TITLE: Stockholm Syndrome


PAIRING: Huddy (obviously)

SUMMARY: House kidnapped Cuddy. Cuddy was furious, House was proud of himself. I wonder how it will play out.

Usual disclaimers apply.

LISA CUDDY was lost in her thoughts when suddenly she was snapped out of it by the sight that suddenly infuriated her. The car she was riding made a sudden turn. As far as she knew, it wasn't part of the plan for that day. She pulled her thick long skirt as she leaned forward to give the driver a nudge from behind him.

"Hey, you weren't supposed to make that turn? I will be lateā€¦" She stopped in mid sentence when the driver reached for his driver's cap and tilted it on one side then showed her his face, grinning like an idiot.

She gulped then shrieked, "How dare you?!"

"I was actually surprised you didn't saw my ultra metaphorical cane riding shotgun."

She closed her eyes and breathed in some air.

She knew she was going to need it.

She knew she was going to have to fight him.

She knew it was going to be a very long limousine ride.

angcatalonan: Originally, I wanted this to be a one-shot but I realized that I haven't figured everything yet. This is not my first fic and I am in a constant struggle in mastering English so I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't take my grammar errors against me. I am at work right now, so expect that I'd be uploading whenever I'm done with work. If I will be well motivated, I could write one chapter on one working day or something like that.

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