Epilogue: Having A Future

Buffy climbed into the plane wiggling and tempting Spike who could hardly wait until they got home. They stopped flirting and put on innocent faces as their twins ran over to them, little Phoebe saying, "Mommy, Daddy, did you get what Uncle Angel wanted?" Buffy nodded and kissed Phoebe and little Will on their heads. Pheobe glanced in the bag saying, "Wow they are pretty. What will Uncle Angel do with them?" Buffy shrugged saying, "No idea." Spike grinned saying, "Perhaps give it to his little wolf." Buffy rolled her eyes as she said, "We will get a week off before the next mission if all goes well. Giles needs us in a week to deliver two ex-potentials to Cambodia." The two kids cheered and said, "Where we will be staying at daddy?" Spike grinned saying, "Pick a country." They both yelled, "England, let's see Uncle Giles!" Buffy smiled and said, "I agree. I'd like to see how Dawn is doing as well." The two children ran back to be watched over by their nanny and Spike pulled out the book he had been reading to Buffy from and patted his lap. She put down the sack of diamonds they had recovered on their latest mission and grinned feeling quite proud of their accomplishments. She settled onto his lap enjoying the warmth of his body and thinking on how different their life making has been now that he is a human slayer like creature.

He was similar to Buffy only he kept some of his extra strength and his heightened senses which came in handy. The claim stayed surprisingly when he got Shanshu. Giles had assumed they wouldn't be able to hear each other's thoughts or feelings and would just be two humans but the powers to be didn't work that way. They wanted their two immortal slayers to be able to have it all. They could walk in the sunlight, dance in the moonlight, make love wherever and whenever they wanted and travel to the moon and back. They had experienced a partial claim during Spike's death when they grasped their hands together but since Spike hadn't repeated the I love you during the claim, it was unreturned and therefore very weak. They were bonded through sleep and dreams where their minds were weak and vulnerable. Fred had determined this due to lots of research with Wesley working by her side. Their claim now was the strongest every formed. Nothing could weaken or break it and it was eternal.

After many fights and tears as well as blood being spilt, Buffy and Spike were given jobs by Giles, Willow, Wesley and Angel to keep them busy. Angel left them alone only contacting them with new missions or to have the kids visit sometimes. They were sent out to various places rescuing victims, protecting others, retrieving various artifacts, delivering items and exploring the world. They fought battles together, saved the world multiple times, and still had time to create a happy and healthy family. Both of them loved their job. It included violence, rescuing and resourcefulness, which were exactly what the undefeatable duo needed to keep happy.

Angel had continued on at the law firm with his gang. Angel enjoyed the power that came with running an important law firm and the benefits. He shared the benefits with Buffy and therefore Spike hence why they were living such a good life but they were not actually employed by the company. He gave the 'good fight' work to Buffy and Spike who ensured it got done. Giles and the rest of the Scoobies continued their work with the slayers and protecting the Hell Mouths around the world. Dawn graduated with high honors from Oxford and is now completing a translator program, which is her career choice.

Buffy rested her head against his shoulder and smiled as his arm wrapped around her waist to rest on her stomach feeling the slight budge. She smiled bringing her hand to rest over his as he brought down the book to the waist level and continued reading. She smiled enjoying the story of Pride and Prejustice that had been chosen because Buffy wanted a happy ending love story. Really their life was perfect. They had their own personal jet, personal driver, their own houses in ten different countries including a castle in England that Spike wanted. They had two little children with another on the way and wonderful and caring nanny and more love than every imagined.

The End