Hinata smiled softly to herself as she began to shape the cooked rice into the onigiri that they would be having for lunch, watching as Ino teased Sakura so that the other girl blushed brightly. Their latest missions had all been so serious and so many people had died that sitting here and preparing food like they would have back in their classes to prepare for becoming a konoichi when it seemed like torture was now one of the most relaxing things she had done in forever. She turned and looked at the other girl's onigiri, remembering how, when they had been in their earliest classes, the other girls had all tried to decorate their onigiri so that they would look like the boys that they liked. It did not take much to realize why Sakura had snapped at Ino once you saw how the mushroom hair and dried cherry eyes were pressed onto the rice, even though the onigiri could honestly have been passed off as any of the dark haired ninjas, given Sakura's well known domestic abilities and lack thereof.

"Hey, these look good!"

Hinata blushed, sitting completely still as a orange clad arm reached over her shoulder, taking one of her onigiri's. All of which had been wrapped with a strip of the gold colored pickled daikon and two almonds on the side.

She squeezed the ball of rice she had been sculpting even tighter as she waited for him to leave, not daring to look up knowing that he was there.

"Hey, those are good Hinata! Didn't know that daikon would go so well with these. What made you think about that?"

"I-I'm not sure," she stammered shyly, relieved he had not noticed.

"Well, they were good. Have fun playing with your food!" he called out, getting Ino and Sakura to both yell at him.

Hinata opened her clasped hands. Somehow, even holding the rice that tight, her worrying had begun to shape it until it sort of looked like a fox from one angle. She began to smooth out the rice, and without thinking grabbed another strip of daikon to wrap it in, smiling a little of what Naruto had thought of them sculpting the little rice balls.

Even so, 'playing with her food' was probably the best mission Hinata was likely to have for a while, and she went back to work, scraping the last of the rice from her bowl just in time for the bell signaling the lunch hour.