Title: Bad Whiskey (Part of The Whiskey Series)
Author: Onyx Wildcat
Chapters: Ongoing...
Rating: NC-17 (Gentle Hearts Be Weary)
Pairing: Sam/Onyx-Dean/Onyx
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Warnings: Strong Depictions of Violence, Bloodshed, Harsh Language, Strong Sexual Content, Gore, Emotional Angst, Heart Break.
Spoilers: None
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Onyx's Note: I started writing this 12'29'2008 and I'm finally getting around to posting the beginning for everyone (2'6'2009) now. I just ended a 2 and half year relationship on Jan 16th...and I think this is the result of my instincts trying to warn me of what was going to happen. Just to let everyone know, yes...this follows the 'Whiskey Series' of the Winchester's relationship with Onyx Wildcat, a girl Sam fell for in a smoke filled bar, only to have Dean follow not long after.
[Read, 'I Need Whiskey' and 'Whiskey Under The Mistletoe' to understand their relationships]
This story is the aftermath of Dean going to hell...and the events that transpired before he was brought back. A lost episode if you will. But with my special Twist. Warning...unlike my other stories... This is extremely dark, and that's bad comin' from me.

On that note...please, sit back...and enjoy the ride. *smiles deviously*
* * * * * * * * * *

This is a VERY DARK fic...
It takes place after 'Whiskey Under The Mistletoe'...
There is some references to rape...but don't worry, I haven't gone that dark.

He sits at the bar, ignoring his reflection in the mirror just in front of him. Bloodshot eyes surrounded in deep, brown circles. No sleep…the tears finally turned to dust. His chest aches. With a snort, he sucks back his ragged breath and takes down yet another shot of whiskey. Nasty shit too. Not Jack Daniels… Black Velvet. Nastiest whiskey he could find. He wants it to hurt…wants to feel the pain like a raging fire going down his throat. It's better than falling a part…he just wants to feel numb.

He doesn't sense her presence as she takes a stool to his left.

She looks at him for a long time before speaking. The puffiness around his eyes, due to sleeplessness, crying and over drinking. The paleness of his usually tanned skin, the dark circles under his eyes… He looks like shit. So many things she would love to scream at him…but she refrains. Having spoken to the bartender moments before she sat down, she made sure Sam was cut off. No more drinks…when she gives the signal of course.

She's amazed that he hasn't recognized her yet… But she's not that surprised, either. Due to his drunken state, and the new image she's got goin' on…how could he? Sam's a bright boy…when he's not about five sheets to the wind, at full sail, and stuck in neutral.

Yea…he's THAT drunk.

"God how can you drink that shit?" She quips in a sultry tone, causing him to turn his head enough to see the outline of her profile as she faces forward.

He scoffs, "it gets the job done." He slurs in a deep rumble, still not looking at her and fills another shot, spilling some of the brown liquid along the bar top, smirks and brings the shot to his lips and drinks it down.

She's turned slightly to the right, eyeing him with narrowed eyes. "I can see that." She chimes, noticing his state of drunkenness. "How long you been workin' on that bottle?"

He takes another shot, pauses and gives her his eyes. "Few minutes, and it's my second bottle, actually." He replies and notices, for the first time, how familiar she is. But he can't quite place it…seeing as he's been drinking enough to kill a small platoon.

It's her eyes. He doesn't know why, maybe because everything is slightly off kilter and somewhat blurred due to the high octane running through his veins. "Hey…" he slurs and raises his right hand as if to quote some great scholar when his brow furrows and his hand wavers. "You know what? Never mind."

She lets out a sigh, snatches the bottle from him and sets it way off to her left where the bartender appears as promised, and takes the bottle as if it were routine. "No more, Sam. You're wasted." She says in a firm statement and gets a shocked look from him. "I mean it. And don't look at me like that."

His head aches and he feels his stomach turn over. "Who the hell do you think you are?" He blurts out to this blurry woman and slaps his big hands on the counter, loses his balance and literally slips off of his stool and lands ass first onto the floor with a SMACK. A groan rises from his throat as he struggles to get up and ends up falling over. "Sonuvabitch…" Sam mutters and blinks several times…in a failed attempt to stop the room from spinning.

She let's out a low sigh, stands up, pulls the stools back and out of the way before placing herself right in Sam's path. She watches him struggle once more, to at least sit up straight, where he wobbles back and forth and gives her very squinty eyes. "Get up." Her voice is a low purr laced with a warning that causes more than a few heads to turn in her direction.

