Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural. Though I really wouldn't mind owning one of the boys for a bit.
Decided to do a non-human Sam fic. Some of the physical description has been borrowed from the Merry Gentry series by L. Hamilton.
Set some time during s2.
This will be slash though not strictly Wincest as you will see.

Chapter 1

"One day boy you won't be able to keep what you are contained and when that happens you and anyone near you is in for a world of hurt."

Sam could feel his body burning with rage as he saw Dean go down from the corner of his eye even as he struggled against his own opponent. He threw the vampire off and took his head off with one swipe from his machete before turning to where he'd last seen his brother. Dean was buried beneath a pile of vampire's, one hand free and obviously trying to find something to grab onto. Rage like nothing he had ever felt before flooded through Sam as Cearnach's last words to him echoed through his mind. He didn't have time to ponder them though as the rage was quickly followed by fear and love. Fear since Dean's flailing hand was no longer moving and love for the one he called brother even if it wasn't strictly true. And with those feelings came power. It flooded through him and almost doubled him over but he pushed everything aside, rushing towards the pile that held Dean.

Dean flailed around, the weight of the vampires on top of him pinning him down even as he tried to throw them off. His one free hand searched the ground for anything that could help but there was nothing in reach. He only hoped Sam was doing better and would make it out alive because he doubted he would. His vision was greying and he could feel himself beginning to black out and if that happened he knew he'd never wake up. A roar of rage reached his ears and then the weight holding him down lessened. When he finally managed to push up on his elbows, head still ringing from smashing into the concrete, all he could do was stare in shock and a good amount of fear. Sam, or something that looked a lot like him, was literally tearing the vampires apart with his bare hands. But what had Dean scared was the fact that the man above him was glowing. As the last vampire fell the man turned to him and Dean had to fight the urge to push himself away. It was Sam but not Sam. The familiar hazel eyes were gone; instead he had a triple iris of gold, green and brown as if the colours that had made up Sam's eyes had been split into rings around his pupils. The shaggy dark brown hair was streaked with gold and red and as he'd noted before the man was glowing though that was slowly fading. Dean couldn't help the slight wince as a hand was extended towards him and he could tell it had been noticed. He tried to push himself upwards and the pain in his head exploded, the world around him spinning and then fading to black.

Sam saw Dean flinch back from him slightly before trying to get up on his own. But he hadn't expected him to pass out. Luckily he was a lot faster so he'd been able to catch him before Dean could hit his head again. He gathered his unconscious brother up and then stood, Dean's weight nothing to him now as he left the rundown warehouse the vampires had been using for their nest. He put Dean down in the passenger side of the Impala, trying to make him as comfortable as possible before getting in himself and heading back to the hotel. The drive gave him time to calm down and push his other nature back, his features slowly changing back to those Dean was familiar with. He held onto the hope that Dean either wouldn't remember seeing him like that or would put it down to being concussed but he knew there was no way he'd be that lucky. At least he had proved Cearnach's little prediction wrong. He had only hurt the vampires not Dean and while he ached a bit he hadn't hurt himself either. Though part of him wished the older man was around, he had the feeling he could use his help learning to control what he had woken.

Dean had shown no sign of waking by the time he pulled into the hotel's parking lot so Sam had to carry his brother into their room before stripping his bloodied clothes and shoes off and putting him to bed. The sight of Dean's blood and the wounds on his body made the rage swell again but he forced it down, an effort that left him leaning heavily against the wall, breathing hard. He gathered their first aid supplies and set about patching Dean up, glad that he at least wouldn't be any pain from it while unconscious. Once he'd done what he could for Dean he stripped of his own soiled clothes and headed for the bathroom. Since his hearing was now so much more sensitive he felt safe enough leaving Dean alone long enough to at least take a quick shower. The hot water soothed his aching muscles and helped him finally begin to relax. Once he was dried and dressed he settled in to wait for Dean to wake up, something he was half dreading but also wanted more than anything else.


Dean groaned as the darkness slowly receded and a harsh light pressed against his eyelids.

"Dean? Are you awake?" At the sound of Sam's panicked question he automatically forced his eyes opened, searching for any possible threat to his brother's safety. That it turned out was a very bad idea as pain exploded through his skull from the light.
"Easy Dean, you hit your head pretty hard." Sam warned him a little too late. But he let his little brother help him get more comfortable against the pillows before slowly trying to open his eyes again. To his utter relief an unharmed Sam slowly came into focus above him. Sam grinned at him and he managed a small smile in return.
"Good to see you awake; you've been out for two days. I was starting to think we'd have to risk a hospital." So that explained the panic he'd heard in Sammy's voice. But what had knocked him out in the first place?

