Go to him, and return him to his former self. He was, and still is, a faithful follower. He shall be rewarded. A voice whispered, unheard to all but one. His ear twitched, and his looked up to the sky. All around him, people were hurrying with their business, pushing past, only stopping to send him a glare. A blue eye narrowed, hiding an unquenchable hatred for those around him. He ran a hand through his hair, walking toward his apartment.

"As you wish, Jashin-sama." Five words left his mouth, drowned by the sound around him. A smirk formed on his face, eyes glowing an amethyst colour. He would do what his God told him to do. As he neared his house-he refused to call it a home, someone called his name. He turned, and frowned.

"What do want, Sai-teme?" He growled, all seriousness and danger suddenly leaving his voice, replaced by an annoying, obnoxious whine. The boy in front of him, with black hair and eyes that were oh-so-familiar to him, watched him.

"Calm down, dickless; I just came to tell you- what happened to your eyes?" The emotionless boy asked, fake smile leaving his face. The one he was looking at blinked, eyes widening, before he turned away.

"Nothing to do with you, teme. What did you want to tell me?" He said, loud, booming voice holding a small slice of cold indifference. Sai, as the boy had called him, looked at him intently, before letting his fake mask slip up again.

"There's a team meeting tomorro-" He began, but the boy interrupted him.

"Do me a favour, though Kami-sama," He added the suffix almost mockingly, "knows I don't deserve it. Tell Sensei I won't be there. Thanks, Sai." He thanked, after seeing Sai's questioning nod.

Sai grabbed his arm as he turned to leave. "Where are you going...Uzumaki Naruto?" He said, calling the boy by his name for the first time in a while. Naruto looked back, down at the hand holding onto the fabric of his jacket.

"I have things I need to do, people I need to see..." he trailed off, looking at Sai, eyes slowly changing back to bright blue. "See ya, Sai." He said, and walked off.

He felt Sai's eyes glued to his back as he walked off. He rolled his eyes. He entered his apartment, and walked to the bathroom. He looked into the mirror, seeing his blonde hair and whisker marks. His reflection stared back for a while, until Naruto got into the shower.

"Must be clean before making a 'pilgrimage'." He hummed, feeling Jashin's rewarding embrace. He walked out of his bathroom, toward his closet, naked. He opened it, eyes scanning across the orange and black jumpsuits, and his eyes landed on his 'special clothes'. He smirked, putting on a pair of boxers, and proceeded to put on the clothes.

They weren't 'special' at all. In fact, they were just civilian clothes, but Naruto liked it that way. He didn't want to be seen as a ninja. He wore black trousers with blue sneakers, and a blue t-shirt under a white buttoned-up shirt. Just for fun, he added a black tie.

"Gaki, where are you going?!" An older, male voice called out. Naruto sighed.

"Jashinist business, Jiraiya-ecchi." He said, turning around. Instead of an annoying old pervert behind him, there was a little Jiraiya plushie. The plushie's eyes widened happily.

"Did that god of yours tell you how to return me to a body?!" It asked, excitably. Naruto glared down at it.

"Don't insult Jashin-sama. You are only alive because Jashin-sama allowed me to revive you." He scolded, and Jiraiya sighed.

"Fine, gaki. I'm sorry." He grumbled something about crazed blondes and their psycho religions, but then looked back up at Naruto. "What are you going to do?" He asked, and raised his fingerless arms up to the boy, wanting to be picked up. Naruto's eyes softened, and he bent down to pick up the animated plushie that was about shin height. He placed Jiraiya on the bed.

He closed his eyes, toward the sky. The answer to his question came instantly. You may tell the non-believer. Jashin's 'heavenly'(AN: yh im LOLing too.) voice spoke to him. He told Jiraiya what he was up to.

Jiraiya growled. "You and your praying, gaki..." He said, and Naruto huffed.

"At least I get an answer, unlike you people and your 'Kami-sama'." He mocked, and the Jiraiya-plushie pouted.

"As you already know, I don't believe in gods. Mostly because-" He started, and Naruto continued, his hand making a 'blah,blah,blah' motion.

"'Because any religion that does not allow casual sex and super-perverted behaviour is of the devil.'" Naruto quoted, as if he had heard it millions of times before. "I know." He said, and reached over the plushie to pick up a strange rosary, with the Jashin symbol hanging from it. "I've got to go now. Ja, Jiraiya-ecchi." He said, and with a wave, walked out.