"Fuck you." Sam snaps between clenched teeth, feels a burp bubble up his throat and is suddenly tasting a nasty batch of bile from his over consumption of bad whiskey. He clenches his eyes shut, feels the world spin and moans, "oh I'm gonna be sick…"

Without a word, she grabs him by the collar, drags him onto his feet and drapes his right arm over her shoulders and drags all six feet and four inches to the nearest bathroom.

The world blurs in and out of proportion. He feels himself being carried off, his sight consumed in weird, blurry images of figures and dim colors. Suddenly everything is as bright as the day and he's kneeling before something cold and smooth to the touch.

That's when his stomach lurches and he feels like he's about to launch his intestines at the speed of light to the porcelain god. Every nerve in his body is racked with agony, his chest feels like its crushing in on itself and every time he struggles to get a gasp of breath, he's assaulted by yet another wave of nausea.

He has no idea, that as he vomits the poison from his body, she's right there, her small hand to his forehead, keeping him from slamming his skull into the cold, hard porcelain toilet. She grits her teeth but remains calm as he continues to push the bad whiskey out of his system, pauses for a few moments to catch his breath and begins again.

After every nasty convulsion of his body ridding itself of the poison, he can sense someone in the room with him. He can't think straight…he only feels pain and tastes rancid whiskey…which only causes him to vomit even harder than before.

* A While Later *

"God my head." Sam groans and sits up, the haze clearing from his eyes as he realizes he's lying in a queen sized bed. It takes him a moment but when it hits him, he notices it's not any random bed… But the very one that sits in his current motel room. With a moan, he reaches over to the nightstand, where his bottle of Tequila sits waiting for him. He fingers the base of the bottle until he's got his hand wrapped firmly around it, brings it to his lips and remembers to take the lid off before he attempts a drink.

After several gulps of the harsh liquor, he lets out a sigh, screws the cap back on and licks his lips. Nothing beats a nasty hangover with another dose of high octane.

As his brain clears just slightly… He can smell something burning, like sweet smelling incense. Confused, he looks around and notices a figure in black, sitting across from him at a small table.

"Ruby?" He groans curiously and holds the bottle in his lap as the fog in his brain begins to dissipate and he starts to remember, faintly, the person who had stopped him from drinking his liver into an early grave…and it had Not been Ruby.

The scent dances in his nose as he watches the small twisting lines of purple tinted smoke rise from her nostrils. Another moment passes and he's able to focus on her features. High arched brows, cat like eyes, small nose and full heart shaped lips. Her long mane of hair seems darker, maybe due to the lack of light, as it pools down her back in a cascade of thick waves.

The memory of her floods him and her name dances in a shocked stutter from his dry lips, "On…Onyx?" He makes it a question…because he's having a hard time making sense of anything at this point.

"Who else?" She chimes in a soft growl and takes another deep drag from her clove cigarette before snuffing it out in an empty coke can set in front of her on the small table. "You're awake." She says and exhales quickly before placing her hands on the tables' surface; her small fingers laced thoughtfully together as she gives Sam calm eyes.

His stomach rumbles and for a moment he's afraid he's going to have to race to the bathroom…but realizes it's just empty and wants to be fed.

"Stop nursing' that 1400 and eat this bagel before you kill yourself." Onyx says softly, her tone even…almost cold.

Sam brings his eyes to her and realizes he can't see her as well as he should. So he leans to his left, hand stretched out and finds the lamp set up on the cheap nightstand next to the bed. With an expert touch, he finds the switch and floods the small smoke filled room with a soft yellow glow. He has to narrow his eyes for a moment to adjust and decides to throw his legs off the side of the bed, sets the bottle of Tequila on the night stand and sits up.

She watches him in silence as he rubs his eyes, gets up and crosses the room to the chair waiting for him opposite of where she now sits. "Still dizzy?" Onyx asks in that even tone and watches him study her as he finally sits down.

"A little." Sam replies, his voice showing the evident worry dancing in his eyes. Something in the way she just sits there, all in black, her hair a very rich chestnut brown as it sweeps down her back and stops just above her ass. He remembers her hair being lighter…and when did she start wearing black on her eyes? Her Amber Hazel eyes give off an eerie, animal like quality as she stares him down. Sam doesn't know what it is…what's changed…but he doesn't like it.

