i was inspired by LightofaThousandSuns' story 'Bloody Kisses, Strawberry Smiles' :) its an awsome story!

I do not own Death Note, if i did, it'd be chock full of yaoi

Little Raven

What are you my little raven?

Your locks tainted black

eyes that appear to have no end

that's all you are little raven

your gaze is bluntly stoic

skin wraps your flesh in snowed stars

my pretty Juliet

little raven, thats who you are

I own you

I whip you

I breath you

I taste you

blushed red sugars spill from your veins

and I lick the blood from your lips

I almost killed you

I should have done it

I should have slit your throat

I should have

but I didn't

I tortured you

and I enjoyed it

I raped you

I tasted and bit

I cut you

my little raven


you cried in pain

until that moment

when a chime was struck

you felt heaven's ora

lust glazed your eyes

oh joy

perhaps you're a masochist

my little raven, dear

my blood red eyes

your pale frame

scream in pain

blood's disdained

my raven

my raven

so small little raven