Chapter 1- Prologue: Goodbye, Amy Davison

Summary- BRUCAS AND VERY DIFFERENT! She was hurt, broken, and scared. She didn't want this life anymore so she was giving it up just like that. "Brooke" she said deciding on the name she had chose when she was eleven for her first baby girl "and Davis … Brooke Davis" (read authors note!)

Rated: M – sexual content, violence, and language

!Authors note! - Hi everyone! I thought I would let you all know this is an alternate universe story! Just so you're not confused I am going to explain a little. Brooke Davis used to be Amy Davison but she changed her name and recreated her entire life! So keep in mind for this chapter that Amy is soon to be Brooke! Please read and enjoy!


"Get the fuck up Amy! You need to get the hell out of here! I am having company and I can't be all day just sitting around waiting for you!" Amy rolled out of bed as she heard her mother's angry voice. She hurried down stairs and into the kitchen. She poured herself a bowl of cereal and sat down eating. She turned around when she heard her mom's hills hitting the tile floor and walking into the kitchen. Sure enough her mom was dressed in her sexiest etire … soon to be torn off her body by another one of her manwhores.

She hated her mom and there was no doubt about it. She watched her mom take her daily pills with her daily cup of coffee and she waited for the words she would soon say to remind Amy she did NOT want her.

Her mom looked at Amy up and down and then rolled her eyes "why I wasted my time with your father creating you … I do not know!" and there it was! She never failed to find a way to point that out to her daughter.

"Really mom? Because I could say that I don't know why dad wasted his time on you or why you wasted your time on each other! I mean who the hell are you kidding anyways? You both hate each other, you are always working, and you are both cheating on each other!" Amy barked back. She was sick of hearing this every morning.

Her mom slapped her across the face and Amy grabbed her stinging cheek but she wasn't surprised that her mom did that … it was a normal thing.

"Don't you speak like that to me you stupid child!" her mom spat.

"Whatever" Amy said and rolled her eyes standing up. She began to walk away but her mom grabbed Amy's arm stopping her and turning her around so they could talk.

"Wait I am not finished with you! You know who he is sleeping with don't you!?" she asked angrily and Amy rolled her eyes.

"No!" she lied. She definitely knew who one of the girls he was sleeping with was. Her mom always had a way of reminding her of that too. "I don't have time for this Victoria" she spat and ran back up stairs to get ready for school.


She walked up to her locker and opened it replacing the books in her hands with a few others. She smiled when she heard the loud laughs she knew best coming from her best friend. Alison always knew how to make the day better.

She turned around and saw that Alison was coming towards her.

"I gotta tell ya Amy, Jeff is one pretty hilarious dude," she says leaning against the locker next to Amy's and smiling at the brown haired, brown-eyed cutie she was currently crushing on. Amy closed her locker and turned around looking at the boy her best friend was starring at.

"Alison I really don't get why you guys don't just go out!" Amy said shaking her head and then looking at her blonde haired best friend in the eyes.

"Oh none of that now birthday girl!" Alison said and turned all her attention towards Amy. Today was her big day. She was finally turning sixteen.

"Ugh" Amy groaned, "don't remind me," she said walking down the hall with Alison.

"Oh cheer up you old fart! What are we going to do to celebrate tonight?" she asks with excitement as the ideas run through her head.

"First of all you are older than me and I cant Ali, daddy dearest wants me home ASAP" Amy said with pure disgust.

"First of all by two months and Tonight? Are you serious!? I swear to god Amy one day I will …" Amy stopped her by covering her mouth knowing all the violent ideas they both shared.

"Lets not talk about it please?" Amy pleaded and Alison nodded in an understanding way. She knew Amy hated talking or even thinking of the events that made her sick to her stomach. Alison had been best friends with her since they were eleven and they knew each other better than anybody else. Alison had been the first to know about what Amy's parents did to her and she would take that secret to the grave with her. They had been through too much together to ever betray one another that way.

"So does it feel any different being sixteen?" she asked a smile playing on her face, as she looked at Amy roll her eyes.

"You and everyone else ask me that question every single year and it is always the same answer! No!" Amy said and Alison laughed knowing it was true.

"Sorry! Well do you know what else I do every year and there is no way in hell I will let your dad take it away from me!" Alison implies with a mischievous smile.

"Alright fine" she gives in loving her best friends famous birthday tradition. " Lets go!" she said taking Alison's hand and running towards the schools front doors and leaving.


"You want some of my peach rings?" Amy asks offering Alison the bag and Alison shakes her head no.