"What's with the look, Sam?" Onyx says so suddenly that it makes Sam jump a little. She smirks at the reaction, "not awake yet." She states and wets her lips while motioning to the bagel sitting in front of him. "Eat."

Sam eyes the bagel, frowns and grudgingly picks it up as if it's about to start talking.

Onyx sighs. "Eat it, or you'll get sick again." She says and receives a stubborn glare from Sam. "Just trust me."

He knows she's right, feels his stomach rumble in response…but can't get himself to do it. He drops his hand back down, setting the bagel back on the table and slumps back in the uncomfortable chair. "I can't." Sam mutters and runs a hand through his messy brown hair, a strange pain beginning to pulse in his temples…

Just the slightest movement catches his attention as her brow rises at his reaction. "Why not?" Onyx inquires with a cold lilt to her voice and sets her chin on her hands as she rests her elbows against the table.

He narrows his eyes at her. "What's with you?" Sam growls, his voice as unfriendly as the energy pooling from her body.

Onyx just looks at him, her face never changing. "What ever do you mean?" She asks casually enough, but the anger glowing in her eyes says otherwise.

Sam gestures to her outfit with a big sweep of his hand. "This… The outfit." He exclaims in a grunt and drops his hand into his lap. "You goin' for 'The Craft' meets 'Matrix' look?" Sam knows he's pushing her buttons, trying to get a rise out of her… Which is completely out of character for him. But after Dean's death, Ruby's reappearance and the wonderful invention of alcohol to drown his pain…nobody's perfect. Also that strange little jab of pain behind his eyes isn't helping either…in fact… It's just making him more irritated.

Her head falls back and a sudden burst of laughter flows from her lips, causing him to jump yet again. After a moment she sobers and gives him very unfriendly eyes. "You selfish pig." She snarls sweetly, her smiling mouth reminding Sam of a Viper grinning at its Prey. "You have no fucking idea what I've gone through in the last fourteen hours."

"Oh I'm sorry, am I supposed to what? Give a shit?" Sam retorts, his voice huskier than usual.

In a blur she's suddenly standing, the echo of her hands slapping the table causing every muscle in Sam's body to tense painfully. "You should." Onyx growls in a very deep octave and glares into his defiant eyes. "I took care of your ungrateful ass as you nearly drank yourself to death. I watched over you as you puked Blood, Sammy."

Sam is quickly on his feet, leaning over the table and within an inch of her face when he growls, "no one calls me that. Not anymore." He warns as that stabbing pain becomes a constant stream of agony…

Onyx doesn't pull back or even flinch at the sudden closeness of him. "Get. Over. It." She says slowly and deliberately emphasizes his name and grows a nasty smile as his jaws twitch, "Sammy." Her smile turns into a grin, knowing that she's tempting the fates.

"Don't." He warns in a snarl and feels his blood boil as the smile on her face becomes a malevolent grin. "I'm warning you."

"Sammy." She purrs slowly and is suddenly silenced when the knuckles of his left hand make contact with her mouth, causing her to stumble and collapse to the ground.

Pain floods her jaw as a very small trickle of blood dances down the left side of her mouth where her teeth bit into the inside of her cheek. She pulls her legs close to her body, half curled in a fetal position and sits up enough to wipe the corner of her mouth.

Shock doesn't even begin to describe how she's feeling after that little love tap.

Sam is standing just in front of her, feeling the soft pulse of where the back of his hand had cracked against her face. It's as if he just lost control of himself and had to watch as he struck her… A wave of guilt slams him in the gut at what he promised he would never do.

"Wow…never thought you had it in you." Her gruff voice chimes as she keeps her face turned away from him. "I'm sure Dean would love to see how you just hit the last person who cares about you." She snarls softly as the taste of iron dances along her tongue.

That sentence causes an eruption of rage to crash through his system causing his chest to tighten. Sam has to take a deep breath and let it out slowly before he does something else that might permanently damage her. "Stop it Onyx." His voice is almost desperate, as if he can't keep his anger from lashing out again. "I didn't mean to hit you… I don't want to hit you…" Sam says in a shaky voice and feels another weird jab of pain behind his left eye. "I would never hurt you… Jesus…" His voice trails off as the agony flares behind his eyes as though he's being stung by millions of bees right in the corneas.

