Refresher: Bella has scratched Alice's Porsche.

Chapter 44: Spur of the Moment


"Sorry?" I smiled. She wasn't smiling.

"If I had of known you were going to ruin my car-"

"Relax Alice, it's hardly ruined," I leaned in to see the damage, "I mean, it's barely a scratch."

Alice held out her hand. "Keys. Now."

"I'm sorry?" I chuckled. "What do you expect Edward to drive?"

Edward cleared his throat, but Alice wouldn't let him cut in.

"I saw that you guys will be heading to Alaska, I simply came to get my car, and I'll see you there."

I shook my head, "Yeah but you didn't answer my-"

"He's with you," she caught the set of keys that were suddenly thrown over my head. "Have fun you two," she spun around and got into her Porsche. I wasn't going to let her leave that easy. When she started the engine, I stepped in front of the car.

"Bella don't be dramatic," Edward was being Edward, so I ignored him. I kept eye contact with Alice. She revved her engine at me, but I didn't move. "She'll hit you, Bella."

I sighed and stepped out of the way. Alice didn't waste any time, and sped out of the small parking lot. I was left standing in the dust, pissed at the fact that I had a new riding partner.

"Well, here's another helmet. It's on me," Guy handed Edward a black helmet like mine, and I tried not to burst at the seams.

"Thank you Guy, that's very nice of you. Thanks for everything," Edward shook his hand one last time, and Guy nodded at me, and I rolled my eyes at him. He left the two of us to the one bike.

"Let's go then," Edward started to walk over to my bike, so I shoved through him, and jumped onto it before he could. He chuckled, already knowing I wouldn't allow him to drive, and got onto the back.

I shoved my helmet on at the same time he did, and when I started the bike, I couldn't help but smile. It sounded so good, and it was loud- just the way I liked it. I revved the engine, and pulled out of the parking lot quickly.

Edward grunted, surprised by the speed, and clutched onto my waist to stay on. I chuckled to myself.

"Where to lover boy?" I asked over the engine. Although, Alice had already blown the surprise.

"I was thinking Alaska…maybe you wouldn't mind if we went there for a bit-"

"I don't care, I'll go."

Edward tightened his hold on me, and the way his hands traveled over my stomach almost put us in the ditch.

I swallowed the lust forming in my throat, and shook my head from the thoughts I shouldn't be having while I was driving down a highway. We'd save them for later.


A few days later…

"Are you going to let me drive anytime soon?" Edward leaned on the bike while I filled it up with gas.

We had been driving aimlessly for a few days, not in a rush to get to Alaska. It was fun to just chill out and travel a bit. Anytime we stopped to fill up the tank, Edward would ask me when it was his turn to drive. I found it hilarious that he even thought he had a chance.

"Come on Bella, answer me. I'm a better driver than you."

I turned my head to him and smirked. "Not a better driver…a safer driver, sure…but not better...and you're not fun."

I stopped filling the tank when the gas clutch tightened, and I removed the pump, and eyed Edward. He had his arms crossed, and was looking serious.

"What's with you?" I asked, trying not to laugh at his stance.

"I want to drive for once."

I sighed and looked around at the deserted parking lot. It was two in the morning, completely dark out, without any people around- except the cashier in the station.

I grinned at my plan for him. "Fine. You can drive," I dangled the keys in front of him, but pulled them away at the last minute before he could swipe them from me, "but you have to get on the bike right now, and leave without paying the gas."

Edward laughed. "No, that's childish. I'm paying for the gas-"

"Fine. Enjoy riding bitch, bitch."

"What does that even mea-"

"Fine. You're a wuss. I'll just go pay for the gas myself," I turned away from him and went into the station to pay. I watched Edward from the windows, and saw that he had gotten onto the bike, and left some space for me in the back. Oh bud, don't even try…

I turned to face the cashier, and when my eyes came in contact with this man's, I gasped.

"Small world," he said.

