Radical new idea...Haven't seen it before. Meet my OC Jaeni, modified to be...an eraser. And Igster falls in love. He's a little ticked off....But after one scene, he got a little happier. AWWW!

Anyway, so the flock doesn't gut me or something, James Patterson made the Maximum Ride books.

I have some business with Max, 'scuse me.

*Far off screaming, sounding like "Get ready, girl. He's mine. MINE!" then catfight noises*

I looked down on the city. These damn wings.....

I am Jaeni. I'm 13, and I am an escaped eraser.

I was "created" six years ago. After Ari was a failed attempt, I was made from a normal seven year old girl. I had been raised in terrible conditions. I still have no idea who my parents are. Somehow, after studying the mistakes from other Erasers and Ari, they gave me superior senses. Which led me to escape.

I am incredibly smart, have wings, and a lifespan ten times as long as a normal eraser, that's 60-70 years, give or take. I have enough intelligernce to know that the scientists are evil....So I snuck out, right before the great "retirement". I'm as smart as I'm told the "bird-kids" are. I'm searching for them....I'll find them soon, and hopefully befriend them. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

My wings hurt. I'd been flying for hours. I was over Arizona, when I saw a cute house in the woods. I slowly flew down, unmorphing as I went. Then I found a surprise.


Something was plummeting toward us. I couldn't tell what it was....But it was eraser size.

A flyboy? No....they had stopped following us. All the erasers had been retired....right?

We had been at mom's, practicing flying. I didn't want to be caught off guard, so I told them we'd come over for a week.

The girl hit the ground, skidding to a halt. She had red hair and green eyes. Her hair was done in a braid, with a thin layer of hair loose under it. Her clothes were covered in dirt, and splatters of blood. She looked scared....But I wasn't about to be fooled. We assumed fight positions, and attacked her. Ella and Mom ran inside, watching as we tackled her.

"STOP!" she yelled, changing into our worst nightmare. An Eraser.

In shock, we all stopped, and stared open mouthed. Well....except Iggy. The girl put her paw in his face, and flashed the peace sign. I flashed it back.

"Who....are you?" I stuttered, watching Fang pull Iggy off of her.

"I...I am Jaeni."

Jaeni POV

The blonde girl stared at me like I was a freak show. from the way they were attacking, I figured they were. Then I realized I was still eraser-formed.

"Um....sorry. Hold on...Let me ask you something. Did you know Jeb Batchelder? Wait...if you did know, you wouldn't tell me. Are you Maximum Ride? I heard the whitecoats talk about you. Ya know...before I escaped."

The girl's face went absolutely pale white, and the rest of her family followed suit. She looked at me like I was....actually....It was just a blank look.

"You...escaped? From the whitecoats? You know who I...." The tall dark one quickly put his hand over her mouth, silencing her. I looked at him for a brief second. He seemed....like his emotions were bottled. I'd have to find out.

"Um....well. Sit down, I guess. I'll explain."

After giving my life story, everyone stared at me in disbelief. Except for the one kid....Iggy. "Um...what's his problem?" I asked, feeling a little mean. They told me Iggy was blind. I looked at them like 'big deal, so what?' I then reached over, and proceeded to put images of everything that had happened in his head. He blinked, and shook his head side to side, like he couldn't believe it. I then reached over and put images of his flock and I in. Following each person, his expression changed.

Iggy POV

Man, was this wierd! This eraser-girl was putting pictures in my brain! She flipped through each flock kid casually, I had my thoughts on each.

Angel- Sweet looking, but I know behind those blue eyes and blonde curls, she had a devious mind.

Gazzy- The way I always imagined him. Mischievous, with messy blonde hair and blue eyes just like his sister's.

Nudge- If it weren't for the fact she was my sister and she's eleven, I might have thought she was hot.

Myself- Ooooh, I look good! Blonde hair, pale, pale whitish blue eyes. Super awesome smile.

Fang- Also the way I figured he'd look. Tall, dark, and ALL dressed in black. Black, overlength hair swept to the side of his face over his eyes.

Max- Well, blonde with faded pink streaks, brown eyes, and a jean jacket.

Then Jaeni's image went across my eyelids. She was pure beauty....and her expression showed an attitude. PERFECT.

Her slightly dirty red hair seemed to be floating off her shoulders. The peircing Green eyes looked into my soul....and I admired her. She was beautiful! I hadn't seen much but the School....but I knew that Jaeni was...perfect.

