Chapter 5: Seaside. Rating: M

Summary: Summary- BRUCAS AND VERY DIFFERENT! She was hurt, broken, and scared. She didn't want this life anymore so she was giving it up just like that. "Brooke" she said deciding on the name she had chose when she was eleven for her first baby girl "and Davis … Brooke Davis"

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"You did what?!" Haley asked with her mouth dropped down to the floor in shock.

"I know and I feel really guilty Hales" Brooke confessed. "Stop looking at me like that!" Brooke said as Haley gave her a stern look.

"Sorry…" Haley apologized. "But we need to back up! What were you thinking? What about Peyton?" Haley asked and Brooke looked at Haley confused.

"What do you mean what about Peyton? Lucas said they were just friends with benefits" Brooke said and Haley sighed.

"Maybe in his eyes but definitely not in Peyton's. All she could talk about last night was Lucas … she thinks "they are really going to make it this time'" Haley said with her fingers in the air using finger quotes.

"Oh my god!" Brooke said and fell down onto Haley's bed, grabbing a pillow and screaming into it. She removed the pillow and looked up at the ceiling fan spinning around, it was hot as hell. "I can't believe this is happening … I mean really could it get any worse?" Brooke asked completely frustrated.

"What does Julian think?" Haley asked and Brooke looked up at her with her eyebrows raised.

"Do you really think that I would tell him? Haley I am a lot of things but I am not stupid!" Brooke said and Haley nodded in agreement. "I am so screwed up Hales. Normally I would never say this but I need a shrink or something" Brooke sighed.

"I'm your shrink" Haley winked as the doorbell rang. Haley stood up and grabbed Brooke's hand. "Come on Ms. Davis, we have company" Haley said and Brookes stomach tightened into a knot. They walked into the living room and Brooke slumped onto the couch as Haley opened the door.

"Hey" Haley greeted and allowed Lucas and Peyton to come in.

"So who are we waiting for?" Lucas said and took a seat on the couch beside Brooke and then Peyton beside him.

"Rachel of course" Haley huffed and Brooke stood up walking into the kitchen and grabbing a beer out of the fridge. Lucas could feel the tension. He knew Brooke didn't stand up cause she was thirsty, she felt awkward and there was no denying it. Brooke opened her beer and then walked to the back of the apartment.

Lucas cleared his throat. "So is there anything else we need to pack up?" he asked offering his help.

"You know what Luke … there are a couple of bags in my room, you can put those in the car," Haley suggested and Lucas got up gladly and walked down the hall and into Haley's room. He saw that Brooke was lying on the bed with a pillow over her face and a beer in her hand. He could see a small piece of skin between the top of her shorts and the bottom of her shirt. Lucas took a deep breath and shut Haley's door behind him.

Brooke quickly took the pillow off of her face and sat up realizing there was someone else in the room with her. She sighed when she saw it was Lucas.

"What do you want?" she snapped and Lucas looked at her shocked.

"I am getting a bag for Haley … I thought I would kill two birds with one stone and ask what the hell is wrong with you" Lucas said and looked around the room for the bag.

She huffed and took a drink from her beer before lying back down and completely ignoring him.

"Brooke just fucking tell me and stop acting like a two year old!" Lucas argued and Brooke sat up looking at him with daggers.

"Where do I begin Lucas? Maybe starting with the fact that you're a complete asshole and a liar!" Brooke raised her voice and Lucas gave her a look telling her to shut up so no one could hear them.

"Why Lucas? So Peyton wont hear? Oh but I thought you two were just 'friends with benefits' your such a dick!" Brooke said and crossed her arms across her chest in anger.

"We are! … I wasn't lying to you, so I have no idea what the fuck you are talking about." Lucas said simply and Brooke just rolled her eyes.

"Right Lucas … that's why Peyton thinks 'you guys are really gonna make it this time' you suck at lying" Brooke said and stood up drinking another chug from her beer.

"Wait what?! She said that?" Lucas asked and Brooke laughed dryly. "You've got to be kidding me … that must be why she has been attached to my hip the past few days." Lucas said and Brooke shrugged.