"Nah, I think ill stick with my starburst but I wont mind having some of your snickers" Alison says and winks at her. Amy laughs. Then it got quite as Amy and Alison stare at the view. Ever since they were twelve they found someway to get on top of this hotel building and stare out at the busy life of Los Angeles.

"Hey Amy you know I would say that will be you one day like I usually do but …" Alison says pointing at the billboard where there was usually a Victorias secret ad but it was now men's underwear ad. "Unless you plan on having a sex change well I just don't think so" they both laugh. And it got quite again as they stared down and the traffic filled streets and their feet dangling down.

"Look I know you don't like to talk about it and especially not on today of all days but I think you really need to do something about your parents Amy" Alison said and it was quite as Amy closed her eyes letting the wind run through her hair. She always ignored the situation.

"Amy Davison!" her best friend yelled and Amy looked down sadly knowing there was no more avoiding it.

"Alison you know I wont do it" she said softly and Alison shook her head in disbelief.

"Why?! Because you love the sick bastard and the she devil?!" Alison asked and it was silent as she sighed. "Look I know you think it will all end one day Amy … and somehow they will realize what dicks they were but I am sorry to say that it wont happen unless you do something about it" she said worried for Amy.

"You're my best friend and you know me best but there is just one part of me you will never understand Alison" Amy confessed and Alison sighed.

"I know that ok?!" she said angry and once she relaxed she sighed "Amy don't you ever wonder what it would be like if your life was different?" Alison asked

"Of course I do … but I don't get to make the decision of how my life will turn out Ali!" Amy said

"But you can you just have to do something about it!" Alison said and she noticed the stressed and angry look on Amy's face "… look I am sorry" she apologized and then explained " … I just worry about you," she said and the looked up into the sky. "A LOT actually" she confessed and Amy smiled looking up at her.

"Thanks" she said appreciatively "but I will be ok … trust me" Amy assured her and then it got quite and they just stared out into the distance.

"I have to get home," Amy said looking at this time on her cell phone. Each of them sighed.

"Alright fine … just think about what I said please?" Alison asked and Amy nodded.

"I will … because believe me I already do all of the time" Amy confessed and Alison hugged her tightly.


She sighs as they reach her beautiful home. How could such a beautiful place have such ugly people living in it? She used to think that maybe all rich people were actually ugly but they were hiding behind their nice things.

She looked down at the concrete trying to find the right answer to the question, but there wasn't one. Sometimes there was just no answer. She had asked her self so many questions before, questions like why couldn't her life just be normal. But as she already knew, life has many unanswered questions. She looks up at the house with sad eyes.

"Well I better go Ali" she said and Alison nodded understanding that if she didn't let her go now the events that were about to take place would get much worse than planned. Aubree walked towards the house.

"Amy" Alison called and Amy turned around. "See you tomorrow" she said and Amy nodded with a small smile. "And be careful" she said what she really wanted to say from the start. Amy nodded and walked towards the house again. She softly opened the door and then closed it as quietly as possible. She looked around cautiously and she saw no one, she smiled happily and tip toed her way up the stairs hoping no one will hear her and she'll be free for just a little longer.

She finally got to her bedroom door and sighed, relieved to make it to her room. She opened it and he was sitting there on her bed waiting for her. Her eyes fill with sadness and she almost began to cry, but for the moment she was too frozen for a tear to fall. She looked her father dead in the eyes and bolted down the stairs. She just wanted to escape for a little longer. She ran as quickly as she could down the stairs.

"Amy!" he yells and runs after her. Halfway down the stairs he reached her and grabbed her arms tightly stopping her from going any further. The way he held her arm felt like his fingers were sharp needles digging into her skin. She was truly scared as her heart raced and her tears fell.

"What did I tell you about these damn tears?" he asked through gritted teeth. She had always chose to believe the reason he hated her tears was because they got to him, and hurt him the way he hurt her.

"I'm sorry" she apologized.

"No your not" he said simply and he tried to throw her back up the stairs but Aubree fought and tried her hardest to fight him. She finally pulled out of his grasp and fell backwards and down the stairs. She rolled like a ball painfully down the stairs.

She was weak after the fall and she tried to get back up but the pain made it a struggle. He reached her before she could even stand up. Her nose was bleeding as he picked her up by her arms and dragged her back up the stairs.

"I don't understand why you have to make this so god damned difficult every time!" he said angrily as he lifted her up and threw her on her own bed.

"Please don't," she begged through her sobs. She didn't know why she was trying to escape it so much because she knew it would happen in the end anyway.

"Don't pull this bullshit!" he warned as he undid his pants and let them fall to the floor. She felt her stomach turn as she watched him. He got on top of her pinning her hands above her head. She couldn't control it any more the tears and sobs came out uncontrollably. He groaned angrily sitting up and slapping her across the face. She shut up, looking him in the eyes with pain and fear.

