Author's Note: And here's the final chapter... The response to this fic has been way, way beyond what I expected, so thank you for that, everyone. I do plan on doing more of these not-quite-songfics. :) But no, no sequel to this one.

5: Come Forward - I've Seen It - I Mean It...

Sighing, Abby leans back against the wall, folding her arms across her chest. "You're forgetting something. I've known you for ten years now, and I don't idealise you, and I don't expect you to change."

He runs a hand through his hair, obviously trying to compose himself. She doesn't give him the chance, stepping in close and slipping her arms back around his neck. "I know that when you get stressed and distracted, the first thing you turn to is your basement and your boat, no matter who's in your bed. And I know you don't wanna talk about what happened to make you become an agent. And I know you work long hours, because I work them with you."

She kisses him, a brief brush of her lips against his. He doesn't pull away, which she takes as encouragement to continue. Deepening the kiss, she presses hard against him, grinding against the erection she longs to feel inside her. With a growl, he pins her back against the elevator wall again, breaking the kiss to stare into her face. "Sure you wanna do this here?"

Her only answer is to kiss him harder, her hands unbuckling his belt. When she takes his erection in her hand, shivering as she imagines how good he'll feel within her, he lifts her off the ground to lower her onto him. She moans at the sensation, instinctively tightening around him, and he reciprocates by breathing a curse and pushing her back against the wall, beginning to take her with slow, deep thrusts.

Abby gasps his name, a frustrated plea to spur him on. In the moment before he responds, she catches a glimpse of a smile so breathtakingly predatory that her entire body cries out for him.

And then he's slamming her up against the wall, taking what he needs from her, hard and fast and oh, god, he's good… Her awareness is narrowed only to him; his skin, tinged blue by the emergency lighting; the way his breath comes hard in synchrony with hers; the indescribable feel of being so close to him, so intimate…

Her climax is so strong that she loses even those perceptions, her thoughts obliterated into distant static. One by one, her senses fade out: smell, taste, sight, hearing; until all that's left is pure sensation.

The next thing she registers is her feet touching the floor as Gibbs kisses her spiderweb tattoo. With a satisfied purr, she lays her head on his shoulder, and they let the wall support them, fighting to regain their breath. "That's what you think about when you read my reports?"

"Will be from now on." His voice is quietly amused, and she grins in response, knowing she won't be able to sign a completed report form without flashing back to tonight.

"So where was your mind when I so rudely interrupted you?" she asks, made inquisitive by his phrasing.

He draws back a little to gaze at her, smoothing a stray strand of hair out of her eyes. "You. Me. My shower."

His casual tone sets her slowly cooling blood back up to a steady simmer, and she skims her fingers down his chest. "My place is closer."

Gibbs reaches past her to flick the emergency stop switch, setting the elevator in motion. "We're taking my car."