I was speechless, but I was able to find it in me to point and laugh at the dishevelled looking man. "Larry…" I was grinning hugely, but he just stared at me with a scowl, and angry, bushy eyebrows.

"You were the reason my camp closed," he started to walk around the counter. I tried to hold back from laughing at his clothes. He still had the navy shirt… "You ruined my life-"

"Correction. YOU ruined your life. It was bound to happen, and honestly, this is a really nice gig you got going on here," I held up my hands and pointed around the crappy gas station.

He took a step closer to me, and I crossed my arms. "Take one step closer to me Larry. I dare you."

"What are you going to do? Punch me?" he took a step closer, and cocked his eyebrow at me.

I grinned when I heard the gas station door slam open, and the vampire shoving me out of the way, and punching Larry to the ground.

I chuckled. "No. But he will…apparently." I looked down at Larry's bloody nose, and the scowl on his face was erased, and was now covered with fear. Edward had that effect on people.

"Come on Edward," I grabbed onto Edward's hand, and tried to yank him towards the door, but he wouldn't budge. He kicked Larry in the stomach, and when Larry swore, he kicked him again. "Okay, I think you got him-"

Edward turned and glared at me. I glared back. "Come on, let's go. You don't need to kill him to prove something-"

He turned and left the gas station before I could finish. I followed him out, and when he took a seat on the front of the motorcycle, I shook my head. But apparently, Edward wasn't in a fun mood.

"Bella, don't start," he held out his hands for the keys, "give me the damn keys."

I rolled my eyes, and tossed him the keys. "You're an ass."

He ignored my comment and threw on his helmet, and chucked me mine. I wanted to throw it back at him, but since he was in control of my bike at the moment, I decided not to. Last thing my bike needed was a scratch.

"I hate you right now," I told him as I slid onto the bike. He revved the engine, and pulled out of the gas station.

I grinned to myself when I realized, in a way, he sort of took my offer. He was driving, and we definitely didn't pay for the gas.

I sighed and wrapped my arms around his solid waist. I felt him exhale, and I knew he liked being this close to me.


Edward's POV


We had stopped on the side of a random highway. Bella begged me to, and flew off the bike the moment I slowed down.

I was now watching her in the heat of the afternoon, in a location that felt like the desert- only with steep mountains around us, and cliffs that would do damage to even a vampire.

I had no idea of her intentions, but when an oncoming motorcycle suddenly came around the bend, and Bella stepped in front of it, my body reacted and I slammed into her, and both of us were thrown to the side of the road.

"What the hell was that?" I shook her shoulders, and ripped her helmet away from her head. My glare into her gold eyes didn't do anything for her. She shoved me off of her, and jogged over to the motorcycle that was now stopped on the side of the road, observing us.

I had no idea what was going on.

The motorist removed his helmet, and that's when I saw that he wasn't a he at all.


Bella's POV

I had gotten a text out of the blue, and that's how I knew what was headed my way.

I practically jumped off my motorcycle before Edward could stop it completely, and I was grinning under my helmet as I walked into the middle of the road, already hearing the roar of the motorcycle I knew that was heading this way.

Edward freaked though; I should have known. Even before I could jump out of the way at the last minute to scare the other motorist, Edward had slammed into me, throwing me across the road with him on top of me.

"What the hell was that?" he shook my shoulders, and ripped my helmet off my head. I stared back into his glare, but I wasn't intimidated by him. I simply shoved him off of me, and jogged over to my bud.

I grinned when I saw her remove her helmet, and her dark brown, wild, messy curls fell out of it.

"Jenny!" I yelped, slamming into her and giving her a hug. She swore, and pulled herself out of it.

"Bella I was trying to aim for you, but your boyfriend messed it up," she eyed Edward, who was making his way over towards us, with a confused look on his face. I sighed.

"Yeah, he does that- a lot."

"Bella," Edward came up behind me, and linked his fingers with my own. "Who's this?"

