Title: Unmistakable
: R
: None
: You wouldn't… or would you?

Authors Note: This is going to be five short snippets of one scene. Why break it up into five? Because each section is titled with a couple of lines from a song – it's called Alex Theme, and it's from the Silent Hill 5 soundtrack composed by Akira Yamaoka and with vocals by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn. You can find it on YouTube if you're interested.

1: You Wouldn't… or Would You?

She watches him, sometimes, when he doesn't realise she's there. At least, she doesn't think he does. With Gibbs, anything's possible. But she's pretty sure that he'd have said something by now – it's been a couple of years since she started this private game, after all.

Tonight he's working late, his attention completely focused on the report he's reading, and she's standing by the MTAC steps, hidden in shadow. Minutes pass – she's not sure how many. Maybe one, maybe twenty. But after a while he sets the report aside and picks up another, a distinctive red folder she recognises as hers.

A small smile touches his lips as he scans it and sips his coffee, taking longer to read it than he logically should. She struggles to interpret the expression on his face, but she can't. And when he finally signs off on the report, scribbling his signature and setting down the pen, he continues to gaze at the page for long moments.

Watching him when he thinks he's alone fascinates her – his guard is down, revealing a side to him she loves but seldom sees – but she knows she doesn't have the right, not really. So she steps out of the darkness, heading through the darkened squad room and into the light shining from his desk-lamp.

"Gibbs – you're here late."

He was so lost in thought that he didn't hear her approach, and as he looks up and registers her presence she sees something in him, something that makes her heart stop and her breath catch.

Desire, strong and clear. Unmistakable.

You wouldn't…

Or would you?