"Look I really don't know anything about the two of you and your relationship and to be honest I really don't give a fuck … my whole point is your and asshole and I never want to speak about what happened last night … it was a drunk mistake" Brooke said simply and walked out the door before Lucas could say anything.


"This piece of shit is heavy" Rachel complained as she dragged the heavy ice chest through the sand.

"Relax … were almost there" Brooke said and looked down the beach. "Which pit do you want to set up at hales?" Brooke asked and looked at the multiple bonfire pits.

"The one right in front of you" Haley said and Brooke placed the blankets she had in one hand down and then she unfolded the fold out chairs in her other hand. Everybody did their part and set up what they brought out.

"I'm gonna go back and get the rest" Brooke said and walked back to the parking lot. Once she reached the pavement she heard footsteps trying to catch up with her.

"So are you just going to ignore me now or what?" Lucas asked as he reached her. She grabbed the stuff from the trunk and shrugged.

"Pretty much yeah … that was my plan" Brooke said and walked off leaving the rest for Lucas to pick up. Brooke reached the sand and everything was set up and their pit.

"Alrighty here is your bag hales" Brooke said and handed her a beach bag. "And this one is mine" Brooke said and dropped hers down on the blanket she planned on laying out on. She swiftly removed her shirt and shorts coincidently just as Lucas walked up. She felt herself get nervous when she noticed him looking. She shrugged it off and sat down on her blanket. She grabbed her sun tanning lotion out from her bag and opened the bottle.

"Did you need help putting that on?" Lucas asked with a smirk on his face causing Brooke to roll her eyes.

"Lucas!" Peyton said in shock and slapped him on the stomach.

"No thanks dirt bag … I got it" Brooke assured him and rubbed the lotion down her already smooth and tan legs. Once Brooke finished with her tanning lotion she put her glasses on and laid face down just as the rest of the girls did.

"You guys are boring as hell … this is the beach you're supposed to have fun not sleep!" Lucas said and all the girls ignored him "lets go to the water Nate" Lucas said and Lucas and Nathan walked down to the water.


She hadn't realized it but she had dozed off into sleep and she probably would have kept sleeping peacefully too if she didn't feel a sharp feeling crash onto her back. She woke up screaming in terror. She had been dreaming of her father she was dreaming that he had found her and was chasing after her with a knife. Luckily the sharp pain that crashed into her back wasn't the knife it was a bottle of ice-cold water that Lucas had poured on her back. She was freezing especially since the breeze had picked up considering it was dawn. She looked up at his laughing face and stood up smacking him repeatedly on the chest.

"You are the biggest dick I have ever met!!!!!" she said and pounded his chest as he continue to laugh. "Ugh! Your lucky I don't fucking kill your ass!" Brooke said and tried to wipe all the water that was sliding down her. She turned around and saw everybody laughing. Everyone that is except for Peyton, which made her extremely nervous but she quickly ignored it.

"It is not funny guys!" Brooke said.

"It was pretty funny Brooke" Haley said and Brooke rolled her eyes.

"Whatever … its on asshole!" Brooke said and flipped him off with both hands.

"Right back at you!" Lucas said simply and sat down.

"I can't believe that we leave for the secret classic week next weekend" Haley said as it popped into her mind.

"Oh my god I know … we better win that damn trophy after being stuck out there in the middle of nowhere for a week!!" Rachel said as Brooke got up and grabbed a water bottle from the chest taking a drink. Her heart stopped as she saw her dad's sports car. In the drivers seat sat her dad and his evil smirk. She swallowed nervously and almost threw up. A car passed by the sports car and suddenly he was gone, no longer in the drivers seat.

"Brooke! Hello…." Haley called out trying to catch her attention. Brooke shook her head and snapped back into reality.

"Sorry" she said and looked back over at the car. She sighed in relief.

"You look like you just saw a ghost," Haley said and Brooke nodded.

"Yeah I know … sorry guys but I think I'm gonna go for a little walk." Brooke said and walked off towards the water. Everybody watched her curiously.