He went to pull her shirt off but she held it down. He looked up at her face and she wasn't saying anything but she shook her head no over and over as she cried. She was scared and she knew that every second he was getting closer and closer to raping her.

He grabbed her hair pulling her up to him and she yelped in pain.

"You listen here child … you are my kid and you will do as I say! Remove your hands from that shirt right now!" he said angrily and she looked him the eyes and removed her hands from the shirt and put them over her tear filled eyes. She didn't want to see him anymore "Good" he said in approval and let go of her hair letting her fall back on the bed.

He ripped the shirt from her body along with her jeans. He looked her body up and down and smiled.

"You always were better than your mother" he approved and it again causes her stomach to turn. He removed her underwear and ran his hand over her clit. She continued to cry the sobs getting louder; you could hear every ounce of emotional and physical pain.

He roughly entered her and each push inside her she asks herself why? He finished with her and got up, sliding his clothes back on and then looked at her laying on the bed rolled in a ball shattered and naked with tears still coming out of her eyes.

"I have a flight to catch for a business meeting right now so I have to leave … I should be back sometime next week," he said as he looks at his daughter on the edge of the bed staring at the floor. She doesn't even acknowledge that he is talking to her. She ignored him. She looked almost as if she was lifeless.

"Look go buy yourself something nice for your birthday … and stop being such a baby about this" he said as he signed a check and left the rest blank for her to fill out. He left it on the nightstand and walked out.

He literally just chewed her a spit her out.

She lay there motionless as she heard his tires leave the driveway of the house. She knew she was in pain but she was too scared to move and find out just how much pain she actually encountered. She takes a deep breath and sits up fighting the pain that was all over her body.

She limped over into the bathroom and looked at herself I the mirror. She had a scratch from his nails across her left cheek from when he hit her she guessed. She could also see the red marks on her face and the rest of her body, probably from her fall down the stairs but who really knew? All she knew was they would definitely be bruises tomorrow.

She backed up and leaned against the wall and the tears overflowed in her eyes again as she slid down the wall and curled in another ball on the bathroom floor.


Once Amy got out of the shower and walked over to her nightstand where her phone was with 16 missed calls and a blank check laid. She picked up her phone and sure enough it was Alison blowing up her cell phone.

She put the cell phone down and picked up the check. She huffed looking at it in disbelief. After all the crying she had done on the bathroom floor and in the shower she was just angry now. She hated him for doing this to her all these years. Something snapped inside her tonight and she realized Alison was right she has to do something about this. So she sat the check back down.

Even though her body ached all over she hurried over to her closet and picked out an outfit throwing it on. She always did look good in everything she wore but she decided to put on her favorite pair of skinny jeans and her best red blouse because red was defiantly her color. After that she covered up the bruises on her face with her make up.

She walked back over to the closet but this time she grabbed two very large suitcases. In those suit cases she threw every item of clothing she owned in there, along with shoes, tooth paste, make up, shampoo, soap, towels, pictures, everything. She packed as if she was moving out. She only left two things her old life and her furniture. Once she finished with that she strapped on her favorite heels, if she was going to do this she would do it looking good.

She grabbed her cell phone and she ran down stairs and opened her fridge throwing as much food as she could in a large paper bag and then she walked over to her garage and opened the door. She backed her car into the garage so no one would see what she was doing.

She ran back up stairs grabbing the suitcases and dragging them along with her purse and the check in her hand down to the garage. She threw her purse and the check in the passenger seat and then threw her suitcases in the trunk. She slammed the trunk door shut and got into the car, started it up, and took off in any direction. She got onto the first freeway she saw and just kept driving.

"What the hell do I do now?!" she asked herself aloud. She thought quickly. She was panicking now, shaking scared that she would get caught and this was all a mistake. "Relax" she told her self and took a deep breath.

"Ok first I need to change my name, get a bank account in that name, cash out his check in there, find a place to live, and ill continue from there." She told her self and her cell phone rang. She looked at the caller ID and sure enough it was Alison. This was the hardest part of giving up her life but she hoped Alison would understand. She rolled the car window down and threw the cell phone out the window.

She had finally had enough! She was hurt, broken, and scared. She didn't want this life anymore so she was giving it up just like that. "Brooke" she said deciding on the name she had chose when she was eleven for her first baby girl "and Davis … Brooke Davis that's my name" she said aloud proud of her decision "I cant believe I am actually doing this!" she said and laughed happily feeling the freedom for the first time.

"Goodbye Amy Davison" and just like that she left her life behind.