Jenny chuckled. "You haven't told him about me? Bella Swan, I knew I should have left you to die-"

"Excuse me?" Edward's voice was getting impatient, and Jenny looked at me with a smirk.

"Bella you really didn't tell the poor boy anything did you?"

I nodded. "Shut up Jenny," I turned to face Edward, but his eyes were fixed on Jenny. "Edward this is Jenny…she was the one that got away from camp a long time ago…" I looked back at Jenny, and she was staring at Edward, obviously not impressed with his staring.

Edward finally spoke up. "What does this have to do with saving your life?"

I hesitated. "Well…she's a vampire obviously, and well…she was the one who found me…and umm…so she kinda…" I stopped talking when Edward's clench on my hand tightened, and his voice overpowered mine.

"You're the vampire that changed her!"

Jenny flinched from his volume, but she didn't back away. "Yeah I did. You're welcome."

Edward suddenly stiffened, and I knew that could only be from one thing.

Edward's POV

My breath caught when Jenny started replaying images of Bella's lifeless body pinned at the bottom of the river. I wanted to stop watching the images flash across Jenny's mind, but I had to see what happened to her. I cringed when Jenny replayed how she had popped Bella's shoulder out of place to unpin her between two rocks, but the worst image was the sight of Bella's blue skin, and bloody face.

"You can stop," I told the vampire through a clenched jaw. "I get it."

Jenny nodded, and looked at Bella, who was stiff at my side. "I don't think you're boyfriend knows how he should be grateful for you being a vampire-" I cut her off with a growl.

"That isn't true…" I hissed, and Jenny shut her mouth and held up her palms.

"I'm just saying," she turned to look at Bella, "Anyway, I'm headed over the boarder. Canada was fun, remember? You should come."

The fact that she was just looking at Bella when she said this didn't go unnoticed.

Bella hesitated. "Ahhh…sorry dude, I think I found where I'm headed." Bella tightened her hold on my hand, and I relaxed a little.

Jenny nodded. "I see, well good luck bud. And don't go getting into trouble- at least not without me."

Bella laughed. "I promise. Besides, this one here is no fun," she flicked my shoulder, and I held back a smile.

Jenny grinned. "See ya Bella," she hopped back onto her motorcycle, and that's when I swallowed my pride and spoke up.


She turned and cocked an eyebrow at me.

"Thank you for…" I turned to look at Bella, "for getting her back to me."

Jenny nodded. "Not an easy thing to do my friend," she revved her engine to life, "That one you got there is a full time job."

Bella swore at her under her breath, and I pulled her closer to my side. We watched together as this Jenny girl sped off into the distance, going too fast for such dangerously high and curvy roads. Bella must have picked that up from her.

Bella's POV

Jenny's bike disappeared into the distance, and then I was left with the annoying vampire at my side. But even though I found him annoying, and controlling, and well…annoying, I still couldn't keep my hands off of him.

I trailed my hands lightly up his arm until I saw him grin.

"What are you doing?" he asked lowly. I decided to show him.

I leaned into him and kissed his unsuspecting lips, and yanked on his coat for him to come closer to me. He did.

He wrapped his arms around my waist, and pulled me into him until not even a dime could slide in between us.

I stopped it too soon, just to annoy him, and watched his questioning look.

"Bella…' he whispered, "what's on your mind?"

As much as I hated him asking that question, I loved that I taunted him enough to ask. But I would never tell him the exact details of my private mind, because if I have learned one thing through the wild adventures of what is my life, it's that not even I know what I'm thinking. It's called spur of the moment- it's a motto.

I grinned mischievously at him, and pulled him in to ask the question tearing at my insides, begging for it's release.

"Edward,' I whispered, leaning into him so that my lips lightly brushed his. His breath was jagged, and I smiled, knowing that I was cruelly tempting him. "Ever heard of a little game called 'let's-get-the-fuck-out-of-here'?"





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