"Some times that girl can be really fishy" Rachel pointed out "I think she is hiding something … and something big" Rachel said as Haley poured everyone a cup of beer.

"Actually I agree with you Rachel …I was actually kind of thinking maybe we should find out what it is… I mean just think about it she has no parents, she came from god knows where, she has been acting really weird … I mean the list goes on. What if what she is hiding could affect us?" Peyton said and Haley shook her head.

"No way… it's none of your business … I mean how would you feel if she went snooping in your life. When she is ready she'll tell us" Haley argued and Rachel shrugged.

"I agree. That would be really fucked up to snoop through her past that she obviously had a problem with" Lucas said

"What is it with you anyways Lucas? Do you like her?" Peyton asked and Lucas looked at her in shock.

"That's non of your business either Peyton … you know you have been putting your nose in places they shouldn't be lately and as a matter of fact I think we need to talk" Lucas said figuring this would be a moment to break the news.

"Talk about what?" Peyton asked confused.

"Do you really want to do this in front of everyone?" Lucas asked and Peyton shrugged.

"Why the hell not?" Peyton asked and Lucas sighed.

"Fine" Lucas said and began "you realized we aren't an item right?" Lucas asked and Peyton looked at him like he was crazy.

"What are you talking about?" Peyton asked confused.

"I thought I was clear that this relationship was strictly friends with benefits" Lucas said simply and Peyton looked at him now angry.

"So what your saying is all you wanted out of me was a couple of good fucks?" Peyton asked.

"If I am being completely honest … yea" he shrugged. Peyton's mouth dropped and she threw her cup of beer on Lucas.

"Fuck you asshole" Peyton said angrily and crossed her arms across her chest.

"You know what … I'm just gonna walk away and let you cool off and think about if I ever once said we were together" Lucas said and wiped his alcohol wet face before walking off.


She sat on the empty lifeguard post looking out into the purple and orange sky. Nobody was even at the beach anymore and if they were they were getting their bonfires set up. She sat and just watched the waves crash against each other, she watched the flock of birds fly through the sky, and the hundreds of tiny people on the distance walking on the dock.

As she watched all this she tried to think about how she was in such a peaceful place but inside she had no peace at all. What had her parents done to her? She wondered if she would ever fully escape her life. She wanted to say yes … that one day she would forget it all and it would be like it never happened. She knew though, she knew that her old life was a part of her and it always would be. She tried to think of when was there a moment she didn't think of her old life. She couldn't find it. She took a swig of the bottle of vodka she had bought with her fake ID.

"Where'd you get that?" Lucas asked as he walked up to the lifeguard post with his hands dug into his pockets.

"Bought it with this" she said and handed him her ID.

"Amy Davison" he read aloud. "Nice" he said and handed her the ID back. He took a seat beside her and watched the sun slowly set.

"You reek of alcohol dude," Brooke said as she got a whiff of him.

"Yea you can thank Peyton for that" Lucas said laughing and shaking his head.

"You guys fighting?" Brooke asked with a smile before taking another long drink from her bottle.

"Nope … I just broke the news to her that I never intended to be her 'boyfriend'" Lucas said and took the bottle that Brooke was offering him from her hands.

"Nice" Brooke said and took the bottle back and chugged the last of it down. She grabbed the other bottle she had bought and handed it to Lucas to open. He took it and looked at her shocked.

"Damn girl your thirsty!" Lucas said and opened the bottle "are you drunk?" he asked.

"A little, but not enough" she said and took the bottle.

"I see," he said and Lucas gulped. "So you wanna play a little game of 20 questions?" Lucas asked and Brooke shrugged.

"Why not?" Brooke said simply.

"You go first," Lucas suggested and Brooke sighed.

She thought for a second before asking, "what the hell is the deal with you and Peyton?" she asked and Lucas shrugged.

"Well we went out for about a year in middle school and then we broke up for god knows what reason. Sure enough we got back together last year but well she kind of had something that went down with Nathan" Lucas said and Brooke looked over at him shocked.

"Wait she cheated on you and slept with Nathan? Were Haley and Nathan together? And if so haw the hell are you all friends still?" Brooke asked and Lucas laughed at her rambling.

