AN: This is changed instead of chris coming back to save wyatt it is peyton who is saving the entire family sorry for those who got confused, by the way what does PMS mean sorry I'm a bit slow haha!

Chapter three

It had been a few days since everything had happened Phoebe became aware of peyton either ignoring her and billie or talking very little to them she wanted to know why but she wouldn't even stay in the room five minutes with her, she needed someone to talk to her and find out what then she got an idea she lit candles in the attic an read a spell out, soon there was a white light and her mother stood there smiling.

Patti stepped out of the circle and became real, she hugged phoebe "hello dear why am I here?" Patti asked smiling "mum I need your help" she said quietly they both sat down on the couch that they had up in the attic "is this about you and billie" she said softly phoebe looked up "how do you know" she asked in shock Patti laughed "I always watch you" she answered "it isn't about billie things are perfect with her that is until I tell people" Patti looked at her confused "its just then people will get involved and I like it just being me and her" phoebe answered for her "its about peyton" Patti nodded understanding now "she is ignoring you" she said phoebe nodded "I know me and billie are dead in her future but were we bad parents" she asked nearly in tears Patti shook her head and hugged her.

Peyton orbed in the manor she was dirty she looked around and suddenly two demons appeared she looked at them they threw energy balls she deflected them and blow each one up but a third one shimmered in and hit her, she flew into the wall with a loud bang she got up and wobbled a bit the demon threw an energy ball it hit her in the shoulder she screamed in pain the demon smirked "time to die witch" he snarled but suddenly he burst into flames.

Peyton looked up to see her grandmother in front of her smiling peyton stood holding her arm and staring at Patti she stood slowly "grandma what are you doing here" she asked Patti smiled "your mum asked me to talk to you" she said Peyton sighed " she didn't need to do that" she murmured Patti smiled "she thinks you hate her" she said peyton looked up "I don't hate her" she reassured her Patti sat next to her "maybe you should tell her that" peyton nodded.

Patti bandaged her shoulder "so you want to tell me why you don't speak to your mums" she asked peyton chuckled "before everything started I was the odd one out, I didn't get much of the attention because I was the eldest and I went off the rails after they died I didn't do what I was supposed to and one night whilst getting drunk I got a call from aunt piper saying she had a demon attacking her but by the time I got there it was too late" she paused "I cant explain to you why I am the way I am with them, I can only show you" she whispered the last part Patti nodded "I will go with you" she said peyton smiled "you have to be careful not to be seen" Patti nodded and followed peyton to the attic.

The spell was said and they found themselves in a bright hospital they heard screams from inside a room peyton moved to see it was billie her mum giving birth to her she turned to her grandma and motioned her over which she did "come on baby one more push" future phoebe was saying peyton smiled at the scene.

They were then taken somewhere else it was in a house this time they both looked around there was an older peyton and a girl studying but the future Peyton's attention was on the girl she was studying with Patti looked at her peyton "who is that" she whispered "she was my first crush her name was Joanna" she whispered back they continued watching, Joanna put her book down and moved closer to peyton who was shy at first but soon leaned over to Joanna, they kissed it was a test at first but soon both girls were making out peyton looked at the floor Patti though watched it all.

They were then brought to a different place but it was in a bedroom this time peyton pulled Patti back "you cant watch this" Patti laughed "why not" she asked laughing "because this is very private" peyton said dragging her into the other room opposite just as future peyton and the girl Joanna from before they were kissing peyton closed the door with her foot, as Joanna pushed her on the bed and straddled her they both laughed the Joanna kissed her softly.

Patti was watching smiling she then looked at her peyton "what happened to her" she asked peyton looked at her sadly "she died" she only said Patti nodded "I'm sorry to hear that" she said Peyton shrugged "doesn't matter I got Gemma" Patti half hugged her then carried on watching.

They then moved again and it was a dark place it was underground it was a demons hideout they walked quietly they saw a girl with demons "to kill Peyton I will need a cover" she said " a cover for what" a demon asked they couldn't see who she was as she had her back to them "for why I am here all the time" she replied sternly "don't worry miss we shall" she waved her hand and they were gone. The girl turned around it was Gemma Patti looked at peyton who wasn't doing anything just watching her.