Without paying attention, my eyes had drifted to "look" up to the ceiling. I also let out ahollow chuckle before realizing I was being an idiot. I resisted the serious urge to mutter, "you're purty" under my breath.

We decided we'd stay here, but were against it when we realized that the Flock had been there too long....and something was BOUND to find them.

Jaeni POV

After Iggy officially made me blush, we decided to take off. It's amazing a blind guy can make you blush.....I've a feeling he's got a thing for me. That's fine...He's cute. We were flying to New York....I think. They said something like that. Said it was an inside joke. After we landed, I was in charge of starting a fire. I watched in amazement as Iggy cooked a brilliant meal on thier little skillet. Well.... Fish ain't exactly brilliant, but I'd gone two days without food. It was brilliant.

"You cook....really well"
"For a blind kid, right?" Iggy muttered, seeming a little down.
"No. For anyone"
His almost transparent eyes, looked up and brightened. "Really"
"Yeah..Um....I guess I'll go to sleep."I rushed to finish my words.
Iggy gave me a little half smile, and continued to look into the Fire. I figured he had first watch, so I looked at the others until they finally fell asleep. Then I got up, and walked to Iggy.
"Who's there?" He said, sounding a little worried.
"It's just me, Ig."I had just called him Ig...I'd only known him for like, six hours!
"Oh. Why are you still up? It's nearly Max's watch"
"Um....I wanted to talk to you"
"About what...?" he muttered, irritation and sadness in his voice.
"well...I..Er...I kind of li"
Then we saw them. Well, I did. Iggy heard them. We rushed over to the others, screaming that the Flyboys had showed up. "It was you!" Fang accused."You called them!" I stepped back, moving my hands as if to say 'Not me, dude.' "You liar! You join us with a false promise and then you do that(He pointed to Iggy, who looked near to tears) to I-" A flyboy came down hard on his head. I morphed, and pulled it off of him, tearing it apart.
Max looked at me with daggers in her eyes, as if to say 'You jerk.' I sighed, and fought the flyboys. One jabbed my eye, and I felt it throbbing. "You freaking jackass! I screamed at it. That did nothing, it just chanted 'I am strong. We are many'. I kicked the base of anothers spine, and it crumpled. Realizing that would work, I repeated the trick, taking out many flyboys. The rest of the flock noticed my technique, and followed. We pushed the remaning bodies over a nearby cliff, smacking our hands. It was all too obvious that Fang still didn't trust me, and I think Max was on the fence.

Back at camp, it was Max's turn for watch, and I took Iggy's shoulder, and pulled him into the forest. He seemed trusting enough. I gave him more images, of him and I fighting the flyboys. A brief smile appaered on his mouth, and I caught the words "I knew she was okay.." tumble out of his mouth quietly. He leaned forward, and suddenly captured my lips under his own.

Iggy POV

She tasted so sweet, like strawberries. I held her to my lips for a brief second, and pulled away. She gave me an image of her face. Sort of surprised...with a little happiness in the corner of her mouth. She looked so cute I cracked a full fledged smile.
"Um...Was that kind of what you wanted to tell me, Jaeni?" I asked, a little nervous.
"Er...Yeah, Ig....Yeah." I put my hand to her face and felt the huge smile she had placed on her face. "I think we should get back..." I said, more than a little reluctant. "Yeah...I guess..." I could tell she was still surprised and happy as we walked back, hands lightly touching.

Jaeni POV

I was shocked. Iggy had kissed me. And he tasted so light....and sweet. Like...chocolate...or a twinkie. I cracked a smile. A blond boy twinkie. I felt like I neede more....but I wasn't about to ask for it. As we stumbled into camp, I saw Max and Fang trade light kisses as they swapped for watch duty. I turned my head before they could see me....Max wasn't the kind to want to show PDA, and I'd say Fang wasn't either.

I lay on the ground a foot away from Iggy, and watched as the moon shone down on me, like it was caressing my face. I drifted peacefully to sleep, thinking of Iggy.

When I woke up, Nudge had the brilliant idea to play Truth or dare. Much to fang and Max's dissaproval, we still played. I was first. "Iggy...Truth or dare?" I said, boldly. "Dare"
He looked at me as if I were challenging him. Which I was. "I dare you to eat a piece of bark...." He looked at me like 'Really,that's it?' He got up, and max sort of pushed him to a tree. Then I finished. "No, Ig. Part of the log Gazzy's sitting on." Everyone made aface(Which Iggy couldn't see) and we all went "Ew." Iggy shrugged, put abrave face on, and Gazzy gave him some tree bark from his log. I couldn't wait to see this....

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