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Tatooine, a two-suned system. The planets encircling them like a protective barrier. The connection of the suns obvious. The legend said that they came into existense together, though science said otherwise.

Together they remained, entwined in gravity's pull, forever destined to follow the same cycle, together.

One sun was red, and neareing its death, spurting gases into the vacuum. The other sun seemed to shine brighter for it, sacrificing itself. The planets continued to circle, one soaking up most of the light, Tatooine reflecting so much that it too, seemed to give to the dying sun and its companion.

Eventually, the red sun died, while two new stars sprang into existense across the galaxy. The yellow sun was plunged into darkness. It lost its pull on Tatooine, which seemed to drift slowly away . The other planet drew closer, consuming the light and the warmth of the sun.


Vader stared into the blue gaze of his son, and was reminded of another.

"All things die, Anakin, even stars," a softly accented voice, echoed from his past.

And so they did...


Somewhere in the galaxy, a star died...

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