They returned to their own time Peyton still said nothing Patti sat next to her and hugged her, peyton cried into her shoulder. Then she stood as she heard Gemma with Phoebe she ran downstairs, her and phoebe were cooking well attempting to they both laughed as they burnt the toast, they then noticed Peyton standing there phoebe became serious as peyton glared at Gemma "so what did you plan on doing to me" she said Gemma looked at her confused "what do you mean" she asked Peyton used telekinesis and held her to the wall Phoebe tried to stop her but Patti pulled her back "you're a demon" she snarled Gemma's face was pale "don't deny it either I know you are" she growled Gemma smirked "year I am so what" she said " I also killed well my future self killed your precious Joanna" Peyton didn't do anything she stepped back "you see my future came to me and told me of your destiny" she started "and I had to get close to you now in order to kill you sooner" phoebe watched the scene "so you killed Joanna" Gemma nodded Peyton brought and energy ball forward Gemma's eyes widened as she exploded.

Peyton stood still Patti let phoebe go and she walked carefully over to her "she killed her" was all she said Phoebe pulled her into a hug, peyton cried into her shoulder.

Billie walked into the manor she saw phoebe and peyton sitting on the couch peyton looked like she was crying, they both looked up when they heard her coming phoebe stood and hugged her, billie hugged her back confused peyton was still crying phoebe sat back down billie watched peyton "peyton" she said softly, peyton looked up billie held out her arms and she ran and hugged her billie held her close as she cried phoebe smiled as she watched them.

A girl orbed in the attic she looked around and smiled " I made it" she said to herself then made her way downstairs. It was different from how she remembered it but then again she hadn't come here much just the once with peyton to study and then again when they made love, but she was confused she was dead one minute then alive the next it confused her but she found that Gemma the girl who killed her was dead she arrived at the past to find out from straight from the source what had happened.

After sometime crying they sat on the couch, when Patti walked in "so is everything ok here" she asked smiling phoebe looked up at her "mum meet billie, billie this is my mum Patti" billie waved but Patti held out her arms and billie hugged her she then looked at peyton who smiled "so is everything ok now" she asked they all nodded Patti smiled "does this mean I can go" they smiled sadly and nodded she disappeared in a white light.

The stranger walked down the stairs and looked at the photographs she walked to the kitchen but heard people talking "she needs us now more than ever" a women said the girl nodded "I mean she found out the girl she thought she loved actually killed the girl she loved" she continued the girl looked at the floor.

Peyton walked towards the kitchen she stopped when she saw someone standing by the door listening she produced and energy ball and walked quietly behind the person, just as she was going to throw it the girl turned round it was Joanna.

Peyton and Joanna looked at each other Joanna smiled peyton looked confused phoebe and billie walked in to see them staring at each other "your dead how can you be here" peyton asked the girl smiled " I was hoping you could tell me" she said tilting her head to the side "you were killed" peyton whispered joanna nodded "I know by Gemma" she replied peyton nodded and looked at the floor "it wasn't your fault you didn't know she was evil" joanna said moving towards peyton.

Joanna put her hand on peyton's cheek peyton closed her eyes and sighed "I still love you" joanna whispered peyton had a tear running down her cheek joanna wiped it away "your still so beautiful" joanna then said peyton laughed "no I just grew up" joanna smiled "I missed prom" peyton nodded "I didn't go" she said joanna tilted her head and smiled "I didn't want to go without you and since you were dead I didn't go" joanna nodded "I always watched you to see how you were" she said peyton smiled "I do have one question how did you get here" peyton asked "an elder called Cole sent me to help" Peyton smiled "he sent Melinda as well" joanna smiled " I sent her back she needs to be safe" joanna nodded "well I made white lighter so you cant send me back" she grinned peyton smiled.

Phoebe and billie left them to talk they sat on the couch, billie leaning against phoebe and smiled phoebe looked at her and kissed her on the head they sat contently together.