"What happened?" Dean coughed as the words caught in his throat and greedily gulped water from the bottle Sam held up for him.

"What do you remember?" Sam asked instead of answering. Dean frowned as he thought it through.

"A vampire nest?" He asked, not entirely sure and Sam nodded, obviously relieved that Dean was remembering. Forcing himself to remember the fight he got flashes of fangs and more vampires than they'd expected.
"I went down under them. Everything's real blurry after that."

"Well you did slam your head into the concrete. Speaking of I need to check it. Can you lean forward?" Dean tried to push himself up and then froze as the motion jogged a memory. He saw Sam tearing a vampire apart with his bare hands, his body glowing.
"Dean?" Sam's voice jerked him out of the memory and he stared up at Sam wide eyed. Dean carefully reached under his pillow and grabbed the knife he always kept there. As Sam reached for him he pulled it out, causing the younger man to wrench back and stare at him in shock. Dean forced himself to ignore the pain in those oh so familiar hazel eyes as he held the blade steady between them.

"What are you? Where's Sam? If you've hurt him I swear I'll kill you." Dean hissed out, forcing himself to ignore the agony in his head.

"Dean it's me, I'm right here. I need to check your head, just put the knife down." Sam urged, keeping his hands up in surrender.

"Nice try but Sammy doesn't glow." Dean growled, fighting to keep the blade steady. The creature bit its lip nervously, seeming to struggle with something.

"Dean I swear to you I am Sammy. You know me bro, I'd never hurt you. If the knife makes you feel better fine but I really do need to check your head, the wound was still seeping a bit last time I changed the dressing." He pulled out the puppy eyes and kept them locked with Dean's uncertain green ones. The blade wavered between them and he cautiously moved closer, not that the knife would do much to him now.
"It's okay Dean." He soothed, reaching out slowly to grasp Dean's shoulders and pull him upright. Dean groaned as his head spun but Sam kept him steady.
"Easy, deep breaths. It'll pass." He kept up the soothing litany as he reached around Dean with one hand to remove the dressings. Sam frowned at the sight of blood on the once sterile pad but at least it was only a few drops now. Keeping one hand on Dean to hold him steady he used his teeth to rip open a new pad and placed it against the healing wound. Dean winced and Sam shot him an apologetic smile. Once the pad was secured he lowered Dean back to the pillows.

"Sammy?" Dean slurred, obviously exhausted and struggling to keep his eyes open and his grip on the knife.

"It's okay Dean, get some sleep. I'll be here when you wake up and we can talk." Sam assured him. Dean briefly struggled when he tried to take the knife but then relaxed his grip, watching Sam through slit eyes as the younger man put the knife on the bedside table.
"I'll keep you safe Dean." Was the last thing Dean heard before blackness claimed him.

Sam stared down at his sleeping brother sadly. He had hoped Dean wouldn't remember seeing him like that but apparently luck had abandoned him. He had dreaded this day from the time he had accepted that Cearnach spoke the truth. His family was so prejudiced against anything non human that he could lose everything. But he wouldn't let it go without a fight. He didn't want to tell Dean the truth but if he didn't Dean would never trust him again, if it was at all possible once the other learnt that Samuel Winchester had been dead for twenty three years.


The next time Dean woke he was relieved to find his head hurt a lot less. He kept his eyes closed as he went over what had happened the last time he woke up. Had he really seen what he thought he had during the fight? Then again Sam hadn't denied anything; he'd just insisted he wouldn't hurt him. So was he a hostage? Was someone using him to make Sam do something while using a fake Sam to keep him in line? Or was Sam already dead?

"I know you're awake Dean. There's water and Tylenol next to you if you want them." Sam's voice made him open his eyes carefully. Nothing seemed to have changed while he was sleeping; his knife was even still on the table next to him. Sam, or the creature that had taken on his appearance, was sitting at the small table they'd been using to eat at, his hands folded in his lap. Dean slowly pushed himself upwards and saw Sam tense and go to move before settling back into the hard chair. Dean eyed the glass and pills but decided against taking them.

"So do I get the truth now?" Dean bit out and the creature sighed, running a hand over its face.

"What do you want to hear Dean? That I'm not human? Yes, that's true but I am Samuel Winchester or at least the only Sam you've ever known." Sam refused to meet his eyes, staring fixedly at the carpet.

