[Onyx's Note:: Thank you to everyone still keeping up with me as I continue this:) In this 'part' of the story...uhm, I've gone a little darkside. I'm still dealing with the loss of a loved one (actually, I've been unlike myself, quiet and closed off emotionally) and I think this installment is a result of the pain I'm inwardly dealing with. To be honest, I'm reacting like Dean... Anyhoo, just a bit of a warning... This part of the story is really mind blowing. It's not a happy installment. It's got a LOT of twists I think you'll enjoy (at least I really hope so). And as always, please sit back...and enjoy!]

"Hold her Down!" Bobby hollers as Onyx's body convulses violently against the cold hard ground of the panic-room.

Sam drops down behind her on his knees and places her thrashing head against his thighs, to stop her from cracking the back of her scull against the concrete floor. He takes her wrists and pulls them to her chest, criss-crossing her arms to help minimize her sporadic movements.

"Bobby do something!" Sam exclaims in a deep voice, finding it harder and harder to keep a hold on her.

Bobby's already at Sam's side with a syringe in his hand. "What'a'ya think I'm doin'?!" He snaps in frustration and hovers over her convulsing form. "Gotta hold'er still unless you wanna get stuck!"

Sam grunts as her head rises and slams into his thighs, damn near breaking the bones in his legs. "Now!" He yells in a strangled growl due to the pulsing of pain in his limbs when her body calms for just a moment, long enough for Bobby to plunge the needle into her left arm and pumps the liquid into her blood stream.

They wait as the fluid runs its course through her veins…causing her to finally relax and stop moving. Her chest begins to rise and fall in a slow, even rhythm as a soft whimpering echoes from her lips.

Sam and Bobby let out a sigh in unison as Onyx remains motionless against the floor, her head resting peacefully against Sam's bruising thighs.

"Jesus…" Bobby grumbles and pulls his hat off to wipe his forehead, takes a deep breath and slips it back on. "That uh…lit a fire under my ass."

Sam just looks to the old Hunter, his eyes filled with worry. "Bobby, what just happened?" He asks, fear welling up in his chest.

He lets out a sigh and gazes down at her body. "You got me." Bobby says, his brows furrowing before giving Sam his gaze. "But it ain't good. C'mon, let's take her upstairs."

Sam helps Bobby lift her from the ground to carry her towards the stairs. "What was that stuff anyway?" Sam asks as they begin their ascent to the main level of the house.

"Old family recipe… Would've given her," he pauses with a grunt, feeling as if her weight has increased by eighty pounds, "a regular tranquilizer but after seein' the quicker than normal," another grunt, "healin' she's doin'…figured I'd need somethin' with more kick."

Sam also finds that it's more of a challenge with every step they make up the old stairs. "Bobby," he grunts with a staggered breath, the powerful muscles in his upper body suddenly beginning to strain with the effort, "is it just me, or does she seem heavier?"

This makes Bobby stop and gives Sam his eyes from under the bill of his hat…when a strange female voice echoes around them.

"Lookie, lookie… Poor little Slayer goin' crazy. Shame, shame…" It says in a sing song voice. "Gettin' heavy there, ain't she boys? A little too much effort for ya?"

Bobby goes still, his eyes narrowing just slightly. "You…" He growls, and in that one word…tells Sam that the old Hunter knows who's playing with them.

The voice giggles maniacally before purring, "she is me…me is she. I'm touched, Robert. You do remember." The voice seems to drift closer to them, as if it's sitting right on top of Onyx. "Don't be scared Sammy boy, your question will soon be answered. But can you take it, I wonder? The truth… Do you think that noodle of flesh you call a brain can take it?"

"Ignore it Sam, keep moving." Bobby announces in a low voice and attempts to take another step up when both he and Sam are suddenly trapped, unable to regain the power over their own legs.

A sickening cackle rises all around them, swelling into a high pitched shriek before dissolving into a guttural gurgling sound. "Can't ignore what you can't see… Silly bag of flesh." It giggles in the voice of a four year old girl, "you're lucky it's just little ole me this time… Though, maybe not so lucky…" another spine chilling giggle, "…considering my sister IS the good one…"

"Bobby who…" Sam goes to say when the feeling of hot breath followed by the rancid smell of decay sweeps over his face, causing his jaws to clench shut and his eyes to water.

Suddenly a very deep growling voice answers, "I am the beginning…I am the end. I am the void where devils and angels dare not tread." As it speaks, the sound of animalistic growls and snarls pulse at the edge of its words along with the occasional hair raising laugh of a Hyena. "I am before Man's God. Before the Good Book, before Man could speak Human tongue. I am the eternal…"

Sam shuts his eyes, trying to push out the echoing sneer dancing around his head. "Leave her alone." He says in a firm voice and feels the tendons in his arms begin to quiver from the strain of trying to hold up a weight too great for his body.

