Iggy POV ___________________________

Jaeni started babbling for no apparent reason as I finished tying my shoe and gave her hand back.

"Iggy, we're only kids....marriage?...on the run!..Where did you get a ring anyway?...Do Fang or Max know?..Oh ... I'm not sure about this!!"

I put my hand on her face and felt the cold sweat. "What exactly did you think I was doing?" I asked, a little spooked.

"Um...proposing?" She asked, a hint of 'duh' in her voice, and alot of high pitched squeaks. "Proposing?!!?! I'm only a little over fifteen and you're thirteen!" I said, my voice solid and rough. I saw a little fast moving slide of pictures run over my eyes. I'd taken her hand and gotten on one knee, then she'd panicked.

"Jae? Jae...I took your hand to keep me from falling." I winked, and said "Because you make my knees weak." She put my hand on her face, and I felt a mile-wide smile. "I had to tie my shoe, Jaeni." I pointed down "Shoe. Tie. We okay now?"

Jaeni POV _
"Oh. Okay. It's just that Max and Fang were talking about two people marrying...and then you took my hand and kneeled!" Iggy gave me a sarcastic look, and cupped my face. "Jae. TOO young. I wouldn't call us dating 'puppy love' or 'crushing' but we aren't ready for MARRIAGE." He pecked my lips lightly, then pulled away.

No way. Two kisses now, and I never got to pick when! I pulled him back, kissing him passionately and hugging his neck. My hands tangled in his over-long hair, and his were moving lightly on my back. Then I pulled away. "Hah. I win." I smirked, and Iggy smiled.

Wandering to my sleeping- spot, I fell asleep calmly. I dreamt...and that was bad. I had premonitions when I dreamt. In my dream, Fang fell from the sky with a bloody hole in his side. It was possible that I'd be wrong...but that had only happened twice.

I woke up startled. Angel was beside me, looking at me and crying. "Jae? What are premonitions? Why did Fang die in your dream?" she was squeaky, and sobbing. "A premonition is seeing the future. I don't know why Fang died in my dream....But I've been wrong before, Angel." I whispered to her quietly, hugging her and dropping hot tears on her shoulder as she made my back sopping wet. "I've been wrong before..."

Iggy put a firm, hot hand on my shoulder, and picked Angel up. He whispered something in her ear, and let her go back to sleep. It looked to be around two or three in the morning. It must've been Iggy's watch again.

"You had a premonition about Fang dying?" He said, worry in his voice but a firm look on his face. "Yes....should we tell him?" Iggy shrugged his shoulders lightly, his eyes widening.

We dropped it, hoping I was wrong, and I stayed up so I didn't have anymore premonitions.

When Max woke up, I told her that she should tell Fang how she really feels. "Max, it's so obvious you love him. And you two kiss all the time. Iggy and I are fine together....just tell him." Max was red as a tomato. "But..I don't know if he loves me back...." She sad heavily. "I know he does. Tell him, and love him." She smiled and walked toward Fang. I muttered under my breath, "Because you may not have much time left with him."

Later that night, I was thinking about how I'd thought Iggy was proposing. He said I made his knees weak...That was so sweet, but really lame. A sideways smile spread on my face. Iggy plopped down beside me. It was probably eleven at night. Max was on watch....but she and Fang had flown off so she could 'speak her mind'. "Hey, Jaeni. Whats up?"Iggy said, half-heartedly.
"Just thinking. Has Fang updated his blog? How's Total?"
"I'm good, thanks. You guys haven't payed much attention to me lately." Total 'barked' from his place near Angel.
I'd totally forgot about Total....Poor dog. "Oh, poor Total." Iggy muttered, making a face. He was being awful after that news abouit Fang. Who then landed near us, with Max close behind him. Both were smiling like least they weren't dead, I thought, making a face at the mushiness.

"Hey. You can't talk, You're pretty bad about it too." Fang murmured, wrapping Max to his side, who promptly shoved him away. "Hey, Fang. No possessiveness." Max muttered, putting her head on his shoulder from the back. "I own you. Don't forget that." She smiled. Fang put a hand in her face and said "why deon't you two go make out, and We'll actually do something for the flock!" Fang smirked, dropping his hand.

"HEY! That's not all we do!" Iggy and Jaeni screamed, simultaneously.
"I'm sure. You two do LOTS of other things together, huh?" Fang said snidely. "HUH!?" -
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