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Chapter 16

"So what next? There's been no sightings of anything demonic in weeks." Dean pointed out.

"Vacation sounds nice; I think I'm permanently cross eyes from all the research." Sam answered, stretching out on Bobby's couch. He smiled as he caught Dean watching his shirt move up as he did so. Dean only looked embarrassed when Bobby cleared his throat.

"Go ahead; you two deserve a break with everything's that happened. Just keep your phones on in case." Bobby said and they both stared at him.

"You mean it?" Dean asked, starting to smile.

"Of course I mean it you idjit. You two have had a hell of a year, well two years really. Go have some fun." He said and the two were off the couch and up the stairs in a second. Bobby watched them go and chuckled. Despite everything they still sometimes acted like nothing more than kids. They were back ten minutes later with their bags.
"Any idea where you're headed?"

"Florida's always nice." Dean answered with a grin and Sam smiled.

"Dean needs to work on his tan." Sam teased and Dean elbowed him.

"Says the guy who glows! You sure Bobby?"

"Get going before I kick you out!"

"We'll send postcards!" Sam yelled as Dean dragged him out to the Impala, leaving Bobby behind to laugh at their antics.

"Enjoying yourself?" Sam asked, wrapping his arms around Dean's waist and laying his head on Dean's shoulder. Dean smiled and leant back into Sam's embrace. They were both dressed in board shorts, ready for another day on the sunny Miami beach.

"Yeah. Never thought I'd actually want a holiday but...almost sad that we have to leave eventually." Dean admitted. Sam nuzzled at his neck and Dean laughed.
"Keep doing that and we won't make it out of the room, again." He warned and Sam chuckled.

"Could be fun." He whispered.

"Could be but we came all the way here, what'll Bobby say if we tell him we never made it to the beach, only what ten feet past the door?" Dean asked as Sam lightly tossed him onto the bed.

"That he expected it and not to share details." Sam answered as he slipped his shorts off and lay over Dean on the bed.

"No tans?" Bobby asked when they spiled in through his door.

"We had fun." Sam answered with a smirk and the older hunter raised his hands.

"Don't wanna know." He said and Sam grinned at Dean.

"Told ya so." He whispered and Dean rolled his eyes.
"So you found something?" Sam asked as he flopped onto the couch, pulling Dean down on top of him. Bobby just ignored the interaction.

"Yeah, and you're not going to like it." Bobby shoved the newspaper clipping over to them and Sam read it, paling as he did so.

"Sammy?" Dean asked, pulling at the paper.

"He's starting over." Sam whispered in pain as Dean read.

"We've got to stop him." Dean stated and Bobby nodded.

"Problem is there's no pattern. No way to anticipate where or when the next family will be chosen." Bobby explained.

"There's got to be some sort of ritual or something we could use." Dean argued and Bobby shrugged.

"I'll keep looking of course. Unless Sam suddenly develops demon tracking powers though..."

"Three months and nothing and we know from before that there isn't always a fire. How many kids could he have marked by now?" Sam stared out the window, fingers clenched around the sill.

"Sammy don't do this. There's nothing we can do right now." Dean whispered, wrapping his arms around Sam's waist, moulding himself to Sam's back.

"The thought of those poor kids Dean....it hurts so much." Sam whispered and Dean tugged him around, holding him close.

"I know, but going out there recklessly won't help anyone. Without the Colt we can't kill Azazel. And I can't risk you, not again." Dean begged and Sam finally relaxed, nodding. He bent and gently kissed Dean.

"Okay, we wait." He said and Dean smiled, leaning up to kiss Sam.
"Love you."

"Love you too Sammy." Dean murmured against his lips.

The End.
Sequel eventually coming.