Bobby knows it's attacking Sam and tries to think of something when he's suddenly struck in the chest with a terrible pressure, causing him to gasp. But he's too stubborn to relent his grip on Onyx's motionless body. "Your games don't work on me." He wheezes through the pain and grits his teeth. "You got no right here…"

An earth shattering roar slams against their ears, causing both Sam and Bobby to collapse against the stairs with a shared grunt as Onyx lands between them, her head cracking against the edge of one of the steps.

The bellowing roar continues to swell against the air, causing the walls of the house to literally tremble and quake against its old foundation. The sound reverberates, thickening in its intensity before fading away…a strange hissing whisper pulses in the air as the sound finally weakens.

Laughter suddenly fills the tense silence, snapping Sam and Bobby out of their momentary black out. "You'll learn your place, my sweet little bags of flesh. And through her, I shall teach."

And just like that…it's gone.

-Dream Sequence-

-Onyx's Perspective-

Burning, heat all around me…it's so hard to breathe. I can't see, my eyes sting from the heat… Jesus it's so god damned hot! "Wait…where am I?" I say aloud but only the words are heard in my mind, as if my voice has been stolen from me.

Why… is that a woman? Oh god…why is she strapped down like that?

"Wait, what are you doing!? Can't you see she's screaming?" I exclaim as the whites of her fearful eyes look past me, at someone I can't make out…a man with broad shoulders…

Oh god no… That knife… He's holding a knife… "NO! What are you doing?! Stop it! NO! Why can't you see me? Why can't you hear me screaming? STOP IT!" I try to lung at him, but I can't turn, I can't move…I'm trapped in this hellish vision…unable to close my eyes…

No…no, no… I want to bring my hands up to my face to cover my eyes as he begins carving into her slowly as her head thrashes back and forth wildly against the restraints she's held down in. She's just, oh god…I've never seen so much blood. "STOP IT YOU'RE KILLING HER!!"

I can't stand here and watch this…I can't…but I can't fucking move! "Why can't you hear me?!" I snarl, my hands clenched into angry fists as her body, what's left of it, is removed only to be replaced with a fresh one…an old man.

A deep growl swells from my lips, and for the first time…I can hear myself. "Turn around you sick sonuvabitch!"

Somehow…it works. He stops, body tensing…

"You can hear me, can't you? Now that you have nothing left to cut up, is that it?" I sneer and feel my muscles begin to ache with an incredible rage to tear this bastard apart. "Come on you sick fuck! Turn and look into my eyes!"

He's turning towards me…and even past the thin film of red dripping from his skin… I know that face.

"No…" I say, lungs constricting at the sight before me. "No, this…no please tell me this isn't…" I can't finish my sentence as my voice fades into an agonized whimper as hazel green eyes peer at me…like a wild animal gone insane from being caged for too long.

Tears swell and spill freely down my face, only to evaporate because of the tremendous heat surrounding me. "No." I say again, unable to accept who's standing before me, soaked in the blood of his victims, knife held in a white knuckled grip in his right hand…the silver washer he wears as a ring shimmering with a crimson sheen as he takes a step towards me.

He doesn't speak, his face lowers, eyes glaring at me with an emotion that would put a madman into his grave. His lips, the very ones I've felt kiss me with such tenderness, suddenly curl into a snarl as he squares his broad shoulders, appearing more menacing with every small step he takes towards me.

I take a step back, fear beginning to fill my soul. "This isn't real…" I mutter, my voice broken, strangled as the hot air causes my mouth to go dry and my lips to chap. I narrow my eyes at him as he keeps walking towards me, ever closer, his eyes holding no remorse, no compassion.

I keep walking backwards, unable to turn away from those eyes…

My back suddenly comes into contact with something and a gut wrenching scream rips out of me as thousands of smoldering needles slice into my skin, biting, ripping into my nerves with a burning I've never felt before. Smoke rises from the scorched flesh as my knees buckle, sending me to the hard ground of this hell I've found myself in.

The pain too intense for me to function I'm left here, on hands and knees, unable to move or even breathe without convulsing from the agony drowning my nerve endings.

Suddenly I'm grabbed from under my arms and pulled roughly to my feet, issuing another scream to rip from my cracking lips, which are now bleeding.

My spine bows, the sensation of continuously being stung with heat in the now open wounds of my back too much for my body to sustain. I can't stop trembling, sweat dripping down from my forehead and stinging my eyes.

"Look at me." I hear a voice say…so familiar in its timber, but too dark, too…empty to be coming from the man I once loved.