"Yes she cheated and slept with Nathan, yes Nathan and Haley were together but we all know Haley … she is determined to be with Nathan forever. Nathan is just really lucky he had the excuse of being REALLY drunk. I think we all just moved on with our lives and learned to forget that night," Lucas explained and Brooke let out a deep breath.

"Wow sometimes you people amaze me … if I was Haley I would have used that bitch to clean the sidewalk." Brooke said and Lucas chuckled. "Your turn" Brooke said.

He decided to start off slow "where are you from?" he asked.

"You suck at this game. Los Angeles, California." She said simply. "Alright do you ever see yourself or plan on getting back together with her and for real?" Brooke asked and Lucas sighed.

"No way" he said simply. "Is there anything you miss about your 'old life'" Lucas asked and Brooke took a deep breath and heard the loud laughter she knew best of her old best friend ring through her ears.

"Alison" she said closing her eyes and taking a deep breath. She opened her eyes and looked at Lucas. "She was my best friend and the hardest part about leaving," she said and Lucas saw the tears welling up in her eyes. She sucked up the tears and changed the subject as best she could. "Alright, why are you such an asshole?"

He looked down and completely avoided looking her in the eyes. "If I am being completely honest … I started being an ass after the whole thing that happened with Peyton." Lucas admitted and looked in the opposite direction from Brooke.

"Wow she really did a number on you huh?" Brooke asked and Lucas took a deep breath and simply nodded.

"She was my first everything, or at least what I thought was my everything." He explained.

"What do you mean 'thought'? You don't think so anymore?" Brooke asked and Lucas took a deep breath.

"I honestly don't know … I mean when I thought I 'loved' her I was young and obviously an idiot. This is about to sound really corny but it's the truth … I just didn't know what love felt like and something tells me it wasn't what I had with Peyton." Lucas explained.

"Wow" Brooke said simply and Lucas looked up at her.

"What?" he asked

"I just cant believe your actually telling me all this" Brooke said and Lucas shrugged.

"Its not like you'll remember it tomorrow anyways" he said and tapped the bottle she had in her hand.

"Oh believe me ill remember" she said and took a drink from the bottle "you know what Luke? You should act like this more often" Brooke said

"Act like what?" he asked with an eyebrow raised curiously.

She searched her head for the right word "normal. I mean I think this is the first time we have actually had a functional conversation," she said and there was a silence "I like it." She admitted placing her hand on his knee and Lucas looked at her shocked.

"Don't get too excited its your turn … and make it interesting" Brooke said and took a deep breath of the fresh salty air.

He searched through his head for a question to lighten the mood. "Who'd you lose it to?" Lucas asked with a smirk. Brooke looked at him and took a long drink of the vodka. When she asked for an interesting question she didn't realize what she was getting herself into. She didn't know whether to get up and walk away or just tell him. She looked at the ocean and thought. She had been wanting and dying to tell somebody, it had been eating at her and here was her chance. She just didn't know if Lucas Scott was the person she wanted to tell. Still would she take her chance to let it all out?

She looked up at him. She starred into his lost deep blue eyes. She looked at his handsome face and his hair, which had wind blowing through it. It was then that her question from earlier was answered. She realized that the only time she had completely forgot about her old life was last night when she was with Lucas. She made up her mind.

"Lucas before I answer this you have to swear on your grave that it is a total and complete secret!" she said and pointed at him. He looked at her confused but nodded.

"I swear on my life I wont say a word," he promised.

"My dad" she said simply without looking at him.

"Wait what?" Lucas asked shocked.

"That's why I am here Lucas, for the past 6 years I … I was raped by my bastard of a father" she said it with pure disgust.

"You … you just left and came here? Hold on wait! If it's alright with you can you just explain from the beginning?" he asked and turned toward her looking at her face. She gulped and he could see she was nervous. He softly slipped his hand in hers and squeezed it. "You can do it … you have got to talk to someone about this and at this point I am all ears Brooke" he promised holding her hand in a comforting manor.

