The manor was quiet Phoebe sat writing her column she was asked a question which if she was to be honest a bit stuck on, the question was, that a girl was in love with this other girl but she wasn't sure how to tell her and she wanted advice phoebe had thought about and so far came up with nothing.

Billie made her way to the manor she ran up the steps and opened the door, "hey is anybody in" she shouted Phoebe stood and saw her "hey billie" she said billie smiled "so how's the article going" she asked phoebe shrugged "not as I had hoped but I will figure it out soon" she answered billie nodded.

Billie sat in the chair opposite to phoebe and watched her she loved watching phoebe work, it was why she was here she had nothing else to do. Phoebe looked from her laptop to billie and smiled.

It was silent as they were both lost in their own thoughts mainly about each other, but they wouldn't admit it to themselves.

Paige orbed in she saw billie and phoebe in silence "wow its really quiet in here" she said as she sat next to billie, billie looked up from her reading and smiled "oh hey paige" phoebe then looked up from her laptop and smiled "hi paige" she said paige smiled.

Not long after paige orbed in did Peyton carrying chris "oh hey peyton, piper got you on babysitting" phoebe asked Peyton smirked "yes you know a white lighter doesn't mean a permanent babysitter for you guys" she moaned as she placed Chris down in the play pen and came back into the living room.

Billie looked at peyton "hey I had trouble with a demon, do you think you could help me" billie asked peyton smiled "finally something other than babysitting" they all laughed billie stood "right then I shall see you all later" they orbed out.

Peyton and billie arrived at an alley it was quiet they both looked around peyton moved towards the wall as she tried to sense for demons she could sense one but she didn't know where it was, billie kept her guard up and followed peyton.

The demon watched them from his spot behind the bins he looked at peyton and snarled 'damn stupid charmed one followed me' he thought he shimmered out to the underworld.

Peyton couldn't feel the demon anymore she turned to billie "they are gone" she said billie looked at her confused "how do you that" she asked peyton only smiled and orbed them back to the manor.

When they got back paige looked at them, "so is the demon gone" paige asked "no miss white lighter here said she couldn't sense it" billie said sitting down peyton moved away she went into the kitchen she made sure nobody was there then pulled out a piece of paper with ingredients for a potion she read it over then put it away again.

Peyton then turned invisible and moved quietly past paige and billie to the attic, once she got to the attic she opened the book of shadows and tried looking for a page, she flicked through most of the book until she got to the page about the demon artimus she wrote down the information on him on a not pad and ripped the page out, folded it and put it away.

Billie sat next to paige who was reading her magazine she looked at billie and smirked but billie caught it "what's the matter" she asked paige shrugged "nothing just wondering when your going to tell phoebe your in love with her" billie coughed "I'm not in love with her" she said paige gave her a look "I'm not stupid I see the way you look at her" paige said billie smiled "I am only interested in being her friend and besides totally into men" she tried to convince her but it wasn't happening paige just grinned "fine ok I love her but its not like she would want me I mean I'm a child and she is so into men" billie huffed paige burst out laughing.

"Well 'm glad someone finds my feelings funny" she said paige stopped laughing "you really do love her don't you" she said billie blushed and nodded, she heard peyton walking back in "don't tell anyone" she whispered as peyton walked in "ok so what I miss" she asked "nothing much" paige answered.

Phoebe walked in not long after "oh hey guys something up" she asked billie blushed whilst paige shook her head, peyton wasn't paying attention "what's on her mind then" phoebe asked as she sat beside billie "oh I think its her new charge" billie said laughing peyton looked at them snapping out of her day dream "what about my new charge" she asked they laughed "speaking of charges she is calling me" peyton orbed out.

When peyton reached her charge she could see she had five demons surrounding her she was in the corner crying "your white lighter isn't coming witch" they laughed "that's were your wrong" peyton said she flicked her hand and two moved into the wall at once the others shimmered away.

Peyton ran to her charge "hey are you ok?" She asked the girl nodded "come on you need to be somewhere safe" she held the girl as she orbed away. They arrived back at the manor phoebe and billie looked at peyton and her arrival "hey guys sorry about this its just she needs protection and I cant give it" she explained phoebe nodded "her name is Gemma I need to go somewhere" she said orbed out.

Peyton orbed in the attic, she began mixing the potions for the vanquishing potion, she tried to be quiet she then poured the potion into two vials, she heard someone walking to the attic she quickly turned invisible and watched who it was, it was phoebe she was looking through the book, she stopped at a page and wrote something down then scrupled it up and put it on the candle, peyton found herself transported with phoebe.