I try to raise my head when the air is stolen from my lungs, another sharp jolt of pain runs through me, down my spine as he grabs the back of my head in a fistful of hair and jerks my head back. "I SAID LOOK AT ME!" He shouts so suddenly I feel my stomach drop and cringe at the forceful boom of his voice echoing in my head.

"This isn't real." I mutter past another painful shiver, my parched lips trembling, causing the blood to drip down my chin in thin lines of crimson.

His eyes narrow, his lips within inches of mine, his breath hot against my skin when he growls. "I know your face…" He almost seems confused at his own words and I watch as that familiar crease enters his focused brow. "Your name."

I try to open my mouth, but I can feel my voice leaving me…only to be heard in my head when I say, "It's me…it's Onyx."

He searches my eyes, becoming more hostile by the second when his face contorts into a look of pure rage and literally shouts into my face, "TELL ME YOUR FUCKING NAME!"

I can't speak anymore, my voice is useless, the pain blinding my senses. Why is this happening?

I try to plead with him with the look in my eyes, hoping, praying…that he remembers me…

His face becomes deathly calm, his gaze going empty when a twisted smile pulls at his lips. "You're useless." He sneers sweetly and tosses me behind him where I'm suddenly caught by unseen hands. My heart completely stops when I hear him say, "strap her down!"

Screw this! My mind screams against the pain and the fact that I've lost the ability to speak, I begin thrashing my body against my captors unrelenting grip. "NO!" I scream and can almost hear my voice, as if it's drowning in static.

"You can't do this!" My voice is starting to emerge again…but sadly I'm thrown down against the rack and let out another blood curdling wail as the boiled flesh of my back is literally scraped off of the muscles by the rusty, jagged surface of the rack I'm being pinned down on.

My eyes roll back at the searing pain slamming my senses when I'm slapped hard across the face, making me snap to. "No rest for you, Bitch." He snarls and places his left hand at my throat, the knife held in his right hand, just in front of my face.

I won't let him do this…not to me. Not him. Not like this. I force every last ounce of my fleeting energy into my chest, summoning my strength and find my voice…even if it's in vain. "I love you, Dean Winchester…" I cough and murmur, voice broken from the screams, "never forget that."

Hazel green eyes suddenly blink at me with confusion, as if seeing me for the first time.

Oh god please tell me he remembers! Please…oh god please…

Suddenly a very deep, guttural voice ripples against my mind, creating tendrils of agony to slice through my system. "Oooh and what's this? Pretty, pretty…ain't she?" The voice pauses as a rough, extremely calloused hand takes hold of my chin, forcing my head back and forth as some unknown figure inspects me.

"Huh…isn't this interesting… You don't belong here, now do you?" I feel hot, rancid breath drench my face, causing a stream of bile to rise into the back of my throat. "As tempting of a distraction you may be, he's mine now, pretty." He pats my face with his hand and snarls, "now, I'm gonna do you a little favor and send you back to that bag of meat you came from…"

He trails off and suddenly I see these intense, white eyes, "remember the name pretty, because when Alastair comes a'callin', you're gonna wish you were never born."

And without warning…I'm freefalling into an endless black…

With only one thing replaying over and over in my mind…

Hazel green eyes…with a hint of recognition…when I said his name…

* * End Dream Sequence * *

"BOBBY!" Sam screams, terror evident in his voice when Onyx's once peaceful form let's out an agonized scream and begins thrashing on the bed as smoke begins to billow out from under the sheets.

Bobby rushes into the room. "Sweet Jesus!" He exclaims and helps Sam rip the sheets from her body, "help me turn her over!"

Sam complies and what they see chills them to the core.

The black night shirt she was sleeping in, is now clinging in burnt threads to the sizzling pieces of flesh of her once smooth back.

"Oh my god…" Sam says in a strangled voice, watching helpless as her back seems to be boiling on its own.

Thinking on his feet, he picks her as gently as possible, her body trembling and rushes out of the bedroom, down the hall, Bobby at his heels as he brings her smoking form into the bathroom where Bobby had already began filling the old stand alone bathtub.

"Careful, boy! Gotta ease her into the water or she'll go into shock." Bobby explains as Sam, clothes and all, gets into the tub and very gently dips Onyx's body into the semi-warm water, her face pressed against his chest, her smoldering back facing away from him.

As soon as the water touches the flaking remains of flesh on her back, her head flies back as a painful scream echoes from her chapped lips, sweat not only beading along her forehead, but already dripping in streams down her face and neck.

Sam struggles to keep it together as her lips began to crack and bleed, tears streaming away from her tightly shut eyes. "Come on Onyx, wake up." He coaxes softly, voice incredibly broken up as he fights back the tears stinging his eyes. "Please baby, come back to us." Sam struggles with her shivering form and looks to Bobby as he uses a wash cloth to wipe at her forehead and mouth.

