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Chapter 17

Dean woke slowly, smiling down at the mess of dark hair on his chest. He ran a gentle hand over the bare back he could feel. Harry was curled up on his chest, still fast asleep and it was...nice. He'd never stayed with anyone like this before, except for Cassie and that hadn't exactly ended well. But this, what he had with Harry, it was different. Harry knew about the Supernatural, heck he was pretty much counted as Supernatural by most and now so was Dean. A wizard and a werewolf, that just sounded weird even in his head but Dean wanted it to work. Harry, Evan, whatever name he used...he'd saved them so many times and often at personal risk and he never asked for anything in return, except their friendship and acceptance.

"Hey." Dean was brought out his thoughts by the quiet greeting and looked down to see green eyes staring up at him.

"Morning, at least I think it's morning. How do you feel?" Dean asked nervously and Harry smiled.

"Like I had really good sex last night. You?" Harry answered and Dean actually blushed slightly.

"I'm good. I uh....not exactly how I planned for this to happen but it was good, very good." Dean admitted and Harry smiled at him.

"Full moon can mess with you a bit, so I knew it could happen. I don't regret it though, I've um, I was attracted to you from pretty much the first time we met. Why do you think I kept dropping everything whenever you guys needed help? Sam's my friend but you..."

"Thanks." Dean whispered and Harry wrapped his arms around Dean, snuggling in and Dean let him.
"I don't regret it either." He finally said.

The five of them were sitting at the table eating dinner when Sam winced, rubbing at his head.

"Sam?" Harry called, making them look at the youngest Winchester.

"Sammy?" Dean moved to Sam's side and Sam looked at him, eyes unfocused. He groaned and then slumped, Dean catching him.
"Easy, it's okay." Dean soothed.

"Dean?" John barked and Dean looked up at him.

"Vision." He answered shortly and then went back to talking to Sam, trying to snap him out of it.

"At least he's not screaming and trying to claw at his own skin." Remus commented, looking at Harry who shrugged. Dean stared at his...boyfriend? Lover? What exactly where they now?

"You..." Dean didn't know what to say.

"They don't happen anymore and someone usually pinned me down pretty quick so I didn't do too much damage." Harry said and John looked at him, feeling a little bit of respect for the young wizard. He moved to hover over his sons, not sure how to help and Dean looked up at him. He mustered a half smile and Dean smiled back, shifting a little to let John in. So when Sam finally came out of it he was being held by his Dad and big brother. He clung to them for a few seconds before sitting back.

"You okay?" John asked and Sam nodded slowly.

"Want a pain killer?" Harry asked and Sam nodded again. Harry got up and left the room, coming back with a handful of pills which Sam gratefully swallowed.

"Sammy? What did you see?" Dean asked softly and Harry smiled wistfully at the sight of Dean cradling his brother to him. Remus caught the smile and pulled him into a hug.

"They loved you Harry, never forget that. Dean loves you too, trust me everyone within ten kilometres knows that after last night. Silencing spells kiddo." Remus whispered and both Harry and Dean went bright red.

"Oops." Harry muttered and Dean smiled at him.

"Sammy?" Dean asked again and Sam looked around the table at them before shrugging.

"I didn't really see anything, it was weird. I've never had a vision like it. And something feels...different. I feel different." Sam whispered and John's eyes went wide in alarm.

"Different how Sam?" he barked and Sam flinched, Dean tightening his hold on him and actually growling at John. Remus was holding his wand and Dean could feel energy gathering around Harry, all aimed at John and not Sam.

"Sammy it's okay." Dean whispered.
"Everyone here loves you, we'll protect you." He told his brother and then watched as Harry joined them, taking Sam's hand and squeezing it gently. Remus was now hovering protectively between then and John.

"Sam, can I scan you? I think I might have an idea what happened." Harry asked softly and Sam looked at him before nodding. Harry placed his hand on Sam's head and closed his eyes, concentrating. Sam actually laughed at the feel of Harry's magic scanning him and Harry grinned.
"Sorry, forgot that can tickle. You can relax John, he's fine. Better than that actually. He's free." Harry explained and Sam stared at him with wide eyes before letting out a yell of joy and hugging the wizard before hugging Dean.

"I'm free Dean." Sam whispered, clinging to his brother and Dean had to fight back tears even as he looked at his lover.

"Thank you." He mouthed and Harry smiled at him.

"I don't understand...." John trailed off.

"I'm free Dad, the demon can't do anything to me anymore." Sam answered, tears in his eyes and John stared at him in shock before moving over and pulling Sam into his arms.

"Are you sure?" John asked Harry who nodded.

"Positive, the blood link snapped. That's what caused the funky vision. Won't stop the bastard wanting to kill him when he gets lose again but he can't influence Sam or anything." Harry explained and John pulled Dean into the hug, holding his boys close.

"You're leaving?" Dean asked, hands shoved in his pockets and John looked up from where he was checking the weapons stored in his truck.

"Bobby needs a hand on a hunt out west. I'll try and explain all this so he doesn't shoot you next time you stop by." John answered and Dean grinned.

"That'd be good. You...you're not gonna vanish again are you?" Dean asked and John slapped him on the back.

"No. Demon's gone for now and even if it wasn't. You boys were right, we're stronger together. Look after yourself Dean. I never thought I'd say this but Harry's good for you. So look after Sam and him too. Call me if you need anything, okay?" John said and Dean smiled.

"Will do. Are we okay now?"

"Dean you're my son, fur and all. Just be careful, other hunters won't see it that way."

"I will, Harry's working on something that'll help protect me and Sam's threatened to shoot anyone who tries something." Dena answered and John laughed. Sam wandered outside and saw the packing, biting his lip nervously. John looked up at him and smiled, making Sam smile too.

"You boys watch out for each other and remember to call." He ordered and they both nodded. Sam came down the stairs and pulled John into a hug.

"I missed you Dad." He finally admitted and John nodded.

"Missed you too. Call, okay?" He asked as Sam let him go and his youngest nodded. It was amazing to see the changes in Sam since his vision, the kid was happier and...lighter now, in a way he hadn't been since before he'd learnt the truth about the family business. He nodded to Harry who was hovering in the doorway and the wizard nodded back. He had his own bundle of charms from the wizard to protect him on the hunt and it was weird to trust him but he did now. How different would things be if Sam hadn't met Harry at school? Would they all be dead now?
"See you later." John called and got in his truck, taking one last look at them before heading out to meet Bobby.

Harry walked down the stairs and wrapped an arm around Dean's waist, smiling as Dean returned the embrace.

"You two ready to hit the road?" He asked and they looked at him.

"What? I know you're not gonna stop hunting so I'm coming too." He stated and they both grinned at him.
"The house will still be here next month and I still haven't seen a lot of America." He said and Dean laughed, reaching out to slap Sam on the arm.

"Hear that Sammy, got to make sure he sees all the good stuff."

"Like what? All the good bars for hustling?" Sam teased as they headed inside to pack their own things. Harry watched them for a second, smiling softly. And he could swear that, just for a split second, he could see Draco, Hermione, Ron and others watching him and smiling at him too.

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