She finally turns to face him and can see the horror show in his eyes at the extent of his backhand to her face. "Or what, Sam? You're gonna go Dark Side on me?" Her voice is broken… No longer hidden behind a cold weave of anger… But soft, struggling…weak. Fragile from the pain he's awoken inside her. "You think I'm handling Dean's death any better than you are?" She says and pauses long enough to see his face crumble and suddenly bellows, "DO YOU?!"

"Onyx… I…" Sam stammers, his hands shaking…that familiar sting in his eyes once again. "Jesus I'm sorry… I've just…"

"SHUT UP!" She nearly screams and pulls herself back on her feet, her jaw already forming a nasty purple bruise along the left side of her mouth. Once on her feet, she glares up at his towering form as angry tears spill freely along her flushed skin, mixing with the trail of blood that's now making its way down her throat. "I had to go on a fucking Witch Hunt to Find you, Sammy! And guess what happened when I did?" She pauses long enough to let her vocal chords relax as a very deep and even tone flows from her emotionless lips. "I tracked you down to that fucking dump that you set up shop in. I had to go through three Demons just to find out where you were…and who was with you. And when I finally got there…I shouldn't have snuck in through the front door… To see you…" She trails off to let it all sink into his thick head.

Sam goes still. He blinks…and feels the sick weight of guilt stretch his stomach in twisting knots. He goes to speak, feels his voice fail, opens his mouth and closes it as a painful lump lodges itself in the back of his throat. That weird pain in his skull worsening with every breath he takes.

She wipes at her face, unknowingly smearing the blood across her skin and narrows her tear filled eyes. "That's right. After everything I've gone through, after promising Dean that I would Take Care Of You… I find you… Fucking Ruby." Onyx snarls with a nasty smile and lets out a dark chuckle. "And where is she when you're trying to drink yourself into an early grave? Huh? Where's that ungrateful rotting cunt?"

"Stop it." Sam finally says but it goes unnoticed. He can see the rage in her eyes and knows she's far from finished.

"Save your breath." She hisses and feels her skin crawl, the memory of finding Sam and Ruby together in that house… Watching him give in to that demon whore… Without realizing it, an animalistic growl travels up from her chest and rumbles passed clenched teeth… The sound actually snaps her back from the images flashing behind her eyes and she appears confused for a moment, looks around…searching for the source of the sound.

Sam watches in silent horror as her face goes blank, her eyes suddenly becoming a burning crimson as her full lips pull back followed by a full throated growl. And just like that, she snaps out of it and looks around as if the sound had actually come from a wolf hidden somewhere in the small motel room with them.

Sam would think the same thing if he hadn't just witnessed it come from her first hand.

Weary, she turns her swollen gaze to his, lines of smeared eyeliner traveling over her cheeks, "I hate you." She says with such intensity that her eyes flicker with a strange light as the words fade away from her bloody lips.

He can't say anything. At this point, every emotion flowing through him is tearing him apart inside. Seeing her, standing before him at only five feet and four and a half inches tall, so much smaller than him and yet, seeming so much bigger…

Onyx finally averts her gaze and takes in a ragged breath. "I Hate You…" Her voice is a broken whisper as she clenches her eyes shut, tears pooling in her long eyelashes before trailing freely down her flesh. "I hate you because I love you…" She brings her eyes to his, giving him the full force of the pain reflecting within the depths of her soul. "I Love You, you stupid sonuvabitch."

Sam can't take the look in her eyes anymore and does the only thing he can think of…

In a swift movement, he scoops her into his arms and tries to pull her against him in a crushing hug… When her right hand leaves a resounding crack as she slaps him hard across the face. It's strong enough to cause little white specs of light to dance in his eyes…but he doesn't let go. He struggles with her as she continues to fight him, smacking him not only in the face, but his neck and chest. Sam feels the pain but ignores it until she rears her right arm back and cracks him across the jaw with a full bodied right cross. The taste of copper hits his senses first before the sting that her silver Panther ring that she's always worn on her middle finger, hooked into the upper left hand corner of his mouth and sliced into his lip. He unconsciously licks the wound and locks eyes with her…seeing the rage flickering within her irises.

"Let go of me." She growls and feels the urge to attack him grow steadily stronger, sensing that something is seriously wrong with him, when he manages to subdue her long enough to speak.

"No." He snaps under his breath and glares at her. "This is what you wanted, isn't it?" He snarls sweetly as a nasty grin begins to stretch his bloody lips and whispers, "be careful what you wish for."

