and exaggerate to make people feel better. How is it having Cabbage Patch as an in-law and a stepbrother? Practically inbreeding if you ask me. Just wait till they have little Brooklyn babies that call you Uncle Chuckles. Chuck was horrified at the idea of his sister procreating with Humphrey and made a mental note to tell her about the horrors of child birth in great detail.

I saw a limo the other day and it made me think of you. Chuck smiled at the memories that washed over him. I wanted you to know I'm happy. I know that your stupid P.I. has been keeping tabs on me so you already know where we've been and what we've been doing. It's not easy but I really am happy. The Upper East Side feels like another world.

Anyways, I just wanted to tell you that Dean and I got married. We did it on the beach in California. Just me, Sam, Dean, and Castiel (Dean's friend from up North). I enclosed a picture for you. We're going to settle down in Maine. Dean's found a job up there and I might finally go to college. Cyrus offered to pay for it. I'm thinking about law school, arguing really is my strong suit.

Please be happy for me. We might stop in New York on the way to our new house so perhaps I'll see you.


Blair Winchester

Chuck picked up the photos from the table. In the first one the bride and groom were smiling, deliriously happy, into the camera. Blair was wearing an ivory dress that was no doubt off the rack. She was beautiful just like he remembered. Her chocolate curls were blowing in the breeze. In the second Sam and the other man who must be Castiel had joined them. Dean was holding Blair in his arms and she was laughing.

He put the photos and the letter back into the envelope and tucked it into a drawer in his desk. He quickly grabbed his phone and hit speed dial. Serena told him that Blair and Dean would be arriving tomorrow and staying for three days. Chuck hung up without saying good bye and called his secretary.

"Evelyn, call the pilot I want to fly tonight."

"To where Mr. Bass?" She asked.

"Anywhere. Amsterdam sounds good. I need to leave tonight." With that he hung up. Seeing the newly married Mr. and Mrs. Winchester was not something he could stomach.


One year later

"He's so handsome, Cherry." Dean said looking at the baby boy nestled against Blair's chest. She smiled contently and kissed the baby's head.

"Do you want to hold him?" She asked looking at her husband. He hesitated. "It'll be fine. I promise." Dean held out his arms and Blair placed the baby in them.

"He's so tiny."

"He looks like you." She told him and Dean studied the tiny creature. "He has your hair but my chin thank goodness."

"What's wrong with my chin?" Blair asked moving to feel her chin.

"Nothing mine is just more strong and manly. Good for a little boy." Blair rolled her eyes.

"As long as he gets my nose." She teased. "What do you want to name him?"

"I was thinking John Harold for his middle names." Dean said Blair smiled at the tribute to their fathers. "I don't know about the first name."

"He looks like a Cary." Blair said thinking of the dashing Cary Grant.

"Cary's a girl's name. He needs a strong manly name." Dean replied shaking his head. "What about Sebastian. You do love The Little Mermaid."

"Sebastian John Harold Winchester. I like it." Blair smiled. "I love you."

"Love you too Cherry get some sleep. I'm going to hold my son for a little while." The last time Blair saw before she drifted to sleep was Dean rocking their son and singing AC/DC to him.


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