"Alright well I guess I should start by confessing my real name is actually Amy Davison but don't worry I really am sixteen. This thing with my dad started when I was ten and so many times I was told to turn my parents in to do something about it and I never did. I just let it go on because I was too scared to do anything." She said shaking her head at the thought of it all.

"It was my birthday and I came home from school and there he was. Just waiting to … whatever word you want to use. It was my birthday and the last thing I wanted near me was him. So I ran hoping to get away but of course he caught me and daddy dearest hated it when I cried so when the tears came running he slapped me over and over. He did what he wanted with me and then signed a check for my birthday and left just like that" she explained with her eyes closed as she remembered every detail of that night.

"Then I made up my mind … I was gonna leave and never come back." She said and took a deep breath "so I packed every bit of my belongings from makeup and towels to my entire closet. Put it all in his car and just kept driving until I felt I was somewhere safe" she said and looked at Lucas in the eyes. She looked at him surprised when she noticed his blue eyes were glossy with tears.

"Its nothing to get upset about really … I got out" she said and gave him a smile. "I think the only part I cant live with is he is still with me in one way or another. I keep seeing him … everywhere! He is in my mirror, he is in cars, he's at school, and he's just everywhere haunting me! I wish that I could just get rid of him." She sighed

"You wanna know a secret? I think the only time I completely forgot him was last night when I was with you. He wasn't there … when I slept with other guys they always reminded me of him and I would instantly get disgusted but for some reason you were different. Every little touch, every kiss, it was all different" she confessed and Lucas gulped. She took another drink from the bottle and handed it to Lucas who took a drink.

She stood up and dusted off any extra sand on her ass. "I can't believe I am actually going to ask this but …you wanna do me a favor?" she asked looking down at him.

"Anything" he said simply looking up at her.

"Help me forget it again" she said and put her hand out for him to grab. He grabbed her hand and pushed him self up. He looked her in her hazel eyes.

"How do you want me to do that?" he asked and Brooke shrugged walking down the lifeguard post and reaching the sand.

"However you want," she said looking back at him with a deep dimpled smile. He smiled back at her and ran down the lifeguard post straight at her. He picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist holding onto him tight as he ran into the empty water. They fell down splashing into the water. She swam up and splashed him.

"This wasn't exactly what I was thinking asshole," she said and he laughed.

"You said however I wanted" he said and splashed her back.

"Ugh!" she groaned and pushed his head down and into the water. He came back up from the water and grabbed her waist pulling her close to him. She wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. He dipped his head in and kissed her softly with a smile on his face. He chuckled into her lips and she pulled away looking at him curiously.

"I just can't believe your actually letting me," Lucas said and Brooke rolled her eyes.

"Well don't ruin it for yourself" she said and he nodded in agreement before dipping his head back in and kissing her. He let his fingers trace up and down her back as he kissed her. Every so often his hands would slip down her sides and his finger would slide under her bathing suits strings. She pulled away and let go of him smiling. She swam away from him.

"Where are you going?" he asked curiously.

"I am not about to miss the bonfire" she said simply and walked up the sand. He rolled his eyes and shook his head at her before following her up the sand.


"Hey there you two are" Haley said as she noticed Brooke and Lucas walking up to there pit. "Where did you guys go?" she asked and Brooke looked at her with an "are you serious" look.

"As if it isn't obvious we went swimming," Brooke pointed out her wet body.

"You mean without trying to drown each other?" Haley asked shocked.

"Oh no I definitely tried that" Brooke assured Haley. And she nodded in understanding.

"Well you missed the fact that nobody has a lighter or matches" Haley said pointed out the unlit firewood. "Nathan went to see if he could get some."

"Nathan looked and failed" Nathan said as he reached the group.

"Oh god! Never speak in third person ever again." Brooke said with a chuckle. Nathan laughed.

"I do kind of sound like Tim" he agreed, "well we better pack up considering there is no point in staying." Nathan said and everyone sighed getting all their stuff together.


She put her hair up in a high ponytail and flopped onto her bed tired from the long day at the beach. She knew that when she woke up tomorrow her head would be pounding from her major hangover. She looked up at the ceiling fan just as she did this morning before they left. She laughed at how much things had changed since then. She couldn't believe how she could go from despising someone so much to telling that person her whole life story and her deepest secret.