"No…" Her voice is a hoarse whisper that causes Bobby and Sam to exchange a semi-hopeful look. "Not like this…"

"Onyx you in there?" Bobby asks, his voice sounding harsher than normal due to the sight of seeing his adopted child suffering. "Come on Wildcat! Come back to us."

"She can't hear you." A female voice chimes from the open doorway.

Sam's eyes widen than narrow at the sight of Ruby leaning against the doorframe with a smug look on her face, her chocolate brown hair trailing down her chest. "Ruby? What are you doing here?" He asks in a weary tone when she gives him a flat look and holds out a jar filled with brown liquid for them to see.

She waves the jar for a moment and starts to walk towards the tub when Bobby stands up straight and gives her a very unfriendly look. "Look, pops, I'm not here to play who's got the bigger pair. You want to save her? Than move out of my way and let me do my job."

Bobby narrows his eyes and says, in a very firm but calm tone of voice, "you think I'm just gonna let you walk into my home, come in here and tell me what to do?"

"Get out." Sam growls and gets a wide eyed look from Ruby. "You've already done enough."

Onyx lets out another scream as the burns that finally stopped smoking…that seemed to finally be healing… Appear as though something is scraping what's left of her skin from her back, revealing the vulnerable muscle tissue underneath.

"God damn it, get out of my way!" Ruby barks and pushes Bobby out of her way, nearly shoving him through the wall just to get to Onyx.

Bobby lets out a grunt as he bounces off the wall near the door and realizes it wasn't to harm him because he's still standing with only a small ache from the sudden impact.

Sam has no time to react as Ruby pops off the top of the jar and dumps the sticky brown liquid onto what's left of Onyx's back and stands back, muttering some incantation under her breath.

Amazingly…small streams of blue smoke begin to poor out of the wounds…and as the vapor swirls and rises into the air, a new layer of skin begins to grow over Onyx's exposed muscles. Her shivering begins to ease as the wounds appear to melt away under the newly formed tissue.

Sam runs his left hand very carefully over Onyx's untouched back, and swallows with relief at the feeling of smooth, healthy skin beneath his shaking palm. He pulls her against him, cradling her in his arms and gives Ruby his eyes. He doesn't say anything, his gaze tells her he's thankful.

But Ruby knows…that by the way he presses his lips against Onyx's forehead and rocks her gently in his arms… She's lost any chance she thought she may have had with him.

She turns and looks Bobby in the eyes.

Sam watches the silent exchange when Bobby looks to Sam, a question in his tired eyes. Sam merely nods, saying to let her go, and Bobby takes a step back, allowing Ruby to walk out.

"I know she just saved Onyx…" Bobby starts to rumble when Sam nods, cutting him off.

"It's alright Bobby, I know." He says in a rough, and very tired tone of voice when Onyx's eyes begin to flutter, as if she's waking up. "Onyx?"

She manages to get her eyes open into slits and tries to lick her lips, tasting copper on her tongue and makes a face. "Sam?" She asks in a choked whisper and tilts her head back enough to see his hazel blue/green eyes tearing up. "Sammy is that you?"

A loud sigh of relief is heard as a small smile stretches his lips. "Yes baby, I'm here." He replies and uses his left hand to push a few strands of hair from her face.

Her brow furrows, "where's Bobby?" She asks and tries to swallow but finds that it's almost impossible to do so from all the screaming she's been doing.

"I'm right here Darlin'." Bobby says as Sam helps turn her enough to face him as he holds a glass of water in his hand. "Here, drink a bit of this."

Sam sits up enough to help Onyx take a few needed sips of the cool water from the glass in Bobby's hand before she lets out a cough and falls back against Sam, still too weak to move on her own yet.

"Thanks," she says softly, closes her eyes and makes a scrunchy face before opening her eyes again. "Uhm…why are we in the bathtub?"

Bobby and Sam exchange a look that tells Onyx that something crazy just happened and she can't, for the life of her, remember what transpired…

"What do you remember?" Bobby asks and sits on the edge of the tub, cupping the glass in his hands.

She thinks about it for a minute, "I remember going downstairs." Onyx stops and gives Bobby weary eyes. "Did something happen when I got into the panic-room?"

Sam clears his throat which causes her to shift around in his arms to look up at him. "You fainted." He says in an honest voice, but fails to add the part about the voice, or the wounds, or Ruby literally coming just in time to save her.

First off… He's just happy she's alive. And secondly…he knows that she'll figure it out sooner or later…and right now, he just wants her to rest and get better.

Onyx searches his eyes and can tell, by the look on his face and Bobby's silence…something real nasty had happened and they're not ready to tell her just yet. Which at the moment, she's fine with.

Except for one little thing…a strange scent is lingering in the back of her throat…

Flowers…and rotten eggs…

*End Part Eight-Chapter One*