Sam spins them around suddenly and slams her against the bed, pinning her beneath him with his much bigger frame.

A small wave of panic rips through her as he makes her mobility a near impossible feat. "Sam Get Off Me!" Her voice is high pitched with fear as she begins to thrash wildly beneath him and sucks in a sharp intake of air when he scoops her wrists in his left hand and pins them behind her, using her own weight to keep them still and clamps his right hand on her throat, gaining her full attention.

"Sweet, Sweet little Wildcat…" He growls in a singsong voice, his expression maniacal. "You know deep down you've always had a soft spot for the darker side of me…"

Onyx grits her teeth and gives him defiant eyes, "you've lost the right to call me that." She snarls in warning and narrows her eyes at him. "The only person worthy enough to call me by that name is Dead."

Sam's head falls back as a nasty wave of twisted laughter flies away from his lips. He lets the sound echo around them before sobering and canting his head to the side, the way a cat analyzes a mouse before it bites its head off. "You know, I gotta say…" he starts to say while settling his much heavier form against hers, making it nearly impossible for her to take a deep breath, "not havin' you around has taken the spark out of our relationship. But gee, finally getting some alone time with Ruby… Especially in that nice, new body of hers…" Sam trails off, his eyes closing as he shivers with the memory of her little body pinned against his.

He opens his eyes, seeing a wide eyed response from Onyx at the sight of his irises becoming golden for a moment and grows a smile only the devil could love, "It was fun, sure. But she'll never compare to you, baby."

Onyx tries to fight back the surge of fear trying to rear its head as Sam's energy sends waves of warning through her heated blood. A part of her wonders if he's been possessed…but remembers the tattoo she talked the boys into getting on their chests to keep that from ever happening again. As much as she tries to keep herself closed off…she knows he can smell the fear on her…and knows it's only going to get worse…

"What? No catty remarks? No sarcastic feedback?" Sam growls sweetly and runs his bloody lips against hers, enjoying the shiver that runs through her body as she clenches her eyes shut. "Come on, baby… You know I love it when you talk dirty to me."

Seeing her terrified makes his stomach turn…and not in a bad way. A part of him really likes the feeling of her pinned beneath him, unable to fight back. A part of him enjoys the scent of fear flowing from her trembling body. He takes in a deep breath and lets it out in a throaty growl, causing her eyes to open in response to the sound. He closes his eyes and presses his lips against hers, tasting the blood and the tears and can't help but bite down into her bottom lip, causing her to squeal in pain…followed by her lurching hard enough forward to crack her forehead against the bridge of his nose.

By sheer force Onyx manages to dislodge Sam from above her, even though little specs of light are dancing behind her eyelids from the impact of their heads slamming into each other, and wiggles her legs nearly up to her chest where she plants her feet flat against Sam's midsection and pushes with everything she has… Launching him up and off the bed where his ass hit's the tacky carpet with an audible thud.

When he finally opens his eyes she's standing over him with one of the chairs in her hands, ready to take a swing at him when he sweeps his right leg out in an arch, clothes lining her legs out from under her and causes the chair to fall out of her reach.

Onyx hits the ground hard and has the wind knocked out of her. Tears squeeze from her eyes as she struggles in vain to get at least one intake of air when she's suddenly dragged forward by her ankles, Sam's large hands pulling her towards him as though she weighs nothing at all.

Finally getting a hold of her, he pins her beneath him once more, but this time he actually applies some pressure on her throat to emphasize he doesn't want another repeat of the head butt. "Is that all you got?" Sam's voice is a deep timber of warning, just begging for a reaction. "Come on, Onyx… We both know you've always been Rusty when it comes to close combat."

"Get off of me Sam." Onyx retorts, unwilling to submit to this rather uncharacteristic side to the man she's always loved. When he just glares down into her eyes she feels her heart breaking. "Why are you doing this? Do you enjoy hurting me?"

There's real emotion in her voice when she speaks but Sam merely smirks. "You know… I think I do." He replies with a smile and watches her face go pale.

Onyx sees the truth in Sam's eyes…as they shift to a strange, golden light once again… "Sonuvabitch." She mutters and watches his brow furrow. "You stupid Winchester…" Onyx lets out a laugh at her own stupidity, "you're infected."

* * End Part One-Chapter One * *