"What?" Dean looked at the seated figure, trying to work out what it meant.

"Sam Winchester was stillborn. The baby was taken and replaced with me. Apparently it was necessary for me to be hidden and the best way was inside a human family."

"So you played us? You monster!! What are you anyway? A shape shifter, demon?" Dean couldn't hold back his anger. His Sammy had never existed? He was just a ploy by some thing to hide?

"No! Dean...you're my brother and I'd die for you. I didn't know I swear. As far as I knew I was Sam Winchester, youngest son of John and Mary and your pain in the ass little brother. I'm not a monster. Please let me try to explain?" Sam finally looked up at him, tears pooling in his eyes as he begged for the chance to explain. Dean stared at him in disgust and the tears fell.
"Please." Sam whispered brokenly.

"Fine." Dean spat, forcing himself to ignore the tears, they were just a trick to get him to lower his defences. They had to be, his Sammy wasn't this thing, he couldn't be.

"When I was at Stanford I went on one solo hunt. Needless to say it didn't go well. A man found me bleeding to death and took me to his apartment where he tended my wounds and nursed me back to health. I confused him; he could sense the power in me but couldn't understand why I also appeared completely human. When he asked me and realised my shock was genuine he grasped what had happened. In the old days I would have been referred to as a changeling, a live child exchanged for a dead one to hide it. I refused to listen to him, demanded he take me to a hospital but he wouldn't. It took a while but he finally managed to give me enough proof that I believed we were of the same species. But I refused what he offered and returned to school with his last warning, that one day what I was wouldn't be able to be contained anymore and that I and anyone around me would be in for a world of hurt. And I guess he was right even of the vampires were the only ones physically hurt." Sam fell silent, looking away from Dean again.

"And what are you?" Dean growled, as if he was going to believe that but he needed the info if he was going to survive and find Sam. The thing in front of him had better pray Sam was okay or else he was going to tear it apart bare handed if he had to.

"I'm Fey, aes sídhe to be exact. Though I don't know which court. We're a lot like humans in many ways; we have the same feelings, similar physical beings. I am not demonic Dean, you've seen me drink holy water and walk through devil's traps."

"I've seen Sam do that not you. Where is my brother? What do you want since you've had plenty of time to kill me already." Dean refused to listen, to believe what he was being told.

"Dean...This is why I never wanted you to find out. I never wanted you to look at me like that." Sam whispered brokenly.

"And how am I looking at you?" Dean taunted, pushing down the urge to comfort the Fey.

"Like I'm a freak."

"Well you are. Now where is Sam?"

"I AM SAM!" Sam finally yelled, unable to stand the accusations coming from the one person left on the planet that he loved.

"No you're not!" Dean grabbed his knife and held it out threateningly as he pushed himself unsteadily to his feet.
"Sam better be safe or I'll have fun killing you."

Sam stared at Dean in disbelief, unable to stop the tears from flowing down his cheeks. Why couldn't Dean just listen to him? He could see the effort it was taking for Dean to remain standing and instinctively moved closer to help making Dean lash out with the knife. The wound healed before the blade had finished its arc. Sam stumbled back in shock, eyes wide. Dean had really tried to hurt him.

"Dean..." Sam turned, grabbed his bag and bolted from the room, unable to deal with what his brother had just done.


Dean collapsed back onto the bed, staring at the knife in his hands. Red blood decorated the blade but he had seen the wound close before he had finished the move. He didn't know what had surprised him more, the fact that he had actually tried to knife the thing that looked like Sam or its reaction. It was just so...Sam. But it couldn't be...could it?


Sam collapsed against a wall, not caring how far he had run as he finally began to sob. He'd lost everything now. He sat curled against the wall for a long time, just crying until finally the cold air of the night roused him. Sam staggered up and headed for the nearest hotel, checking in easily under an assumed name. He swallowed heavily as he noticed he'd gotten two beds out of reflex and then dumped his bag, watching his cell phone as it tumbled to the floor. He absently picked it up and stared at it, no missed calls so Dean hadn't tried to find him yet. He stared at it for a while before coming to a decision and dialling.

"Hey Bobby, it's Sam. Could you...keep an eye on Dean would you? It's complicated. Thanks for being there when we needed you. Bye Bobby." He hung up, glad that Bobby hadn't answered, he didn't know how he would have explained what was going on to the older hunter and he didn't want Bobby hunting him. It was bad enough Dean was going to be in a misguided attempt to get his brother back. There was only one person he could think of you might be able to help him, if he could only find him.