She bit her lip nervously as she thought about what she had told Lucas earlier. She wondered if he would keep her word or if telling him was a huge mistake. She had no I idea why the one person she had been rivaling with from the very start was the one person she trusted.

A knocking at her door disturbed her thoughts and she sighed before standing up and opening her door. Unexpectedly, to her anyways, it was Lucas. She looked at him confused.

"What are you doing here?" she asked and Lucas simply walked past her and into her apartment.

She closed the door and without turning around she mumbled under her breath in a sarcastic tone, "sure Luke come right on in" she felt her heart get heavy as she worried that he was here to convince her to tell the cops or to even talk about the situation. She had hoped that after she told him that would be it, end of story. Even she knew that was hard.

"So is there something you needed…" she asked and turned around to find Lucas surprising close to her. She was looking straight as his chest and she felt his warm breath falling down and touching her face. Things suddenly awkward and she felt extremely nervous to even move let alone look up at him.

She slowly looked up and before she could even open her mouth to speak he reached the back of her neck and pulled her in for a passionate kiss. He started off slow, letting their tongues intertwine and then it seemed to get more rough. Not rough in a way that was painful but rough like they were anxious and ready to get to the good part. After a while they pulled away knowing that air was a need at that point.

"Come on" she said with heavy breath and she lead him into her bedroom. When they reached the room Brooke faced him and simply went in for another kiss. As she softly sucked on his lips she reached his pants and quickly unbuckled, unbuttoned, unzipped, and dropped the pants to the floor. She softly dipped her hand under his shirt and felt his warm, hard stomach. It wasn't long till she felt his hand creeping under the back of her own shirt. He gently traced his fingers up her back quickly giving her a rush of the chills.

He lifted her feet off the ground and carried her onto the bed. Once he hovered over her he let his hand reach her shorts and quickly remove them letting her pink laced underwear show. He began to kiss down her neck. As he kissed her neck softly his hand ran down to her knee and as his hand ran back up her leg he lifted it and she hooked both legs around him. His hand continued running all the way up her thigh.

With that she unhooked her legs from his body and pushed him over so she was now on top. She reached her hands down to the hem of his shirt and quickly pulled the item over his head and off his body. Now that she had gotten rid of that task, she removed her own shirt and threw it across the room leaving her chest bare. She smiled at him as she noticed him biting his bottom lip. He turned her over laying her down on the bed and then he sat at the bottom of her bed grabbing her leg and kissing it softly.

As he moved up her leg he could taste the salt still on her skin from the beach. He dropped her leg and let his soft hands roam over her flat stomach. He softly began kissing up her stomach, just like he did with her leg. As he made his way slowly up he took one of her breast into his hand and cupped it softly. His lips made their way over to her other breast and he softly kissed it before softly sucking and letting his tongue trace circles around her nipple.

She bit her lip to try and keep her from moaning and screaming but the way his tongue moved against her skin was NOT letting her keep it in. "mmm" she moaned loudly "oh my god Lucas!" she groaned and clenched her hands, tightly gripped the sheets. The way his warm mouth felt on her made that ache in between her legs very intense.

She had to stop this before she completely exploded so she turned him over and slipped her hand into his boxers and rubs his hardness that she felt on her. He threw his head back as the pleasure hit him.

"No more" Lucas said and pulled her hand out and turned her over removing his boxers and as Brooke took in the sight of him he removed her underwear as well. He kissed her pulse point and softly entered her. "Oh god" she moaned biting her lip in pleasure. They picked up a rhythm and their hips moved with each other. It felt amazing and there was no way to deny that. Each time he would thrust into her again and again it felt like shocks going up their body. He couldn't help but go faster and deeper because the way she was making him feel right now was uncontrollable. "Oh god Brooke" he groaned as he felt himself reaching the top. As they both collapsed reaching their climax she slid her hand down his soft back.

"That was amazing," she said breathlessly and he turned over and off of her.

"That was more than amazing," he confessed


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