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Her silence said it all. She hadn't gone to see the doctor. Although, how could he blame her? He was asking her to do something so vile, so wrong, so inconceivable to anyone of a kind heart. It was natural for her to be putting it off. Not to mention the fact that the doctor was recommended by Kotonoha. After all they had been through, he knew that Kotonoha was the last person Sekai wanted giving her advice on what to do about the baby. He knew that she was afraid and alone, but he was afraid too. It wasn't his fault! He wasn't trying to get her pregnant! Besides, he had wronged Kotonoha more than anyone. She deserved him far more than Sekai did. Kotonoha wouldn't have made a big deal about getting pregnant. Kotonoha wouldn't have blurted it out in front of the whole class. Most importantly, Kotonoha wasn't pregnant! In fact, despite everything he put her through, she still wanted to see him, unlike the others. She still loved him. Kotonoha forgave him. She knew that it wasn't his fault. She knew how hard it was for him. If nothing else, at least he knew he had her. Makoto stared at the short-haired girl across from him. Her navy blue eyes were full of malice, pain, and despair. On the surface, she seemed almost emotionless, but he could tell how hurt she was. He had to say something. Anything. He had to break the silence.

"um," he started to say.

Sekai continued to sit there expressionlessly. Her body was like a statue. He could barely tell that she was breathing.

"uh," he tried again, scratching his head. Makoto began to stand up.

"I'll go make some tea!"

"I'll do it." Sekai blurted out abruptly as she made her way to the kitchen without even a single glance in his direction.

Makoto sat back down on the couch, confused. Why was Sekai making tea for him? Could she have gotten the wrong idea about their meeting? He was sure that she wanted to meet about the baby. Could she have set this whole thing up to try and win him back? He let out a deep sigh as the unmistakable sound of running water flowed casually through the background. As he heard the stove turn on, he began to wonder if he really had made the right decision. Of course he had. Hadn't he? If he had stayed with her, she would have tried to keep it. Right? If she got rid of it, she could continue getting her education. Staying with her would have ruined both of their lives. Right? All things considered, getting back with Kotonoha was the best possible decision. He was sure of it. He was set on sticking with Kotonoha. He had promised her that he wouldn't cheat on her anymore earlier that day. This time, that was actually easier done than said. No girl would even go near him after he impregnated Sekai. Why did she have to get pregnant? Things were going so well for him. It was all her fault! No. He was wrong. It was his. Sekai tried so hard to fight her emotions and stay friends, but he just kept pushing and pushing. He didn't think of anyone's feelings but his own. And now here he was, caught between a rock and a hard place: in between pregnant Sekai and fragile Kotonoha. After witnessing first-hand the state she was in when he found her that cold winter night, he couldn't just dump her again. On top of that, he loved her. He loved Sekai too, but-

Wait. Maybe he didn't love her. He might have just confused his love with his lust. Surely, he cared for Sekai, but she wasn't the beautiful girl on the train; so close, and yet so far away. In the end, he followed his heart. Someone had to be hurt in the end, but at least Sekai was strong enough to handle it. She would get over him with time. Makoto was wrestled from his thoughts by the familiarly melodic ring of his cell phone. It was probably Kotonoha. As he entered his room, he found his cell phone on his bed where he had left it. He opened it and realized that he had been texted. However, the text wasn't from Kotonoha.

"Sekai?" he questioned, confused as to why she would be texting him.

Couldn't she have just yelled whatever she wanted to say from the kitchen? The text read:

"Come here, Makoto, there's something I want to show you. ;)"

"What is it, Sekai?" Makoto yelled, not bothering to send something he could say.

He pocketed his cell phone as he left the room and began to look around for Sekai. She was nowhere to be found.

"Sekai, where did you go?" he asked as he checked the kitchen.

The tea kettle whistled as his eyes darted around the small room. He shuddered as he made a shocking discovery. The hairs on the back of his neck began to stand on end.

She couldn't have.

His whole body began to shake.

She wouldn't.

His eyes were fixed on the spot where his missing knife should have been. He felt a sharp stab at his side.


No. He turned around. There was no one there. He checked himself thoroughly. He was fine. The pain was just his fear getting the better of him.

"Thank goodness." he whispered as he turned the stove off.

His guard was up as he walked back into the living room. He noticed that Sekai's coat was also missing. He began to realize her true motive.

"Kotonoha." he gasped as he hurriedly pulled his coat and shoes on.

He had to save her. She didn't stand a chance against Sekai especially with a knife. As he closed the door behind him, he felt someone grab at his arm. It was Sekai.

"Come with me, Makoto." she commanded cheerily. "You're not gonna want to miss this!"


She pulled his arm close into her torso. His whole body jumped. He felt another sharp pain at his side. This one felt far more real. Sekai was careful to conceal the weapon.

"Let's go, Makoto" she said with a smile as the unforgiving winter air that would have normally gave him goose bumps was made obsolete. He already had them.

Kotonoha stood casually with her bag of food as she stared out at the passing scenery from the window. She couldn't wait to see Makoto-kun. As she looked on from inside the train, she noticed the docks way out on the orange-pink horizon. She had been there several times before. Her family's boat was stored there. There were also many old warehouses within the area. They were far too old for anyone to make use of them anymore, and yet still they remained: dismal reminders of what had once been. Even so, the docks were a place of fond memories; both made and soon to be made. She was going to go there with Makoto-kun in the morning. They would drive far out into the ocean in the boat; just the two of them. However, as she began to think about what would happen when she got to Makoto-kun's house that night, a wave of apprehension rushed over her. She began to walk herself through her expectations of how the night would go:

First: She would cook dinner for the two of them. That wouldn't be a problem. Makoto-kun loved her cooking. He would always quickly devour anything she made. Although, she personally didn't like anything she made. She began to wonder if Makoto-kun was only pretending to like her food to spare her feelings. She had to do better just in case. She wouldn't lose him again. She had to do everything she could to make him happy.

Second: They would watch the movies she rented. She knew that boys didn't like romance movies as much as girls did, but she had to find some romantic way to mentally prepare herself for what was coming next.

Third: ……..

Her heart sank. Could she really go through with it? Of course she could. She had to. Makoto-kun wouldn't be content with just kissing her and touching her breasts. He wanted to do everything. She wasn't sure if she was ready and yet, that time with Sawagana. She wasn't a virgin. Not anymore. So why was she so nervous? Was it because Sawagana wasn't very good? After all, she knew very well the feeling she should have gotten. No. It was supposed to be even better with a man. Right? Although, it was Sawagana's first time. She had heard that everyone is bad their first time. Makoto-kun would be great. It only hurts the first time. He had a lot of practice. Her grip on the bag tightened. Those other girls he had been with. They stole him away from her! But he came back to her. She let out a deep sigh and decided not to think about it. Her grip on the bag loosened. She began to wonder whether or not Saionji-san had gone to see the doctor. She must have, unless she was faking to keep Makoto-kun. Yet, she may very well have been pregnant. A disturbing thought entered Kotonoha's mind. What if Saionji-san was only the beginning? What if the other girls he slept with turned out to be pregnant as well? Her grip on the bag began to tighten once more. Kotonoha began to panic. She couldn't lose Makoto-kun! No. Makoto-kun was careful. He wouldn't let something like that happen. Besides, no one else could have his child. After all, she was Makoto-kun's girlfriend. Makoto-kun was a very easy person to seduce. She knew that. All the same, she alone would just have to be enough for him. If she could do that, he would always remain where he belongs. The train jolted to a stop.

"Higarashi Harami, Higarashi Harami" she heard on the intercom as the door opened.

"I'm coming, Makoto-kun"